Why is marketing vital for crypto projects?

Why is marketing vital for crypto projects?

The crypto space is revolutionizing all technological aspects, not just currency and finance, attracting more and more people with a wide variety of skills and ideas each day. Therefore, with the community growing day by day, what separates an ideal, promising and renowned project from all others is that people understand its adoption potential and applicability, and that happens most of the time with the help of marketing.

This may seem like an odd statement as marketing crypto assets is not the same as marketing traditional products and services. However, marketing is one of the main aspects of keeping your project afloat and encouraging further development over time.

Here are some of the main reasons why…

Marketing creates your community

The success of your project will always depend on its community. The more active and engaged your base is, the more recognition it will acquire. Besides that, one should keep in mind that marketing is not valuable just when your coin or token launches but over time as well: some long-term investors will be interested in your token only after they see that your platform has a history of delivering the desired results.

Build trust in your brand

It is hard to picture without social media in 2022. Cryptocurrency projects and blockchain enthusiasts make no exception. As a result, it is no surprise that using social media platforms for promoting and building brands. Any crypto business needs to find ways to connect with its audience, therefore by targeting specific groups or creating them on different platforms and sharing information about the project itself, you can increase the project’s exposure. Trust is a massive aspect of the cryptocurrency space - the marketing department needs to ensure the legitimacy of your project in the eyes of any potential investor.

Convince people to invest

Marketing has a lot more to it than getting a lot of people to invest in your brand; it needs to educate potential investors on what they can gain from your business or how they can profit from investing. The only way to ensure everyone that your project achieves a particular standard is through strategic marketing. With your project’s token getting listed on multiple exchanges, a wider audience gets to learn about your project’s unique selling point.

Who is part of the marketing team?

Different projects have various marketing teams, varying in size, positions and specialty. Nevertheless, there are some basic positions that are required to be filled in order to ensure that your marketing is adequate and your reach is overarching. Thus, we decided to give out some details of the main positions we employ here at HYVE:

A crypto content writer

A content writer creates a major impact If you want to be successful in the blockchain community. A talented content writer can help shape the brand space and establish a unique tonality. Blogs, leadership articles, and press releases are content pieces that establish the project’s place in the industry, helping the brand showcase its product. In addition, it is important for the content writer to work closely with the other members of the team to send out the perfect message towards the main readers.

Social media manager

As we mentioned, social media has become a part of our life, and for your project to be recognized all over the crypto community, you need to reach the masses, raise your brand awareness, and build your community. Investing in social media marketing strategies could be your first step in the right direction to reap the benefits of what crypto social media has to offer for your project.

Marketing Specialist

Brainstorming ideas for marketing campaigns, improving your brand’s name, researching and analyzing data, and searching for marketing trends are some of the tasks that a marketing specialist is responsible for. As with any product, awareness and visibility are the keys to success since, based on how you present your project, you will gain interest, value, and new investors! It is also important to make informed decisions based on the analytics that your project collects. This is probably the most important position and requires good marketing knowledge, as their input is highly valued and is required, so that other positions could deliver articles or social media posts accordingly.

HYVE can help you jump-start your marketing career

As we have already mentioned, HYVE is the perfect platform where you can find any jobs in the crypto space, including marketing. Like any crypto project that respects its community, HYVE has its own marketing department that works really hard to deliver constant content. We like to keep you updated at all times through all social media channels and much more! If you are a creative person or just eager to create content, then maybe you should try marketing as it is gonna be always a priority for crypto projects which want to trigger further adoption.

Since our platform launched at the beginning of summer, a variety of crypto projects have already posted jobs, many in the marketing field, from content writers or copywriters to even chief marketing officers. Companies such as PundiX, ReSource, Ferrum Network, as well as Mystery of Crypto and SKChain advisors have posted listings related to marketing positions.

If you think you have got what it takes for a job in marketing within the crypto space, we are waiting for you on our platform - applying for a job is as easy as it gets!

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