How does WEB3 alter the perception of work for Gen Z?

How does WEB3 alter the perception of work for Gen Z?

They have been called creative, self-reliant, authentic, and even rebellious or stressed - and by 2025 they will make up more than 30% of the world's workforce. This is Gen Z.

Ranging from 1997-2012, these individuals can be named a fully-digitally native generation that grew up with the Internet - basically lots of freedom, mobile devices, and social media. Let's face it - every generation has its own set of values, visions, and views about life, but what do we have to offer? Freedom of speech, courage, and social activism are just some of the perks we, as people, bring to the table.

Since its launching, there has been a lot of hype about Web3 and its plethora of opportunities for young consumers, ranging from virtual experiences like Play-To-Earn Games to great investment returns over the next decade.

Roughly 45% of both Gen Z and millennial retirement savers said they wished they could invest in cryptocurrency via their 401(k) accounts.

So why are Gen Z more interested crypto

Different career opportunities in the metaverse are native to Gen Z people. Everyone is learning on a daily basis. Older people don’t necessarily have a native advantage or even ambition in learning about crypto and the metaverse and Web3, since it is such a novel topic to most people.

This kind of levels the playing field and provides Gen Z with new enrichment opportunities, in a world where accumulating capital is gradually harder. If you put in the time and the work, you can discover exciting possibilites for yourself, which would drastically simplify your work and allow you additional freedom.

Crypto ownership is mostly native amongst Gen Z and Millennials 

When you think about Web3 projects and getting involved, you can do your own research, as there are no barriers to entry. Moreover, it is easier to network with project owners than ever beforeas communication is much easier with people in the web3 space.

That’s not something that is founded on or restricted by age or experience. Web3 is open to everyone intentionally – it’s democratizing access to a lot of stuff, and to crypto in a lot of ways.

We get this question a lot from the extra-cautious people around you: what if Web3 will be the same as Web2? Full of cybercrimes or frauds, the constant fear of being treated as a product or that someone might take credit for your own work.

Worry no more - you can be valued based on your contribution and it allows for a meritocratic order since everything is documented on the blockchain. In Web2 there are a lot of societal pressures and expectations around how you look and how you present yourself. That changes a lot in Web3, as the NFT phenomenon has allowed for an easier expression of one's true self.

If you’re part of the Bored Ape Yacht Club, the legendary NFT community, for an outsider it might mean nothing. You're all a bunch of apes, potentially walking around the metaverse. You know that you are part of this unique community because you think it stands for something larger than yourself and you identify with the avatar, whatever it may be. Those are things that are very different in a Web3 setting.

Adoption of web3 is rising in the mainstream

It's safe to say that companies ranging from luxury goods to the music industry are looking to jump on the metaverse and web3 bandwagon. Companies like Spotify, Meta, Nike, Gucci and Disney are just some of the examples are currently hiring web3 specialists.

If you are interested about the collision of big brands and Web3, we have written an article on this topic earlier this year.

Fashion houses like Balenciaga now have a metaverse department, while Gucci was actively looking for a web3 specialist that can help drive sales of digital collectibles like NFTs. The NFL also posted a job advert for a senior manager that can identify branding and marketing opportunities in the metaverse.

Previously mentioned, streaming giant Spotify also posted an ad for a senior backend engineer with a web3 focus. In addition to tech jobs, there are tons of opportunities for web3-thinking Gen Zers looking to get involved in shaping big companies' metaverse strategy. Moreover, it's clear that companies and recruiters will be looking for individuals ready to upskill and learn more about the metaverse.

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We get it - Web3 could be considered a generational shift because its emergence was fueled by a Gen-Z and millennial backlash to centralized control of data and identity by FAANGs. For example, supposedly, you’re a creator and decide to move your brand from, say, Instagram to another social network. In that case, you’ll soon find that you don’t own any of your content, follower count, or really anything that sustains you as a business. The main appeal of Web3 is that users should have control of their own data and identity.

Another reason why we love Web3 is the access to our community - there is nothing like it. Just search for #NFT, #crypto or #HYVE on Twitter, and you'll immediately find thousands of people just like you waiting to connect and bond through common goals and ideas regarding equality, decentralization and so on.

Lastly, Web3 creates a new universe where you could escape reality by introducing new ways of interacting with the digital world like Play-To-Earn Games or Metaverse fashion shows & concerts. We all know the story of young Vitalik Buterin that was too tired of the struggles centralized services could bring and quit World Of Warcraft. He then created what we know as Ethereum today, so what makes you think you couldn't be the next Vitalik? The power is in your hands, just use it.

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