Development Update #4

Development Update #4

Nearly a month ago we published our third development update, which brought in some massive improvements, with an incredibly bright outlook for the future. April had been quite a busy month, with our Website rebranding taking the spotlight. Nevertheless, despite being the most noticeable improvement, this should not take away from all the other changes happening behind the scenes, which we will be laying out below.

More than just incremental improvements

The long-awaited “Autocompound” feature finally went live at the beginning of the new staking cycle, namely the second week of April. To briefly describe how Autocompoud works: it will allow users to deposit their earnings back into the initial staking pool. This maximizes one’s potential earnings while reducing or completely eliminating any potential gas fees.

A new feature we have already implemented is the facilitation of the process of adding new coins. This is performed through an admin interface, allowing for seamless integration of new payment options. You might have already noticed the inclusion of $RADAR, as well as $ALPACA and $UNIQ in the last month. Again, we believe this feature will get us closer to our objective of making HYVE a universal platform for freelancers, having a competitive advantage through the diversity of payment options.

We know our newly updated website has been greatly received by our community, however, this means we always need to find continuous ways for optimizing it. Thus, we have updated the mobile version of our website, with our platform expected to work seamlessly on portable devices, such as tablets and laptops. Our platform is currently undergoing a staged phase-out, with the new design expected to go live in the coming weeks. There has been much work performed in the backend, with the frontend expected to follow suit.

Get excited - the new platform is coming

To give a few examples of some new features, we will be incorporating a new log-in option, which will enable users without a Metamask wallet already set up to register with their social media accounts. This will enable freelancers with no blockchain knowledge to join the HYVE community, thus paving the road toward further adoption.

Furthermore, we have decided to make the new design more intuitive, for employers and freelancers alike to browse by categories. Thus, when creating a listing, a user has the chance to select a category that best matches his post (i.e. Graphic & Design, Digital Marketing, etc.), with this feature already live. Once the transition to the new platform is complete, you will be able to select the category that best matches your interest. Plus, due to the successful implementation of URL filters, you could share out the link directly for any listing. It is also worth mentioning that we have finalized the expand card feature, both for mobile and desktop versions, allowing for a better browsing experience.

For HYVE to attract more freelancers, including those with no prior blockchain experience, we have added a feature for the new platform, or a currency converter, so that is easier to understand the value of any listing in US dollars. Moreover, we have finalized public profiles, both for the desktop and mobile design, meaning that employers and freelancers can have a detailed overview of their counterparts.

Bug and various fixes

Bugs are always an annoying occurrence on any platform, yet once we find them, all our efforts go toward fixing them so that the user experience is as smooth as possible. Currently, we need to be vigilant for any bugs occurring on the old platform, while fixing any problem that might come up for the new platform, so that the transition is smooth and hassle-free for all users. Below we have presented all the fixes performed during the last month, both for the old and new platforms.

Old platform

  • Fixed the calculation of commissions for accepted applications (it was calculated wrong previously)
  • Fixed the sharing of tasks and profiles
  • Fixed the error for accepting listings
  • Fixed overall small design issues
  • Removed zoom and adjusted design accordingly

New platform

  • Fixed performance issues on mobile (iOS/Android)
  • Adjusted the spacing on the spacings on the new design for the intermediate viewports

What to expect next

As we are in a process of continuous innovation and change, we are tirelessly working to facilitate further adoption of our platform. Currently, we are working on our fourth blockchain deployment, which will be more than just an integration partnership, providing HYVE with unlimited options for development.

Moreover, we are also working to expand our ecosystem in another very hot topic within the crypto space. We will be making further announcements in the upcoming weeks, so make sure that you stay tuned for more!

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