Tokens are back - meet $METIS!

Tokens are back - meet $METIS!

The crypto world is undoubtedly a challenging domain that requires a deep understanding of blockchain technology, cryptography, and financial markets.

Building a platform with universal possibilities of payment from scratch ain't no easy task - we are on the verge of integrating 150 tokens! Our newest addition to HYVE, is a project that aims to make it accessible for everyone, with the help of its technology and friendly community. In other words, Metis crypto is a two-layered infrastructure that will grow decentralized communities (DAOs).

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ETH: 0x9E32b13ce7f2E80A01932B42553652E053D6ed8e
BNB: 0xe552fb52a4f19e44ef5a967632dbc320b0820639

Revolutionizing the crypto space has never been so easy

Built as an Ethereum Layer 2, Metis Dao goes beyond traditional blockchain solutions by offering a comprehensive ecosystem for decentralized application development, aiming to democratize access to decentralized finance (DeFi), and enables anyone, regardless of technical expertise, to create and manage their own scalable dApps.

One of the key features of MetisDAO is the Metis Layer 2 network, a high-performance infrastructure layer built on top of existing blockchains. This Layer 2 solution addresses the scalability limitations of many blockchain networks, allowing for faster transactions, lower fees, and improved overall performance.

By leveraging Layer 2 technology, MetisDAO enables developers to build scalable dApps that can handle high transaction volumes without compromising on security or decentralization. This way, Metis is able to offer extremely fast transactions that take just a few seconds and cost just a few cents, while maintaining the security of Ethereum Layer 1.

The entire goal of Metis is to build out Web3 infrastructure, allowing companies to operate entirely on the blockchain without coding templates. Simply put, Metis is a Layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum that allows for cheaper and faster transactions, as it facilitates the creation of a multipurpose, easy-to-use and scalable framework for apps and businesses transitioning from Web 2.0 to Web3. The Metis Layer 2 network assumes all transactions are valid until proven otherwise – hence the Optimistic part of Optimistic Rollup. This batching process significantly reduces gas fees, making dApp usage more affordable for end-users and facilitating the widespread adoption of decentralized applications.

MetisDAO rose from being just a permissionless open collaboration platform that provides Ethereum users with an EVM Equivalent, lightning-fast, and easy-to-use Layer 2 to smart layer 2; where users can enjoy lowest gas fees and still maintaining Ethereum’s security.

In addition to its technical advancements, MetisDAO provides a user-friendly platform and a suite of powerful tools that empower developers and businesses to easily create, deploy, and manage their dApps. It offers customizable templates, intuitive interfaces, and smart contract libraries, simplifying the development process and accelerating time-to-market for new projects.

Furthermore, Metis DAO incorporates a governance framework that gives stakeholders a voice in decision-making processes. Through $METIS, the native token of the project, community members can participate in voting, proposal submissions, and protocol upgrades, ensuring a decentralized and inclusive governance structure for the platform's evolution. It also serves as a means of staking and a means of paying out rewards.

Back to our business...

HYVE V2.5 is less than 5 days away, and we hope that you are almost as excited as we are! We know we teased you long enough, it took 6 months, therefore we can almost call this new version our little baby! Half a year is a long time, let's see what our team has provided you with:

  • improved interface - this feature enhances user experience and usability, making it easier and more intuitive for users to interact with our platform, and also strengthening your trust in us!
  • improved user experience - simply put, we have tried simplifying the onboarding process, including user-friendly registration or account setup, providing clear instructions, and minimizing barriers to entry. We want our HYVERS to effortlessly find the functionalities they need, access relevant information, and perform desired actions without confusion or frustration.
  • better chats - facilitating real-time discussions, will foster future collaborations and knowledge sharing among community members. For us, it will identify areas for improvement, implement necessary updates, and enhance the overall user experience.
  • better profiles for clients and freelancers - this new capability enhances trust and credibility for both ways, and also improves the matching and hiring process.
  • POAPs - it will enable clients to verify the qualifications freelancers provide in their descriptions!
  • many more to come!

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