HYVE Development Update #1

HYVE Development Update #1

Last week we went live with the first version HYVE application and since then we have been hard at work making sure everything works properly while continuing our deployments.

Second Deployment; Ethereum

Today, we just went live with the second deployment. The focus of this deployment is adding the blockchain interaction. So let's explore a bit the new features and how they work:

Apply To Task

  • users can now apply for a task or job. The application can include a message from the freelancer to the client.
  • users can now cancel an application that a user has previously submitted for tasks or jobs.
  • the task creator can now see the full list of applicants for his task or job and choose one of the different applicants to start a collaboration with

Accept Applicant

when accepting an application, the following process will take place

  1. verify the wallet of the task creator to check the allowance for the particular coin he is paying in
  2. verify the wallet of the task creator to make sure his balance is enough to cover the task
  3. the task creator accepts an applicant and at that moment, the task information will be uploaded on the chain while the payment will be sent to the escrow contract and a task fee will be taken by the protocol
  4. our platform listens to the blockchain and after 10 confirmations we mark the task as synced with the blockchain and make sure that the task matches the description
  5. the freelancer can now see this change in the "My Work" section. He will also be able to see if he was accepted before the blockchain confirms the transaction, there are two different states essentially.

My Work

In the main dashboard, there is now an extra view for "My Work" and you can see tasks and jobs that you've either applied to or tasks and jobs that you posted and other people have applied to.


The above also means we have deployed the following smart contracts on Ethereum. We will publish the contracts publicly soon as well but we haven't done so yet because the contracts will be published under a special license that we are still working on in order the possibility of "vampire attacks" from copycats.

The contracts are built with a modular architecture and are fully upgradeable so this allows us to continue evolving the protocol as things evolve.

  • Deployer Contract
  • Vault Contract
  • Escrow Contract
  • Resolver Contract
  • HyveRouter Contract
  • ConfigStorage Contract
  • TaskStorage Contract
  • TaskManager Contract
  • JobStorage Contract
  • JobManager Contract

In addition to the above, we have been working hard on improving the application, as described below.


Below is a non-exhaustive list of fixes we have done since our first deployment last week. We continue to push updates constantly and the application will continue to improve significantly over the next few weeks.

As a quick note, we've added some better illustrations and empty states in different places. We will continue to try and make the platform look better as well in addition to the functional fixes we're doing.


  • Added background for carousel buttons so they are visible
  • Changed favicon
  • Streamlined all user avatars
  • Login with Metamask Auth card not fitting in the screen of 125%
  • When accessing Terms & Conditions or Privacy Policy, the Create Authorize buttons are still visible but are not working. Going back to the main page, the buttons don’t work anymore
  • Applied consistent capitalization to labels and fields
  • Logout button works as expected
  • Minor fixes to alignments
  • User name/address to display the correct information and to align properly with the rest of the design
  • Added username functionality to user menu (if the user name is not set, show the first 6 chars of public address)

Main Listing

  • All filters functional
  • Added cursor and hover effect to user avatar in list view
  • Added "Not specified" if work type is not specified
  • Fixed an issue where the temporary edit task/job button was placed with absolute, breaking the alignment of all the controls (message/bookmark). Added transition states to animate the hover
  • Fixed an issue where the filter list would go flying to the top if a modal was opened lower in the list;
  • Display level information correctly
  • Display estimated work information correctly
  • Filters: ability to deselect country/city
  • Added a condition to display work type if job or task for both task and detailed card
  • Fixed work type in task/job card coming in as N/A even if it wasn’t null

Task details Popup

  • Removed infinite scroll from task gallery
  • Implemented gallery image as a background so images can resize better
  • Added spinner to indicate loading of assets
  • Fixed clickable area on the share button
  • Display estimated work information correctly
  • Fixed work type in task/job card coming in as N/A even if it wasn’t null

Create & Edit Task / Job

  • Refreshed interface and fixed design issues
  • Small fixes when updating a task
  • Display spinner on file upload
  • Location in task is no longer mandatory
  • Task title should contain min 50 chars and a max of 250 chars
  • Edit task - handle the display of pics and attachments correctly

My Account

  • Complete refresh of the Dashboard screen
  • Create button is now functional from my Account (previously reported as an issue)
  • Added back to list button in my account;
  • Back to list UI tweaks
  • Handle log out correctly from the My Account section
  • Corrected display and listing of tasks created by user

Create / Edit Profile

  • Ability to add a profile picture
  • Ability to add experience/languages and the following is better fleshed out
  • Added ToS check mandatory as if it is not checked, you cannot save your profile
  • User name functionality in user edit card - if the user has to hide their real name, we show the user name and adapt the card to teach the user about the functionality
  • Fixed an issue with an incorrect label for Last name input
  • Wallet address from my profile is now read-only
  • Fixed profile picture upload
  • Fixed experience tab display and functionality
  • Fixed skills tab display and functionality
  • Fixed company tab display and functionality
  • Corrected the ability to edit profile after logging out

View Public Profile

  • Copy address - “Copied!” message

Change favicon

  • The white logo favicon on the app has very low visibility, changed to an orange favicon

Details About Blockchain Interaction

As most of you know, Ethereum has had certain load problems lately and that has resulted in high gas costs which makes it so that a lot of people are unable to use the Ethereum chain as they would normally like to.

Because HYVE is a complex application and the types of interactions you make with the chain are complex by themselves, if gas costs remain so high on Ethereum then that makes the transaction costs of actually creating a task on-chain quite expensive.

That, however, is not an issue. On this note, we want to announce that to make sure the platform is as accessible as possible, next week we will be deploying the HYVE contracts on Binance Smart Chain as well and HYVE will become a cross-chain platform.

We still have in plan to take Polygon to live as our next cross-chain integration. This, however, requires us to set up the token, the bridge, and the DEX Pool first and so to avoid forcing people to be restricted to only using Ethereum interactions we will first deploy on BSC where we already have a token, a working bridge, and an existing pool.

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