HYVE Q1 Rewind

HYVE Q1 Rewind

The first quarter flew by in a second during the first three months of the year, and this time we changed our approach to how we do things. We focused on building a new product, integrating user feedback and developing a new strategy that would propel HYVE to the next level.

However, it is worth noting that we did a lot more than that, as we have also partnered with key projects for blockchain integrations and potential infrastructure upgrades.

In short:

Let's take a step back and see the key events of every month:

  • We started 2024 with a vision to revolutionize freelancing, unveiling a comprehensive roadmap filled with groundbreaking features and strategic partnerships. One of our bonus perks was the anticipated integration with Request Network to streamline invoicing in cryptocurrencies, reducing administrative burdens for freelancers.
  • February was a momentous month as Bitcoin reached a new all-time high of $72,000, a significant milestone since its last peak in November 2021. This surge marked a nearly 75% increase YTD, underscoring a stellar performance. Meanwhile, HYVE made strategic strides by securing a listing on ProBit Global Exchange.
  • In March we integrated Metis, an Ethereum Layer 2 Rollup platform, to enhance the efficiency of executing smart contracts. Metis provides a solution akin to a high-speed rail in a congested city, ensuring transactions are faster, cheaper, and more scalable without sacrificing security or decentralization. Only the best for our HYVErs!

Blockchains Galore

As HYVE, we're thrilled to share our strategic blockchain integrations and how they bolster our mission to enhance and expand the freelancing ecosystem:

Welcoming KuCoin Community Chain (KCC)!

As we embarked on 2024 with ambitious plans to expand HYVE's collaborative capabilities, we proudly announced our deployment on KuCoin Community Chain (KCC). This integration is a testament to our commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technology to enhance our offerings.

Moreover, we're thrilled to announce that we are slashing fees entirely for listings made on the KCC blockchain with these currencies for the first three months! This means you can still enjoy no-fee tasks and jobs until the 24th of April 2024.

KCC's decentralized, high-performance features are perfectly aligned with our goals of providing a seamless, efficient, and sustainable platform for our community. Our long-standing relationship with KuCoin, initiated back in Q2 2021, has continuously evolved, reflecting our mutual commitment to fostering a robust trading environment and community engagement. And, if that wasn't enough, we added three major tokens — $KCS, $USDT, and $USDC — at the time of the KCC blockchain integration.

New chain integration: KuCoin Community Chain
Our resolution for the New Year came with the primary objective of improving HYVE further, expanding its initial collaborative scope. We are planning to introduce new and groundbreaking features that could facilitate and automate much of the freelancing process, be it through administrative tasks or simplifying work-related tasks. HYVE will

Bringing out Blast Network

March brought another significant milestone as we integrated with Blast Network, a pioneering Layer 2 solution on Ethereum. Blast Network stands out by offering native yield for $ETH and stablecoins, a unique feature that enhances the on-chain economy by providing higher yields without compromising the user experience.

This integration supports our vision to provide a seamless, economically advantageous environment for freelancers and clients, making HYVE a more intuitive and flexible platform. By leveraging innovations like native $ETH rebasement and innovative Layer 1 staking rewards, Blast Network aligns closely with our goal to simplify and enrich the Web3 freelancing landscape.

HYVE x Blast Network: A different type of integration
What’s up HYVE Community? Following a successful listing on the ProBit Global Exchange, we are delivering yet another improvement of our highly customizable blockchain infrastructure! Today, we are excited to have a new type of network, that breaks away from your typical established network - Blast! We are especially excited

Let's meet Metis!

Our integration with Metis marks a critical stride in addressing scalability and cost-efficiency within the Ethereum ecosystem. Metis, an Ethereum Layer 2 Rollup platform, is likened to a high-speed rail, offering a faster, cheaper, and more scalable solution for executing smart contracts. This integration is particularly beneficial for those affected by high transaction fees and slow processing times on Ethereum.

Through each of these integrations, HYVE continues to pioneer the Web3 freelancing ecosystem, ensuring our platform is not only the most innovative but also the most inclusive and efficient in the market.

Metis enhances our platform's performance by ensuring quick and cost-effective transactions, making it an indispensable tool for our users and developers. Its decentralized sequencer, hybrid rollup design, and full EVM-equivalence provide a resilient and user-friendly environment, perfectly complementing HYVE's aim to be at the forefront of blockchain innovation.

New chain integration: Metis x HYVE
2024 is the year of achievements, that’s for sure! As we are currently working on a new roadmap to be released in the coming days, we are excited to highlight that things have been making moves in the background. We are thrilled to announce that we have deployed our platform
With every new blockchain we integrate, we open up new possibilities for our users and strengthen our position as the leading Web3 collaborative platform.

We got listed on ProBit Global!

This February, we made a significant stride in broadening the international exposure of the $HYVE token. We're thrilled to announce our listing on ProBit Global Exchange, a development we chose to share on Valentine's Day, symbolizing our partnership's potential to enhance our global reach and foster new market opportunities.

ProBit Global, established in South Korea in 2017, is recognized for its wide range of digital assets and trading pairs, making it a prime choice for traders worldwide. This platform not only increases the visibility of $HYVE but also supports our mission to convert curious traders into dedicated users and advocates of the HYVE Ecosystem.

Moreover, its operational reach across more than 180 countries and support for over 45 languages make ProBit Global a truly international platform, aligning perfectly with our vision to make HYVE a globally recognized platform!

Deposits and withdrawals for $HYVE on ProBit began at 00:00 UTC on February 15th, with trading starting shortly after, ensuring that our community in Europe and North America could engage seamlessly.

$HYVE gets listed on ProBit Global
Not even halfway through Q1 and we are already making some major moves! In our comprehensive roadmap article, we promised that the $HYVE token would get more exposure in international markets, especially as our objective is to target new geographies and raise awareness of the HYVE Ecosystem. Today, we are

Weekly AMAs and the First Era Roadmap

From February onwards we focused on building new features and improving our web3 ecosystem. The first month and a half of the year were geared towards familiar things, such as freelancing blogs, your regular blockchain or token integration, and feature improvement, but we wanted to change the general direction of our project.

For this reason, Tudor decided to host a weekly AMA session on Fridays, directly in our Telegram Chat, at 7PM UTC. If you haven't joined so far, you're missing out on a lot!

The First Era Roadmap is the first part of a comprehensive four-piece series, where we discussed the first part of our rebranding efforts, AI Agents, and an In-Game Marketplace. We are also merging Jobs and Tasks and overall improving the UI/UX of the platform, as we will focus on usability and utility above all. The Second Era is also out, with the final two parts currently in the works.

New HYVE Roadmap: First Era
The first quarter of the year was dedicated to thinking about how we can improve our platform, and further expand our ecosystem. From Tudor’s weekly AMA series, you might have heard of new features we are working on implementing, but this time, we are adding a concrete timeline for execution.


While this year started slower in token integrations, compared to what we have accustomed you, it was for good reason. We have moved our focus to expanding our infrastructure further through the integration of multiple blockchains, improving flexibility and ultimate choice for freelancers.

What is more, we decided to concentrate our efforts on developing a comprehensive roadmap. As we build groundbreaking new features, we would also include a sizable rebranding effort, aimed at fostering adoption of the project and improving user acquisition.

If you have any more questions, make sure to drop us a mention on X - we aim to respond ASAP to all our supporters!