HYVE Mainnet V1.0

HYVE Mainnet V1.0

As everyone knows, the HYVE Mainnet is live, so we wanted to give everyone a clear understanding of the release while also putting forth a general timeline for the coming months so that the evolution of the ecosystem is clear and easy to understand.

Since the Ecosystem we are building is not only complex but also comprised of several different components that need to interact with each other cohesively, we will be doing staged deployments to make sure that after every component is operational we won't run into any problems. Furthermore, all of the core smart contracts that compose the HYVE Ecosystem are upgradeable to make sure that we can continue to scale the platform.

The Timeline

Stage 1 - Deployment: Oct 20th - Oct 28th

This stage is comprised of the successive deployments we will be doing over this period to get the full platform operational in an initial stage.

  • Oct 20th, 10 PM UTC-8: First Deployment; after this deployment, users will be able to connect their metamask wallet and go through the user onboarding process, either filling both roles or choosing between filling only their freelancer profile or their client profile. After users set up their profile, they will be able to create both tasks and jobs as a start.
    Once the first deployment is completed, we will let people post different tasks and jobs on the platform until the end of the weekend. On one hand, this is because we want to help the users who plan to post jobs by guiding them through the process, on the other hand, it's to have an initial pool of available tasks before moving on to the next step.
  • Oct 24th, 10 PM UTC-8: Second Deployment; this deployment will allow any user to start applying to all the different tasks and jobs posted on the platform. The Client might post a task for $100, whereas the freelancers applying are offering to complete the task from 80$ to $120. After a freelancer applies to either a job or a task clients will then be able to go through the different applications and choose a freelancer to work with.
    Upon accepting an application, the task or job will be registered on-chain and the amount agreed upon between the freelancer and the client will be escrowed in a smart contract. This deployment is to get freelancers and clients to interact with each other.
  • Oct 26th, 10 PM UTC-8: Third Deployment; this is the moment when freelancers can submit their solutions to clients for the tasks they've been accepted on. If the client accepts the solution then the task will be paid and it concludes. In the case of a rejection, either the freelancer and client can work together to find a solution, or the task is escalated to dispute resolution.
  • Oct 28th, 10 PM UTC-8: Fourth Deployment; this is when we deploy staking on Ethereum, and everyone who holds ERC20 HYVE will be able to stake their tokens.

Stage 2 - Platform Testing & User Feedback: Oct 28th - Nov 5th

User Feedback; during this period all of our developers will be on call to fix any sort of issues that may arise and make sure that the platform works as intended. First of all, for all bug reports, we ask that everyone submits their report through our internal feedback system which we'll be talking about later in the article.

Stage 3 - Cross-Chain Deployment: Nov 5th - Nov 25th

During this period, we will start making HYVE cross-chain, thus allowing for collaboration to happen in a chain-agnostic manner to a large extent.

During this stage, we will continue to push out features of the platform. These features will also be deployed in a cross-chain manner.

Integration no.1: Polygon
Since we have not yet deployed $HYVE on the Polygon Mainnet, we will first go through this process, make sure the bridge is functional, and then add liquidity to both the bridge and a Polygon DEX. Once the token, bridge, and DEX Pool are live, we will roll out all the existing HYVE features as well. This will be done in the first half of November.

Integration no.2: Binance Smart Chain
HYVE already exists on BSC with a functional bridge and an active PancakeSwap pool so this will make things faster. The BSC deployment will take place in the second half of November.

Integration no.3: This is a surprise! We will finish the integration either late November or early December.
Integration no.4: Also a surprise! This will be finished around half/end of December.

Stage 4 - Features Roll-Out: Nov 5th - Jan 15th

During this period, we will continue to roll out features of the HYVE Platform. To mention just a few of them, this includes releasing competitions and offers as a collaboration method while also adding a fifth collaboration model that is as of right now a surprise.

Alright; what else?

Well, quite a few things actually, but we'll try to sort them into a few different categories so it's easier to digest.


Now that HYVE will be live we will focus a lot more on user & client acquisitions for the platform. This means we'll have quite a few different activities that will start taking place, so we'll list just of them:

  • Competitions, Airdrops, Giveaways & others: This is to reward our community for engaging with HYVE in various ways. This will be done on several different channels, with varying requirements for each one. The details for each event will be announced.
  • Translations & Local Groups: We want to translate HYVE into all the important languages, this includes our presentation website, the platform, the whitepaper, and the pitch deck, because the purpose of HYVE is to be as accessible as possible.
    Furthermore, we will create dedicated discord channels for native communities with dedicated moderators. If this is something that interests you, be on the lookout soon, when we release the applications for this.
  • Advertisements, AMAs, Rankings & others: We will be more active in getting HYVE out there now that people can use the platform, so we'll be doing both internal & external AMAs, advertising on websites such as bitcointalk, coinmarketcap, etherscan, and others.
  • PR, Articles & others: We'll make sure that all the announcements we make are well propagated across the industry to put ourselves out there and let people find out what HYVE can do to make their lives easier.
  • Social Media: In addition to becoming more active on social media, we also plan to focus on other channels in addition to the ones we are already using.
  • Surprise no.1: Soon we will be launching a competition to incentivize our entire community to help out with various things.
  • Surprise no.2: This is for all the developers who want to build on top of HYVE and we think everybody will love it.

New Partners & Advisors

We are getting some new Advisors on board soon who bring a wealth of experience with them and who we think will be helping us tremendously down the road. In addition to the advisors, we are working on multiple partnerships at the moment that will continue to develop the ecosystem and help us reach a wider user base.

New Listings

We still have some upcoming listings for this year. One of them will be a Korean exchange, whereas the others we cannot talk about for now, but all in due time.

New Backers

For a while now we have been in discussions with various Angel Investors, Venture Capital firms & other such actors. We now think that HYVE has reached a point where it is desirable to accept outside help from people who have a lot of experience and can help us expand the ecosystem. This will be done slowly and over time but we have managed to find some exceptional individuals that we think could help us bring HYVE to the next level.

Mobile App

We are working on getting out an HYVE Mobile Application, the application will run on both iOS and Android and will do everything that the HYVE web app does. The release date of the application is either late Q4 or Q1.

Feedback App

Anyone will be able to go on our dedicated feedback website to find out the features we're working on while also being able to provide feedback, suggest new upcoming features, and most importantly report any sort of bug they run into. You can find the app here: feedback. hyve.works

Website Updates & Revamp

We will be adding some new sections and links to our website as a first step and after that, we will be doing a revamp of everything to make sure that our design is cohesive across the different platforms we are building, and that should go for our presentation website as well.

HYVE Launch

In addition to working on some tailor-made partnerships for our HYVE Launch component, we will also continue to roll out features on that platform throughout this year, including making the Launch cross-chain and adding new projects to the existing list.

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