First Era: Dev Update v1

First Era: Dev Update v1

Our Updated Roadmap Series marks a significant phase in the platform's evolution, one where foundational enhancements and innovative features are set to redefine the way. Our First Era is about creating a gamified, engaging, and profoundly collaborative platform that not only meets your needs but also anticipates the challenges of tomorrow and introduces the right technologies that can simplify the freelancing experience.

New HYVE Roadmap: First Era
The first quarter of the year was dedicated to thinking about how we can improve our platform, and further expand our ecosystem. From Tudor’s weekly AMA series, you might have heard of new features we are working on implementing, but this time, we are adding a concrete timeline for execution.
AI Agents, the merger of Tasks and Jobs, the In-Game Marketplace, automated web3 invoicing and listing analytics are just some of the few features that we'll be introducing in the First Era. Get up to speed now!

This is not just another phase - it’s a revolution for HYVE since we will engage in a comprehensive rebranding process, starting with our UX/UI. In the First Era, we're not merely fixing bugs; we’re crafting experiences through new browsing modes tailor-made for different user types, and introducing cutting-edge features that set new industry standards for freelancing.

Today we're exploring our progress on how we're currently faring on building some of our promised features. Join us as we aim to strengthen the core functionalities of HYVE while setting the stage for advanced web3 collaboration!

Let's start with the Features!

First and foremost we're going to talk about what we're currently building. While the flagship components are still under development, we've already achieved considerable progress as we have introduced some new features aimed at enhancing our UX/UI in the wake of our rebranding.

Regular updates are a hallmark of a dynamic platform that adapts to user needs and technological advancements. By proactively informing users about progress related to future features, HYVE enhances user engagement and encourages the exploration of new functionalities, ensuring that improvements are recognized and utilized by the community.

Listing Analytics

One of the features presented in the First Era was that listings will have their own analytics. We're most excited to say that we have successfully implemented this feature, as it allows us to draw on the data behind listings, providing valuable insights for freelancers, clients, and users browsing our platforms.

This means that users can now verify how many applicants there are for a job, how many users have seen a specific listing and lastly how many clients have purchased the services of a specific offer.

Data allows people to make informed decisions, enabling them to know which skills are in-demand or if certain jobs are hot and competitive. In addition, clients can see whether their listing attracts interest or whether the services provided by a freelancer are highly demanded, based on the total number of purchases for the offer.

Listing Analytics will also mark the first step towards a data-driven platform, where we will leverage these capabilities to build future features.

Merger of Tasks and Jobs

Jobs and Tasks have become one single item. In terms of backend, we have made tasks and jobs the same, whereas the frontend has merged them into one category (as you can now see a single option in the Listing drop-down menu).

Clients can now create Jobs, based on their requirements, with the only differentiation being whether they are recurring or one-off. This removes the wrong categorization between listing types, caused by the confusion between tasks and jobs.

Public and Private Listings

We have also introduced listing types, meaning Jobs and Offers can be Public or Private. When a user creates a Private Listing, only those assigned have viewing rights. On the other hand, a Public Listing will be visible on the main landing page, available for everyone to see.

Updated Notifications Popup

Imagine logging into HYVE and immediately being greeted with a neatly designed popup alerting you to the latest platform updates since your last visit. This small but impactful feature ensures that no improvement goes unnoticed, keeping all users in the loop.

Audio Notifications for Events

In a bid to enhance the notification system, HYVE now permits audio alerts for various notifications related to platform events (solution being accepted by client, listing updates, new applicants). Users who find the audio intrusive can easily mute these notifications via settings in the dropdown menu, providing a customizable user experience that respects individual preferences.

Audio notifications can enhance the immediacy and noticeability of important alerts, especially for users who are multitasking or prefer auditory cues. Offering customization options respects user preferences for how they wish to receive these alerts, balancing functionality with personalization.

The 'Request a Feature' Page

Engagement doesn't stop at updates - we value community feedback above everything else. After all, HYVE's With the new 'Request a Feature' page, accessible from the footer, HYVE empowers its community to suggest new features and enhancements.

By enabling users to filter, search, and vote on existing requests, HYVE can prioritize development based on actual user demand, fostering a responsive and community-driven ecosystem.


A clean and unobtrusive design is key to user satisfaction. Fixing all remaining bugs and loose ends contributes to a smoother and more enjoyable user experience on the platform and this is exactly what we aim to do in the First Era.

Blast L2 integration fix

Our community has provided feedback on the Blast L2 Mainnet integration, where some users had difficulty in seeing Blast as a supported blockchain. We have resolved the issue and if you still have problems with Blast, when you select the network, you will be automatically prompted to add Blast in your MetaMask wallets.

Mobile Display Fix

A certain bug caused an incorrect display of jobs available on the platform, specifically for the mobile interface. The issue has been solved and now the correct number of jobs is displayed for mobile users.

Mobile Accessibility of the Whitepaper Page

With more people accessing the internet via smartphones than ever before, HYVE’s commitment to mobile accessibility represents a crucial adaptation to user habits. By resolving compatibility issues on the Whitepaper page, HYVE ensures that vital information about the platform’s vision, features, and functionalities is accessible anytime, anywhere.

Previously, the Whitepaper page faced functionality issues on mobile devices due to plugin incompatibilities. This has now been resolved, ensuring that mobile users can access all site content without hindrance.

User Review Feature Enhancement

Trust is the currency of freelancing platforms, and by enhancing the accuracy of user reviews, HYVE strengthens the trust between clients and freelancers. Accurate reviews lead to better decision-making for all users, whether they are choosing whom to hire or seeking to build reputations as dependable freelancers or clients.

Accuracy in user reviews is crucial for trust and transparency. The updated user review feature on the homepage listing cards now displays scores more accurately, enhancing the reliability of user feedback and decision-making for all platform users.

Freelancer Card Aspect Ratio Fix

The correct display of freelancer cards ensures that every professional's first impression of potential clients is as intended—clear, accurate, and visually appealing. This fix not only improves the aesthetic appeal of the platform but also aids freelancers in marketing their services effectively, without technical issues hindering their presentation. A minor yet impactful fix was the aspect ratio of the freelancer card descriptions and titles, which are now properly displayed, improving the visual coherence and user experience on the platform.

Notifications Container height issue

The height of the user notifications container was previously problematic, but this issue has been addressed to ensure notifications are displayed effectively and without clutter.

What are we currently working on

Within the coming weeks, we will release more updates on our progress. In terms of Main Features, expect the following:

  • Instant Pledge - the extension of our escrow system, streamlining the process of sending funds, without requiring you to create a listing on the platform; this expands HYVE's utility beyond collaboration, enabling payment processing on top of our already diverse infrastructure, supporting 15+ blockchains and 200+ tokens.
  • Invoicing System - a comprehensive solution designed for web3 freelancing, which removes administrative tasks for freelancers, especially when receiving payment in crypto. Imagine removing the idle time you are spending to generate invoices, as the process is now simplified through an in-platform integration, allowing you to service more clients and take back control over your time and work.
  • User Directory - a large database, where you can view different user profiles, browsing freelancers, their reviews and completed projects. Clients are especially excited for this feature, as they can make informed decisions over which freelancer to pick for their assignments in order to match their requirements.

We are also working to deliver within the next weeks the following Secondary Features, such as:

  • Activity - a log where activity on the platform is documented, allowing you to see what platform users are doing. We are adepts of transparency, thus you now know what freelancers have applied for listings and when, as well as what clients have purchased digital items or services through our platform.
  • Web3 Modal - an integrated solution that allows users to select from our integrated chains and wallets in a easy manner, simplifying the onboarding experience for web3 novices. This allows for traditional web2 users to fully enjoy the benefits of web3 freelancing, without any prior knowledge.

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