HYVE is sponsoring the no.1 Family Office Investment Summit

HYVE is sponsoring the no.1 Family Office Investment Summit

At the end of this month, the HYVE team will be attending and sponsoring Sir Anthony Ritossa’s 15th Global Family Office Investment Summit which will be taking place in Monaco.

The event will be organized under the high patronage of Prince Albert II of Monaco and takes place from June 30th to the 2nd of July.

While the number of attendees is modest compared to conferences like BTC Miami, the Ritossa Summit wins when it comes to the quality of participants. The Summit will be hosting royalties, industry leaders, and family offices from all over the world.

This in turn makes it a prime event to partner up with like-minded individuals to further proliferate the vision for HYVE.

Our Involvement

HYVE will be present throughout all the different events taking place at the Monaco Summit as the main sponsor. To name just a few of them:

  • We will be hosting the reception, welcoming the arrival of all the participants from around the world.
  • Brad and Tudor will be part of a panel titled: “Why the future of work is decentralized”
  • We will have our very own branded Booth during the entire Summit
  • There are already several 1-on-1 meetings lined up with potential partners throughout the conference
  • Tudor will also be holding a Fireside Chat at the conference

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