Cellframe - the best integrative platform

Cellframe - the best integrative platform

The partnership pipeline in Q4 has been off the charts - we have recently started our blockchain integration process with some strong names: AVAX and Cronos. Not only did this unlock some new partnerships, but we opened our doors to further ecosystems, and we cemented our place as the go-to web3 freelancing ecosystem, due to our availability and universal character in providing freelancers unlimited payment options and a gateway to the crypto world.

Today we are excited to welcome a new partner - Cellframe! This project is incredibly useful as it encourages scalability and interoperability within the blockchain space, as it enables enterprises and developers to build a vast array of products and dApps on top of this highly configurable infrastructure.

Before we dive into the article, make sure to add the contract addresses for $CELL in your digital wallets, as now you will be able to pay and get paid in this token for any provided service or digital item on the HYVE platform!

ETH: 0x26c8afbbfe1ebaca03c2bb082e69d0476bffe099
BSC: 0xd98438889Ae7364c7E2A3540547Fad042FB24642

Dive into Cellframe!

Cellframe Network is a next-generation, open-source platform designed for the creation and integration of blockchains and services, all secured by post-quantum encryption. They provide an environment that allows enterprises and developers to construct a wide range of products, from basic t-dApps to entirely new blockchains built atop the Cellframe Network.

Their vision centers on the belief that the upcoming shift in blockchain technology revolves around mass adoption. To foster this, their platform continually seeks to broaden the practical applications of blockchain.

With its unique sharding implementation, Cellframe achieves notably high transaction rates. Furthermore, their use of post-quantum cryptography ensures resistance against potential threats from emerging quantum computers.


Cellframe Network is a scalable, open-source, next-generation platform that facilitates the building and bridging of blockchains and services with post-quantum encryption. It provides an environment for developers and enterprises to create a wide range of products, from low-level t-dApps to entirely new blockchains atop Cell.

What makes Cellframe unique?

Cellframe Network incorporates a distinctive approach, utilizing dual-layer sharding, conditional transactions, and multiparty computations. This ensures flawless interoperability, and rapid and cost-effective transactions, all fortified by inherent quantum protection features.

Given that their platform is developed from the ground up in plain C, t-dApps created using their SDK can run on platforms ranging from high-end enterprise mainframes to everyday smart fridges. This flexibility empowers developers to craft a diverse array of applications.

Overall, the Cellframe technology provides six main advantages:

  • Scalable up to enterprise level!
  • Secure: with its flexible post quantum encryption, next-gen safety is ensured!
  • Decentralized: in order to stay true to web3 principles, Cellframe enables t-dApps
  • Economical: reduces transaction costs through innovative mechanisms
  • Interoperable: atomic swaps for instant transactions across chains
  • Sustainable: since there is no mining involved, the network is environment-neutral

Here's what Cellframe had to say about the partnership:

We are delighted to announce our new collaboration with the Hyve project!
Cellframe has become a payment solution for Hyve, providing fast and secure transactions. In addition, using the knowledge and experience of Hyve Works, we are aiming to partner with leading professionals in this field.
And most importantly, Cellframe and HYVE are coming together not only for commercial gain but also to further our mutual development.

A small intro into post-quantum encryption

As technological advancements progress, quantum computers with the potential to compromise existing blockchain technology are fast approaching. These computers could pose a risk to every piece of data in existence.

Cellframe Network employs adaptable post-quantum encryption, which not only facilitates the simultaneous use of multiple quantum-resistant signatures but also allows the network to instantaneously update its algorithms.

This flexibility ensures the network can evolve in response to any future breakthroughs in quantum computing, making the platform resilient and prepared for the future.

It's HYVE time

We have gone a bit overboard with the partnerships lately, but that is just what we promised and we are sticking to our initial plan. Our development roadmap, posted at this year's beginning has clearly stated that we will build a tremendous amount during the first part of the year and then consolidate and innovate, through various partnerships and integrations. Cellframe is one of the partners we are especially excited about, as we see this going beyond just a simple token integration. Soon we will announce more on our Social Media Channels!