New token integration: agEUR is HYVE’s latest payment option!

New token integration: agEUR is HYVE’s latest payment option!

Stablecoins are vital for the blockchain sphere, allowing people to easily convert FIAT or volatile cryptocurrencies into stable crypto. Nevertheless, freelancers greatly benefit from receiving payment in stablecoins, as they bypass the increased market risks and volatility, receiving assets that are highly liquid and can be exchanged easily for both crypto and FIAT.

For this reason, we are excited to welcome our latest payment option, agEUR from Angle Protocol, joining our vast network of integrated stablecoins.

The future of stablecoins, Angle Protocol!

Step foot into the crypto environment without worrying about being exposed to volatility no more, while also diversifying your crypto stablecoins out of the US dollar! Angle is the first over-collateralized, decentralized, and capital-efficient stablecoin protocol.

Thanks to the liquidity providers it uses, the protocol allows full convertibility between stable assets and collaterals such as USDC, DAI and FRAX. This means it is possible to swap collateral against stable assets and stable assets against collateral at oracle value. Therefore, this enables the protocol not only capital efficient but also highly liquid.

Angle Protocol could be used to issue any stablecoin, and is deployed on Ethereum mainnet, Polygon, Optimism and Arbitrum.. The goal of Angle’s protocol is to mint decentralized stable assets tradable on the blockchain that remain capital-efficient and always backed by reserves. Briefly said, this project proposes a new approach and make the best of centralized and decentralized protocols, as well as of over-collateralized and under-collateralized approaches.

Discover its coin - agEUR!

The agEUR token is a decentralized and over-collateralized stablecoin, issued and backed by the Angle Protocol. This means that its stability is ensured by a set of smart contracts rather than by money in a company's bank account and that agEUR is backed by more assets, worth more than their value.

This token can be used as a treasury asset, payment currency and yield instrument. Therefore, individuals and companies can hold it to diversify their crypto stablecoins out of the US Dollar, while also earning yield on top of it.

If you are ready to forget about volatility, vulnerability, and risky businesses, scroll down below for the contract address of agEUR and it into your digital wallets to pay for jobs, tasks, and offers on HYVE:

ETH: 0x1a7e4e63778b4f12a199c062f3efdd288afcbce8

What’s HYVE up to next?

Prepare yourself and your crypto wallets for our next token integrations, because they are better than ever! We have already enticed you with our partnership, but worry no more, because it’s coming sooner than you think! Last but not least, we are thankful that you, HYVERS, are following up on our journey of making your freelancing careers easier, and we hope that we will keep you around for a very long time!


The information provided does not constitute investment advice, financial advice, trading advice, or any other sort of advice, HYVE does not recommend that any cryptocurrency should be bought, sold, or held by you. Please do your own risk assessment when deciding how to invest in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. HYVE is not liable for investment gains or losses.

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