HYVE 🤝 Pundi X— Co-Branded Cards Allowing Quick & Easy Cash-outs

HYVE 🤝 Pundi X— Co-Branded Cards Allowing Quick & Easy Cash-outs

HYVE is partnering up with Pundi X to offer co-branded cards that will allow HYVE users to cash out their earnings and use their card to pay in a matter of minutes.

When talking about decentralized solutions, especially ones that involve payments, such as a freelancing platform, the issue that always pops up is “How do I get my money?”. To be fair, it is a major issue that few people have managed to solve, but that doesn’t mean there are no solutions. After all, you can get a crypto card.

However, simply having a card doesn’t mean much if you don’t have anywhere to use it, which is why we’ve chosen to partner with Pundi X. Pundi has already managed to enter over 30 different countries around the world and spread out their new POS device and that network keeps growing with each passing day.

What is Pundi X? 👨‍⚖️👩‍⚖️

Pundi X has a simple but incredibly ambitious mission; empowering users and merchants to freely transact digital currency at any physical store throughout the world. Despite its ambitious goal, Pundi X has continued to deliver results from developing its XPOS to creating the XWallet and Xpass to finally developing its Blockchain. They continue to bring out new features as per their roadmap constantly.

Pundi X offers a comprehensive and encompassing system that allows merchants and customers from around the world to use cryptocurrency the way it was intended to be used.

The XPOS employs Android-based software that is designed to support blockchain applications that run on top of it, a few examples include wallets and exchange platforms. The XPOS accepts payment in BTC, ETH, DAI, NPXS, QTUM, XEM, USDT, and many other tokens and offers top-up service as well.

🤔 How is HYVE working with Pundi X?

We have built HYVE as an ecosystem that allows users to collaborate in any form possible and to make things as easy as they can be for our users, but some of the inherent problems with today’s systems go a bit beyond the scope of the platform itself, which is why we’ve chosen to partner up with trustworthy companies to fill those gaps.

Zac: “With HYVE primarily catering to freelancers whose transactions are often done internationally, it’s a chance for Pundi X to make a case for why digital assets asset may be a better alternative to fiat money. We can make sure asset transfers are secure and instantaneous, utilizing the best of encryption and blockchain technology.”
Tudor: “The demands of the current job market mean technology must keep up. Working with Pundi X makes it easier to eliminate the middlemen who keep professionals from accessing their hard-earned money. Additionally, it gives HYVE’s users the option to dabble in cryptocurrency, a solid way to diversify their assets.”

Below, we will be listing some of how HYVE and Pundi X are working together as part of our newly announced partnership:

  • Co-Branded HYVE x Pundi X Cards — we will be offering co-branded XPASS cards that HYVE users can use to cash out their earnings and then spend at any store that has an XPOS. They will also be able to check their card balance at any time from XWallet and shortly, we will be implementing XWallet natively into HYVE as well.
  • HYVE token supported on XPOS — HYVE token will be joining the ranks of currently supported XPOS cryptocurrencies such as ETH and NEM after the public listing will be finished. As such users will be able to buy, sell and pay with HYVE tokens at XPOS devices in stores.
  • More? — as most of you know, this will merely be the first iteration of HYVE, so naturally, as the platform progresses, there will be many other opportunities for HYVE and Pundi X to work more closely together and implement certain synergies between our two companies. After all, our teams have been acquainted for a few years already and the ecosystems we’ve built complement each other.

Lastly, we want to let our community know that HYVE has already pre-ordered 20,000 HYVE x Pundi X co-branded cards to make sure that we’ll be able to fulfill the initial request after sign-ups have opened up

‘Till next time!

As many of you know by now, HYVE has been in stealth mode for the last 2+ years up until less than 2 weeks ago to ensure that first and foremost, the fundamentals of the ecosystem are established.

Now, however, we feel ready to start slowly showing the world why we’ve been spending so much time on this project for the most recent period of our lives. So expect more announcements and updates in the coming weeks and months!

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