New HYVE Roadmap: Second Era

New HYVE Roadmap: Second Era

As the digital landscape continues to expand and transform - so do we. We aim to stand at the forefront of innovation as we are ready to launch our Second Era - a pivotal fourth-month period from August to November. This new phase is not just another chapter; it's a leap towards redefining the way freelancers, creatives and professionals alike perceive collaboration within Web3.

As we look forward to the unfolding of this new era, one thing is clear: HYVE is not merely adapting to the future - we're creating it.

With an array of new features, a rebranding & overhaul, as well as a revamped tokenomics structure, HYVE is poised to redesign itself in the leading web3 collaborative ecosystem, further increasing its utility and bringing a fresh perspective to user engagement, job discovery, and community interaction.

Let's dive into all the perks and features HYVE's Second Era brings us, while we wait for another revealing AMA with Tudor!

New collaboration models

Last week we introduced the Work Board - a different browsing experience, which is aimed at professionals looking for a job. Within the Second Era, we will further detail these novel collaboration modes, through the addition of Quests, External Jobs, Raffles and Competitions.

Quests on HYVE

The introduction of Quests within the Work Board category marks a new standard for user engagement in the Web3 space. This is a significant stride towards engaging users in meaningful, on-chain tasks.

These quests, posted by blockchains and other decentralized applications, are designed to be self-verifiable. Whether it involves completing specific activities within a dApp, contributing to a blockchain’s development, or participating in DeFi protocols, these quests are structured to reward users directly with tokens or points for potential airdrops.

This on-chain reward mechanism ensures a transparent, and efficient distribution of rewards, directly linking a user’s contribution to their compensation. The model not only promotes active participation but also cultivates a community of informed, engaged, and motivated users.

Aggregation of External Jobs

The External Jobs segment signifies HYVE's ambition to serve as a comprehensive aggregator within the freelance and Web3 domains. By curating job listings from an array of sectors, both within and beyond the web3 space, HYVE aims to broaden the scope of opportunities available to its users, facilitating a richer, more diverse job discovery experience.

This new aspect of HYVE transcends the traditional job listing format, offering a comprehensive, streamlined discovery experience that leverages the latest in blockchain technology. By integrating listings from multiple sources within the Web3 domain (including established projects looking to hire through our platform) and the broader digital economy, HYVE facilitates a seamless connection between talent and opportunity.

We saw this as an approach to not only enrich the ecosystem with a variety of roles ranging from developers, designers, and content creators but also enhance the visibility of niche and emerging fields within the digital economy.

Raffles and Competitions

The Work Board will also feature Raffles and Competitions, adding layers of community interaction and competitiveness.

Through Raffles, users can participate in campaigns, run by companies or individuals, for a chance to win fixed rewards (such as tokens to be raffled amongst a finite number of users - between 1 to 100 for example). In order to join a Raffle, participants are required to complete several tasks, defined by the listing's creator. A set of winners (or a single winner) will be determined at the end, in a randomized manner, automatically distributing rewards.

Competitions, the final addition to the Work Board, can be created by companies and individuals that have a specific assignment. In this case, someone requires a site design, and UI/UX specialists engage in the competition. Multiple users submit their solutions, with only one being chosen at the end of the competition. The winner receives the entire pool dedicated to the competition.

Strategic Overhaul

The Second Era will be marked by the completion of our Rebranding process, aimed at implementing one of the most resounding feedback pieces we have received - implementing a new tokenomics model.

Moreover, we will implement several new features, central to simplifying the administrative tasks of freelancers and developing an environment

Rebranding & Updated Tokenomics

The Rebranding effort will focus on new cosmetic aspects, as we will launch our new and updated brand identity, followed by a refreshed color coding. This aims to improve user perception and deliver a new brand name, which will be central in turning curious lurkers into loyal users. More sneak peeks will be released as we get closer to the second era, through visuals and UX snippets.

The tokenomics revitalization underscores our commitment to growth and competitiveness. We want to provide our native token with expanded utility, thus creating a more inclusive model and better governance functions.

This strategic overhaul is aimed at not only refreshing the platform's aesthetic and operational framework but also at intensifying efforts towards user acquisition and platform development, ensuring HYVE's readiness to rival established entities in the web2 sector.

In-app Swap

With the In-app Swap feature, users can easily convert their earned tokens into USDT or any preferred cryptocurrency without leaving the HYVE platform. This cutting-edge functionality is designed to offer increased convenience to users, enabling them to effortlessly convert their earned tokens into USDT or a cryptocurrency of their choice, all without ever leaving the HYVE ecosystem.

This feature eliminates the need for external exchanges, further enhancing the platform's appeal to a broader audience.

HYVE Daily Tasks & In-app User Tasks

HYVE introduces a novel way to engage its users daily through HYVE Daily Tasks and In-app User Tasks. These initiatives are designed not just as simple, mundane activities but as engaging, rewarding experiences that incentivize users to dive deeper into the HYVE ecosystem.

Daily Tasks might include a range of activities, from logging in daily to sharing HYVE-centric content on social media or inviting friends to join the platform. Similarly, In-app User Tasks are tailored to encourage users to explore the full breadth of HYVE's offerings, including participating in quests, joining raffles, or engaging in community competitions.

Completing these tasks is rewarded with XP points, leading to account leveling, achievements, and even unlocking exclusive surprises. These gamified elements are strategic, fostering a sense of accomplishment and belonging among users, making the HYVE experience rewarding and fun.


Central to our user engagement strategy is the HYVE Shop, a feature that elevates the personalization and visibility of users within the platform. The HYVE Shop is not merely a marketplace but a hub for users to enhance their profiles and listings, making them stand out in a crowded digital space.

Simply put, the HYVE Shop adds a new dimension to the platform, allowing users to purchase listing upgrades, featured listings, and cosmetic options to personalize their profiles and listings.

Reputational system @ HYVE

Building on top of the User Directory browsing mode, we want to further expand on these features and create a comprehensive reputational system, enabling clients and freelancers to interact and verify information on previous work.

Building Connections

The Second Era brings Connections, akin to LinkedIn, allowing users to foster professional relationships within the HYVE community. Moreover, users will be able to easily leave reviews and recommendations for freelancers they have enjoyed working with, enabling them to stay in touch for potential assignments in the future.

This feature will be a precursor to a general wall or feed, personalized for each user, with information from mutual connections and companies they follow.

User Roles

The introduction of User Roles provides granular control over job and project discovery, enabling a more tailored and efficient matchmaking process between companies and freelancers. User Roles will consist of assessors, jurors, workers, creators and companies, clearly differentiating between user types.

Enhancing UX: Subscriptions, Direct Hire, and Leaderboards

Subscriptions offer users additional perks and functionalities, and will not be priced at a high rate. Subscribers will be rewarded with freebies such as a 1-day free featured listing allowing them to do exclusive actions, such as directly messaging a user who is not a connection. Within future eras, we might implement dedicated subscriptions for recruiters and companies, enhancing their browsing capabilities.

The Direct Hire builds upon the previous features of the User Directory, as it simplifies the process of finding and securing freelancers for your assignments. In short, you will now be able to send an offer directly to a freelancer, whose services you are interested in contracting, without priorly connecting with them. The offer can be for a one-off assignment or a more recurrent collaboration, such as a 6-month contract. It is worth noting that the offer can be rejected or accepted by the freelancer.

Leaderboards inject a competitive edge into the platform, showcasing the most active and successful members of the HYVE community. Therefore, freelancers who land the most jobs, creatives who sell the most digital items, and other forms of performance measurement, will be listed in this leaderboard.

To be continued...

HYVE's Second Era represents a monumental shift in how freelance work, community engagement, and blockchain technology intersect.

By introducing innovative features, enhancing user experience, and fostering a vibrant community, HYVE is not just evolving and rebranding - it's changing towards a more interconnected, efficient, and rewarding digital freelance ecosystem. If you have any questions about the Second Era, make sure to join us today during our AMA!