Integration Partnerships: Equalizer <> HYVE

Integration Partnerships: Equalizer <> HYVE

It’s been a while since our last announcement of this kind but this is just the start of a long series of Partnership Announcements in regards to HYVE. We’ve been working on some of these partnerships for a long time and right now we’re finally getting close to being able to make them public.

What is Equalizer?

An equalizer is the first dedicated flash loan marketplace built on top of a scalable infrastructure that can handle the rising demand for decentralized lending and borrowing, boosting the trading volumes of any listed asset.

It offers top benefits over popular do-it-all DeFi protocols and sets itself a class apart by offering lower fees, a virtually unlimited choice of token vaults, high liquidity through yield farming, and multi-chain capabilities. Equalizer enables profitable trading strategies for arbitrage, liquidations, portfolio rebalancing, and collateral swapping.

Equalizer & HYVE

In short, Equalizer will be opening up a $HYVE Vault. $HYVE holders will be able to stake their tokens in the Vault and be able to earn commissions from the people who take flash loans in $HYVE. The commissions will be paid in $HYVE so in essence, it will allow $HYVE holders to earn more $HYVE over time.

The initial Vault will be limited to 500,000 $HYVE. Over time, as things grow and evolve the Vault limit might be increased.

Over time, we will be exploring other ways we can work together with the Equalizer Team.

That’s it for today guys, but we have much more exciting news coming up!

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