February at HYVE!

February at HYVE!

2024 is coming in hot for crypto, with February probably the hottest month (although March is not to be taken lights)! As we wait for spring, we cannot help but state that the crypto world is on the brink of facing potentially pivotal changes: it wasn't just the calendar that took strides into the future; it was also Bitcoin, blazing trails and breaking records in a fashion that could only be described as historic. Why do we say that in the February recap? Because we couldn't contain ourselves, see for yourself:

The world’s largest cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, hit a spectacular level of $72,000 for the very first time since Nov. 2021 today, surpassing its all-time high $69,000. BTC has risen nearly almost 75% YTD and has exhibited stellar performance through 2024.

No worry, though! HYVE is coming in strong too! February meant a lot to us: $HYVE was listed on a new exchange, we have a new chain integration, as well as 3 more new blogs for you to read! Let's have a look at all these accomplishments and sum them up for you all:

HYVE has the lowest fees in the freelancing game. The bull run is the optimal time to switch to web3 freelancing and HYVE is the optimal place.

$HYVE gets listed on ProBit Global!

Alright, strap in because I've got some electrifying news straight from the heart of HYVE! Not even halfway through Q1, and we are already accomplished our goals left, right, and center. Remember how we promised to catapult $HYVE towards more international exposure? Well, guess what - we've done it by increasing trading commitment through a new exchange listing.

$HYVE gets listed on ProBit Global
Not even halfway through Q1 and we are already making some major moves! In our comprehensive roadmap article, we promised that the $HYVE token would get more exposure in international markets, especially as our objective is to target new geographies and raise awareness of the HYVE Ecosystem. Today, we are

On Valentine's Day, of all days, we've inked a partnership that's not just any deal; it's like finding your perfect match on the most romantic day of the year. We're teaming up with ProBit Global Exchange, and it's the kind of partnership that should get you excited. ProBit is an established exchange in Asia with a strong global reach, known for its diversity in trading pairs and trusted by users far and wide.

Now, let's get down to why this is a big deal. With ProBit's impressive roster of 450+ coins and almost 650 trading pairs, it's like walking into the grand ball of crypto exchanges – the variety is dazzling!

So, what's in it for $HYVE? Liquidity and increased exposure! And not just a trickle – we're talking the kind of flow that makes $HYVE as stable as it is exciting. For those who've found decentralized exchanges a tad daunting, buying $HYVE on ProBit is like taking the express lane – swift, straightforward, and secure.

HYVE X Blast

Just when you thought we were all cooling off after that hot listing on ProBit Global Exchange, we went straight back, fueling the fire with something even more explosive. Let me introduce you to Blast – the next big leap in blockchain innovation, one of the most awaited L2 blockchain releases in 2024.

Blast isn't your run-of-the-mill network - it's a trailblazing L2 solution on Ethereum that's about to shake things up. And guess what? HYVE is an early adopter once again, becoming the first Web3 job market to dive into the Blast ecosystem. We're not just expanding; we're reaching new communities of Web3 adopters who are just as psyched about innovation as we are.

What makes Blast stand out?

Blast Network is this phenomenal Layer 2 solution on the Ethereum blockchain, cooked up to sprinkle some extra yield on your ETH and stablecoins – something you won't find on other L2s. Imagine getting a default interest rate of 4% for ETH and 5% for stablecoins just by being part of this ecosystem. It's like having your cake and eating it too, thanks to ETH staking and Real World Assets (RWA) protocols.

Blast is built on three main pillars:

  1. Native ETH Rebasement - it's revolutionary, making ETH on L2 as fluid and intuitive to use as we all love it to be.
  2. Innovative L1 Staking Rewards - thanks to the Ethereum Shanghai upgrade, Blast lets you enjoy L1 ETH yields right on L2. It's seamless, integrated, and just brilliant.
  3. Stablecoin Yield Optimization - by moving your stablecoins to Blast, you get $USDB, a stablecoin that grows thanks to MakerDAO's T-Bill protocol. Moving assets back to Ethereum has never been smoother or more profitable.
HYVE x Blast Network: A different type of integration
What’s up HYVE Community? Following a successful listing on the ProBit Global Exchange, we are delivering yet another improvement of our highly customizable blockchain infrastructure! Today, we are excited to have a new type of network, that breaks away from your typical established network - Blast! We are especially excited

Let's talk blogs!

Jumping back into the heart of our vibrant blog space, we're here to dive headfirst into the thrilling world of freelancing, uncovering its transformative power on the universe of digital finance and the wild frontiers of decentralized tech. Each new insight and update is our way of not just reaching but leaping beyond what our HYVE community hopes for, keeping us riding the wave of innovation in the freelancing and web3 arenas. Let's see what we did this month:

E-commerce 101 - avoid these mistakes

Launching an e-commerce venture? Master these essentials with HYVE: dive into deep market research to align your products with consumer demands. Craft a seamless, attractive online store with HYVE Shops for a stellar user experience. Boost visibility with SEO best practices, making your site easily discoverable. Leverage social media for engagement and promotion, finding where your audience thrives. Prioritize data security to protect transactions and maintain customer trust. Navigate the e-commerce seas with HYVE's insights and tools for a successful digital journey.

E-commerce 101: Avoid these mistakes
Welcome to the electrifying realm of e-commerce, where dreams of digital entrepreneurship take flight! Whether you’re at the threshold of launching your first online venture or you’re a veteran in the digital marketplace aiming to escalate your virtual footprint, navigating the intricate landscape of e-commerce is paramount. Fear not, for

Web3 Freelancing: Portofolio over CV

In the buzzing world of Web3 freelancing, the game has changed: it's no longer about just listing your skills and experience on a CV. What really makes you stand out is a killer portfolio. This isn't just about showing off your past projects; it's about telling your unique story, highlighting your creative journey, and showcasing your ability to tackle challenges head-on. A solid portfolio can significantly boost your chances in the freelance market, acting as a beacon for potential clients and illustrating your professional narrative in a way that a traditional resume simply cannot.

Your portfolio eclipses the traditional resume, serving as the key to unlocking opportunities. Think of it as more than just a collection of work; it's a narrative that showcases your journey, skills, and unique approach to projects. This dynamic tool does more than attract attention; it builds connections, transforming prospects into collaborators by demonstrating not just what you've done, but who you are as a professional.

Web3 Freelancing: Portfolio over CV
In the fast-growing world of Web3 freelancing, where your next project could hinge on the flip of a digital coin, standing out from the crowd is not just an advantage—it’s a necessity. Gone are the days when a polished CV was your golden ticket to career advancement. In the

Crypto adoption in SE Asia

Crypto adoption in SE Asia is revolutionizing the Web3 freelancing landscape, offering financial inclusion and fostering innovation. This shift towards digital currencies is particularly impactful in regions where traditional banking is inaccessible, democratizing finance and empowering communities.

Southeast Asia's dynamic tech scene and young, tech-savvy population contribute to the rapid growth of cryptocurrency use, creating opportunities for freelancers in blockchain development, smart contract programming, and more. However, challenges such as regulatory diversity, fraud, and the need for education on crypto's benefits remain. Despite these hurdles, the cultural diversity and economic conditions in Southeast Asia provide a fertile ground for blockchain and crypto innovations, promising a more inclusive financial future.

How Crypto adoption in SE Asia impacts web3 freelancing
Here’s the deal: the allure of cryptocurrencies isn’t just about the novelty or the technology — it’s about unlocking financial freedoms for everyone (if you ignore the get-rich-quick crowd). In terms of traditional asset classes, investing won’t create life-changing wealth - cryptocurrencies still have the potential to transform one’s life, both

What comes next?

As you might have noticed, Tudor has started a recurring AMA series, directly on our Telegram groupchat. Every Friday, you are invited to join the discussion on our Telegram groupchat, where you can ask any question about HYVE's development, upcoming plans and potential partnerships.

We are releasing an updated roadmap by the end of the quarter, as we have reshuffled our development plans for the upcoming features. Expect to be surprised!