The Freelancer Gift Guide

The Freelancer Gift Guide

Picture this: you are sitting at the Christmas Table, together with your extended family. While enjoying a cozy and delicious meal, you see your distant cousin come down the stairs - you realize you haven't seen him in at least a couple of years. He's got quite the tan, and he looks so relaxed. "Did he not have the pain of working an entire year, having to bear with gloomy office politics?". He's a freelancer you remember - "Of course, he doesn't have to worry about nothing in the world."

As jealous thoughts start making their way inside your mind, you try to recall what exactly your cousin does. "Is he a programmer?" you think to yourself - "No, that's just too complex for him - maybe he is a web designer." Nevertheless, this game is too annoying, therefore you decide to abandon it.

While you're all sitting and talking, you overhear some of his stories. He is a full-on digital nomad, that travels throughout exotic destinations while working for clients located in all the corners of the globe. He makes enough for a fulfilling life, and work is always a challenge for him, as no assignment is repetitive enough. When the obvious question about money, taxes and banks pops up from your older relatives, he simply replies "Oh, but I earn crypto - I have removed most of the hassles of intermediaries."

This triggers another memory to pop into your brain. The last time you saw him for Christmas, he was babbling about a certain crypto project that would allow him to obtain financial freedom by providing his services in a decentralized market. You thought it was all some web3 gibberish, but it seems it paid off for him. A feeling of regret floods you, as you realize just maybe that you should have paid attention to him. As you squint really hard you remember the project's name - HYVE, it had something to do with bees!

A sudden realization makes you freeze - you drew his name for the family Secret Santa. You brought no gift, as you thought he was not coming - why would he after all, he was busy with the freelancing stuff you kept downplaying. You already think of the excuse you are going to make "Oh, your gift was not yet delivered - it's UPS' fault". You scramble to save the situation, thus you quickly open your phone and look for quick ideas for gifts on Google.

What to buy now?

You can't go overboard with the gift ideas, as the budget is around $50 per gift. Something that could be useful for his lifestyle would be ideal. You think about something compact, portable, and maybe even related to technology since he's always on the move.

You decide on a gadget that could be a part of his traveling arsenal - this kind of gifts should thoughtful, practical, and within the budget, perfect for someone who lives their life untethered and constantly on the go, and with expedited shipping, it might just make it in time to be a Christmas surprise!

Portable Solar Charger

This solar charger is a must-have for any digital nomad - it's lightweight, durable, and can charge multiple devices simultaneously using solar energy, making it perfect for those who are often on the move or in remote locations.

Your cousin seems like the type to spend time on his laptop at the beach, so this solar charger seems like a good choice. What is more, is that this charger can be weather-resistant and comes with a variety of adapters, ensuring compatibility with almost any device.

How to build a Solar Laptop Charger for Under $100 - YouTube

You can also pitch it that it is an eco-friendly solution that ensures your cousin stays connected, no matter where their travels take them.

Global SIM Card

But now you just remembered the signs you see in the airports, regarding global SIM cards - you always thought they were a scam, but this time you finally found a utility for those. A global SIM card is an ideal gift for a traveling freelancer. It provides coverage in multiple countries, offering affordable data and call rates without the hassle of buying local SIM cards.

This SIM card comes with an easy-to-use app for managing usage and top-ups, and it's compatible with most unlocked smartphones. It seems like an ideal option, as it ensures seamless communication for both personal and professional needs, while also being quite cheap. Seems quite low effort and you realize he definitely has a SIM Card already. What should we think of next?

Compact Travel Drone with Camera

A drone! This could be it - you already imagine the next Christmas dinner, where he will flaunt his excessive travels and show everybody some of the stunning landscapes he's visited, all captured with the drone you gifted him.

This travel-friendly drone is perfect for capturing breathtaking photos and videos from their travels. And it's compact, lightweight, and foldable, making it easy to carry in a backpack!

Review: the DJI Mini 2 is the perfect drone for beginners: Digital  Photography Review

The drone features advanced stabilization technology, high-quality camera resolution, and is easy to control, even for beginners. Usually, it comes with a protective case and extra batteries, allowing your relative to explore and document their adventures from a unique perspective.

Too bad your budget is way too low for this gift as he would have remembered you for, what's next?

Noise-Canceling Wireless Headphones

For a digital nomad, a pair of high-quality noise-canceling headphones can be a lifesaver. These headphones offer superior sound quality, active noise cancellation, and long battery life. Plus, they're comfortable for extended wear and come with a compact carrying case. Whether he is working from a noisy café or traveling on a plane, these headphones can create a personal oasis of focus.

Bose QuietComfort 45 Noise-Canceling Bluetooth Headphones (White) : Audio,  Headphones & Speakers | Dell USA

But you see that he already has a pair draped around his neck, and they look like the latest model, so...scratch that idea.

Travel-Friendly Laptop Stand

This ergonomic laptop stand is designed for the traveling freelancer as it is lightweight, collapsible, and adjustable, providing a comfortable and ergonomic workstation setup anywhere. The stand is made of durable materials, supports various laptop sizes, and helps in maintaining a good posture. It's a simple yet effective tool for creating a mobile office setup that's both functional and comfortable. Arae Laptop Stand for Desk, Adjustable Ergonomic Portable  Aluminum Holder, Foldable for Computer, 7 Angles Anti-Slip Riser Compatible  with 9-15.6 inch Laptops, Gray : Electronics

Hmm, you think—there's many options to explore, each with its own charm and practicality. A drone for capturing memories, a high-tech gadget organizer for staying sorted on the go, or maybe even an e-reader filled with books for those long flights and train rides. It's all about finding that sweet spot between utility and delight, something that will add value to his already efficient and adventurous lifestyle.

Back 2 us...

And there you have it—the perfect gift guide for travel nomads, filled with ideas that merge functionality with enjoyment. Whether it’s for Secret Santa or just because, these gifts are sure to bring a smile to the face of anyone who, like your cousin, has turned the whole world into their office. So next time you’re in a pinch, remember this list, and you might just become the family's most thoughtful gift-giver!

As for HYVE, 2024 is almost here - our team has been working vigorously even on Christmas to provide you with the latest updates for our platform, the latest blogs, and many more surprises to come! And keep an eye on our X page, a surprise is coming up in the next days, and this time no teasing! We want to amaze you, but until then - happy new year! 🥳