Adding $K21 to our platform!

Adding $K21 to our platform!

2023 is here with a bang and HYVE has many reasons to celebrate. We are close to reaching 100 tokens, with the most integrated following our V2 platform launch. In addition, we have finally announced our latest venture - Metalancer. To give out more details, we'll share a quote from Aristotle "The aim of art is not to represent the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance."

Alas, we digress. Today we are excited to announce our latest token integration, $K21 from Kanon! We believe the area they operate in will be very relevant to us in the near future. But first, make sure to add their contract address to your digital wallets in order to pay and receive payment in $K21 directly on HYVE.

ETH: 0xb9d99c33ea2d86ec5ec6b8a4dd816ebba64404af

Unleash your creative potential with Kanon!

Kanon is a pseudonymous collective of institutional art, design, and cryptonative technology professionals dedicated to pushing the boundaries of crypto-enabled artistic expression. With a team of cryptoart originators and curators with over 50 years of experience leading contemporary art and digital programs, Kanon wants to test the NFT limits and the impact art creates within the crypto market.

In case you missed it

During the final weeks of last year, we have launched our latest venture - Metalancer! This NFT collection will be unique since it will empower users with next-gen collaborative utilities. Sign up here for more info.

In March 2021, Kanon launched the K21 Collection as its inaugural product, bringing together the first NFTs minted by established and emerging art world luminaries with iterations of trailblazing experiments in digital art. Provenance for NFT artworks in the K21 Collection is secured through KSPEC (, an open-source protocol developed by Kanon that provides fully decentralized and fully on-chain institutional-grade provenance and preservation for digital artworks.

Ready to get artsy with $K21?

$K21 is an ERC-20 token that allows anyone to be a part of this decisive moment when art meets technology. There will only ever be 21 million $K21 tokens, each representing partial ownership of the vault collection. Roughly half of the token supply was issued to purchase artworks and support social causes. Over 23% of $K21’s current market capitalization is deposited in the Uniswap K21 / ETH pool, with over 53% of the corresponding Uniswap LP tokens held by the Ethereum dead address, meaning these Uniswap LP tokens cannot be rugged.

$K21 is not a governance token, but it carries the right to vote against a buyout of the entire vault through a bid function in a dedicated smart contract. Token holders can veto the bid with a 21% consensus. In case they don't, each token holder will receive a pro-rata share of the proceeds and the 21 NFTs will be released to the successful bidder.

$K21 employs protocols that pair equitable profit sharing for artists and the socially relevant causes they choose to support with integrations into decentralized finance to align the incentives of artists and investors. The result is a value flywheel that recasts patronage, philanthropy, curation, and custodianship in novel arrangements for mutual benefit. Roughly 1.3 million $K21 tokens were be distributed to the artists and an additional 1 million were allocated to charitable causes.

What to expect from us…

HYVE is already on track of becoming a universal platform giving freelancers ultimate freedom ranging from assignments to payment methods, clients and everything else, while also being the freelance platform with the lowest fees in the crypto market.

That's right, in 2023 we're lowering platform fees to 0% for tasks, jobs and offers paid in $HYVE

We have outlined our New Year's resolution, in our latest roadmap article. Tudor has made it clear that during volatile times, we will continue improving our product by introducing new and groundbreaking features, creating a seamless UX, and fostering further adoption of HYVE and blockchain technologies.

If you haven't started freelancing on HYVE yet, what are you even doing?


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