HYVE: Website Rebranding

HYVE: Website Rebranding

If there is any positive to be drawn from the last couple of years, people are now more aware of their liberties, also marked by remote working becoming the norm. Consequently, interest in cryptocurrencies has soared during the pandemic, with some perceiving this phenomenon as a symbol of freedom and rebellion against traditional societal pillars.

While it is true that companies have reluctantly embraced collaboration with freelancers, traditional freelancing platforms have made the process increasingly complicated, acting as middlemen and charging high fees. Therefore, there is only one solution in this race towards the independence that freelancing provides - decentralization.

HYVE solves the significant issues within the freelancing industry, through a blockchain-powered ecosystem, with the mission to eliminate intermediaries. By employing unique features, HYVE represents more than just a viable alternative to traditional freelancing platforms.

A platform built for freelancers

Some of the main drawbacks of traditional centralized freelancing platforms are the high fees they perceive from freelancers, their bias towards larger clients when solving disputes, and their focus mainly on developed countries. In addition, establishing a reputation on such a platform requires many reviews, which means that one might need to provide their services for lower to be more enticing to initial customers.

Since it is community-governed, HYVE aims to drastically reduce fees, depending on the coin the task or job was posted in, with the choice to halve the fee by paying it in $HYVE. The fees collected are distributed back to the community, rewarding $HYVE tokenholders. When compared to other traditional freelancing platforms, HYVE provides a unique competitive advantage, by charging the lowest fees for platform usage. Moreover, through its decentralized dispute resolution system, any issue between parties is solved objectively, with the decision falling in the hands of the community.

HYVE does not discriminate based on geographic location or any other factors, with merit and skills being the best differentiators. Since it allows payment to be performed in a variety of cryptocurrencies (stable coins and altcoins alike), HYVE empowers freelancers from less developed countries, who might be unbanked or might not have access to the necessary institutions, to provide their services for a fair price. Furthermore, the platform is cross-chain, offering current support for ETH, BSC, and Polygon, thus it presents HYVE’s commitment to further adoption and fee reduction, allowing universal participation.

Freelancers and employers alike are welcome to respond to or create tasks and jobs. Do you need someone to finish a one-off assignment for your project? Then tasks might be the answer for you! Are you a freelancer looking to build a long-term relationship with a client? Go on the HYVE app and apply for a job! Moreover, if a freelancer or enterprise believes they can provide unique services, they can create an offer, where they can describe in detail what they will be doing and the rates they will be charging.

A new beginning

HYVE has evolved tremendously in the past year, which prompts us to believe it is the optimal time for rebranding, an important step in our growth. As you might have noticed through several teasers in the past month, hyve.works has adopted a fresh new look, with a more intuitive design.

Since HYVE has grown into an ecosystem redefining collaboration at all levels, we wanted to improve our look and feel to reflect that. Enterprises now have a dedicated subsection on the website, allowing them to earn cryptocurrencies easily for the provision of their services, but also hire individuals and pay them in the same manner.

Nevertheless, the freelancer dedicated subsection explains in detail how our platform works, empowering freelancers that do not possess blockchain-related knowledge to easily use our services. In addition, we have added a tutorial document section, which explains at a very granular level everything there is to know about using HYVE.

Also worth noting is that our freelancing platform is getting a complete redesign, adopting a more friendly UX/UI, while facilitating better usage.

A solid base to jumpstart projects

Some of you might be familiar with HYVE Launch, which will also get a design overhaul. Through its cross-chain infrastructure, HYVE represents a perfect launchpad for promising projects, presenting them with highly customizable options. By launching on HYVE, projects join a wider ecosystem, benefitting from vast expertise and an immense network of partners.

Besides the fundraising aspects and the creation of liquidity and staking vaults, HYVE offers platform governance functionalities similar to those of its token, including the right to vote on proposals. In addition, HYVE also helps with developing the project’s marketing strategy, while creating further exposure both through traditional and crypto-specific channels.

Our improved website will contain a more detailed questionnaire, allowing entrepreneurs to provide as many details of their project as possible, ensuring an optimal incubation process and integration within the HYVE ecosystem.  

New developments

Besides our two main products, we will be revealing a third, and as we have already accustomed you, it will enable direct crypto payments, targeting creative professionals and enterprises alike. We need to mention that the product will only be revealed now, in the first quarter of 2022, with an estimated launch date by the end of 2022.

True to the core

HYVE’s mission hasn't changed a bit despite the many recent changes- we are still aiming to redefine work and collaboration. As work has changed tremendously and continues to evolve, we need to be constantly adapted to any challenges and potential advancements in technology, to incorporate them into our ecosystem.

Not so long ago Tudor, our CEO, had an AMA, responding to all your questions about our newly improved design and planned features that will be soon implemented. Indeed, this is an exciting time to be part of the HYVE community, since we will be focused on user growth and acquisition, moving our platform into the mainstream by onboarding companies to utilize it in their hiring process. Check out Tudor’s AMA by clicking here and get a glimpse of what there is to come!

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