It's time for MDEX

It's time for MDEX

It's been quite some time since our latest token integration, so we decided to go on the lookout for new projects and find one that can deliver the highest utility to our supporters. Our new integration, MDEX, strives to provide one-stop liquidity services for more high-quality assets ensuring that users benefit from a secure, dependable, diverse, and economical transaction experience. Here's the contract address down below if we caught your eye:

BNB: 0x9c65ab58d8d978db963e63f2bfb7121627e3a739

Now that you've added it to your e-wallets, it's time to use $MDX for jobs, tasks, and offers on HYVE! We guarantee you won't regret it!

What's all the hype about MDEX?

MDEX.COM is a decentralized platform that enables cross-chain transactions and is currently operational on BSC, HECO, and Ethereum. It is one of the leading DEX platforms, as per CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko rankings, in terms of transaction volume and TVL.

MDEX's purpose is to leverage the strengths of various chains to create a high-performance DEX ecosystem. Through its dual mining system, participants can receive maximum rewards via liquidity mining and transaction mining. In addition, MDEX is accessible on Heco and BSC, and users can leverage the MDEX Bridge to facilitate cross-chain transactions on Heco, Ethereum, and BSC.

The vast majority of DeFi projects live on the Ethereum network as ERC-20 assets, but are facing problems with expensive gas fees and slow transaction speeds during their transition to Ethereum 2.0.

Most newly-developed protocols heavily consider scalability factors in their choice of blockchain networks if they want a fast adoption rate. Uniswap at least had an early-mover advantage, since it launched before the Ethereum network became heavily congested — and some say that Uniswap itself is one of the main reasons for the network’s congestion.

However, Uniswap’s market dominance could change really fast if second-layer solutions are not rolled out in time and deliver their expected results. For this reason, MDEX claims a unique characteristic of being based on a chain that aims to avoid scalability problems.

Still not sold? Find more about $MDX

$MDX, as a governance token, is one of the important segments in MDEX's strategic deployment, and the team is continuously expanding its application scenarios and building up a complete value system. This transaction fee for $MDX repurchase and burn materializes a closed and self-driven loop for value capture. Currently, MDEX spends thousands of dollars on repurchase and burn every day, which effectively boosts the confidence of community users in $MDX.

MDEX also provides its enthusiasts with a game named Burning Black Hole, open and beneficial to all $MDX holders or $MDX investors in the burning pool and receive a participation number. If the number matches the pre-announced winning one, the user will get rewards. - it's just as simple.

To ensure the fairness and transparency of the game, the MDEX team has devised a calculation system to guarantee that the participation numbers obtained by users each time are random, verifiable, and cannot be cheated. Every transaction is recorded in the block browser, and users can check the transaction hash, timestamp, block number, and participation number.

At present, the Burning Black Hole has delivered encouraging results, indicating that it has to some extent improved the participation of $MDX holders in the repurchase and the confidence of users in holding $MDX.

Now back to HYVE

Recently there has been quite some activity on the HYVE Platform - in case you missed it, HYVE has been integrated on Travelcare as a payment option, meaning that you can finally travel by paying in your favorite token.

Since we want you better understand the projects we integrate, we decided to host an AMA together with the MDEX team. The AMA will take place sometime next week, so make sure to participate if you want to discover more about this exciting DeFi ecosystem. Join our Telegram group for more information!


HYVE has opened new international groups - we are now present in Indonesia, India and Japan. Drop us a mention on Twitter for more info!