A new memecoin arises - VoltINU

A new memecoin arises - VoltINU

Remember when we used to say the future is digital? Well, guess what? The future has arrived, and it's more vibrant than we ever imagined. Two stars in the vast crypto universe are aligning to forge a partnership to supercharge the freelancing and decentralized finance world.

Yes, we're talking about us - the groundbreaking freelancing crypto platform - and the electrifying Volt Inu - everyone's favorite memecoin with a mission. 🚀

We all love a good underdog story. Meme coins, once the comic relief of the crypto world, have shown that they’re not just here for laughs. They hold immense potential, and Volt Inu stands testament to that. Its deflationary nature, combined with its ambitious goal of becoming a one-stop DeFi hub, gives it the gravitas that few other memecoins possess.

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By bringing together HYVE's freelancing prowess and Volt Inu's DeFi innovations, users can expect a holistic experience that's geared towards convenience, growth, and most importantly, fun! After all, who said finance and freelancing can't have a touch of excitement? And if you still have not joined us already, what are you doing with your life?

Redefining DeFi with Volt Inu!

Meet Volt Inu - the ecosystem of the future. As we navigate the decentralized finance universe, Volt Inu stands tall as the one-stop solution offering innovative DeFi products, all while ensuring the deflationary essence of its native token remains robust.

And let's face it - this project isn't just another player in the world of decentralized finance. It's a visionary project that seeks to bridge the present with the future, making DeFi accessible, enjoyable, and profitable. From gaming to trading, from spending to earning, Volt Inu promises a future where every interaction is "volted" with opportunities. So join us on this electrifying journey!

Its ecosystem is a diverse set of interconnected components, each offering unique benefits and functionalities. Let’s briefly go over each one of these to give you a clearer picture of what the platform offers.

VoltiChange - this feature transcends traditional DEXs. Unlike many others, it automatically lists Uniswap and Pancakeswap projects and renders them deflationary, it introduces a game-changing twist—transforming these projects into deflationary assets without charging a dime, burning their supply with each trade. The DEX offers a customizable widget, which can be placed on any website, increasing its accessibility and utility.

VoltiGames - a play-to-earn platform that offers multiple ways to earn $VOLT. It is built to expand through partnerships and integrates NFTs, aiming to provide a gaming experience that’s not just entertaining but also rewarding.

VoltiCard - came in the game to redefine how we perceive crypto spending. Both in its physical and virtual avatars, this card allows users to bring cryptocurrencies into their daily lives without fuss. Whether it is a physical or virtual Debit Card, it enables users to spend cryptocurrencies for everyday purchases. It accepts up to 6 different cryptos upon launch, including BTC, ETH, XRP, USDT, USDC, and BUSD, and is powered by VISA, making it usable worldwide.

Volted Dragons Sailors Club (VDSC) - VDSC isn't your typical NFT collection, as it integrates directly into the Volt Inu ecosystem. Owning one of these unique 3D NFT Dragons provides members with exclusive access to future collections, real-world events, meetups, and certain rights and revenues within the ecosystem, making it more than just a digital asset. It's a passport to exclusive gaming integrations, ensuring holders access to unique rights and potentially lucrative revenue streams.

VoltiFlex - a surprise for all fans! Scheduled for launch sometime in 2023, VoltiFlex is an upcoming multi-chain decentralized staking platform. Apart from the official teaser tweet, there is little information available about it currently. However, we do know that it is meant to work in conjunction with the VoltiChange exchange and offer reflections and staking of a wide range of crypto tokens. If you are curious, we posted the teaser down below:

VoltiEco - the feature we are also excited for! It is an autonomous protocol in Volt Inu’s ecosystem, designed to automate and optimize participation in crypto airdrops across multiple blockchains. Using AI and automated algorithms, the system identifies valuable airdrops and builds the necessary infrastructure for interaction. The earnings from these airdrops are strategically distributed between VoltiEco Farming Pools, VOLT and VDSC buybacks and burns, and ecosystem operations, reinforcing the financial strength of Volt Inu.

$VOLT it!

The ecosystem is powered by its native token, $VOLT, a deflationary asset that uses strategies such as buy-backs and burns, complemented by various revenue-generating models. These are all aimed at rewarding token holders and enhancing the token’s value, as it is designed to become increasingly rare over time, thanks to its deflationary nature. It’s built on Ethereum and is key to supporting the diverse DeFi products that Volt Inu offers. It also enables users to invest in sections such as NFTs, farming, nodes, staking, etc.

The meme of Volt Inu is the picture of a dog from the famous animation “Bolt”. It’s the same white fast dog that was in the Bolt animation and now it is on the Volt Inu coin. Did you see the movie, leave us a comment down below!

What now, HYVE?

We recently relaunched our HYVE Newsletter on Substack. @e are currently providing some updates on the latest news in crypto, how to improve your freelancing skills, and most importantly, exclusive sneak peeks into HYVE and the latest development updates.

Now back to us - we are now again on track with token integrations, as within the coming weeks you should expect some new partnerships, that will definitely grab your interest!