New Token Integration: bringing $FUSE on HVYE!

New Token Integration: bringing $FUSE on HVYE!

As the weather is getting colder, token integrations are only getting hotter! HYVE is recently on a spree of adding and getting to know new projects for possible partnerships so stay tuned, because we all know December is the month of giving!

Our new addition for the week is Fuse, a platform that is bringing a fast, decentralized, and low-cost alternative to existing digital payments, that can be easily integrated with day-to-day payment activities.

Meet the new alternative to traditional banking, Fuse!

Fuse aims to revolutionize the traditional payment and exchange system by working to devise a fast and low-cost payment solution to simplify day-to-day activities without heavy involvement of traditional intermediaries. So how can this be achieved? Fuse is powered by a decentralized EVM-compatible blockchain Fuse Network and a mobile-payment-focused, plug-and-play infrastructure. Its primary focus is on supporting payment-centric token-powered real-world use cases.

This platform boasts a range of products and fascinating features embedded in its ecosystem, which are at the user’s disposal, as it helps entrepreneurs and communities from every corner of the globe to explore the potential of web3 payments.

With this kind of opportunity, it is now possible for entrepreneurs, as well as community leaders to provide their customer base with the necessary and efficient tools needed to build and also to maintain their own personalized and customized mobile wallets. Thereby, conditions are improved, enabling existing communities to become micro-economies.

So instead of relying on the likes of PayPal and other similar players, whose charges are higher up (charging up to 3% and above per transaction), users can build their own highly-customizable payment system from scratch.

Ready to $FUSE with their token?

$FUSE is the native currency of the Fuse Network blockchain, and it also has a ERC-20 versions on other major blockchains, including Ethereum and BNB Chain On Fuse, $FUSE can be used as a network fee (used to pay for the network to approve transactions), staking (users who hold a minimum 100k $FUSE tokens and are capable of managing other hardware or software requirements can become network validators by staking their tokens), delegation (users who hold less than 100k can delegate their FUSE tokens to a validator and earn rewards), and even voting (validators, and with them, their delegators can take part in governance activities like network upgrading or other governance changes).

The Fuse Network blockchain is connected to other major chains via several cross-chain bridge platforms, including Fuse’s native bridge. Fuse Network allows users to possess ownership in the system's infrastructure so that they become one of the pillars of a new Web3 next-generation economy-changing project! If $FUSE caught your attention, use the contract address down below to add it to your digital wallets (and use it on HYVE ofc!):

ETH: 0x970b9bb2c0444f5e81e9d0efb84c8ccdcdcaf84d
BNB: 0x5857c96dae9cf8511b08cb07f85753c472d36ea3

HYVE’s upcoming plans…

Winter is coming, but we are not stopping, dear HYVERS (and we are not only talking about the GOT’s reference!). Ever wanted a career in web3? This is your chance, as Fuse will open some positions on our platform. Make sure to check out HYVE’s social media posts, as we will post some updates when this will happen because we got all excited just like you!

HYVE is also looking to expand its cross-chain infrastructure, as we are scouting for more blockchains to integrate. We are exploring a potential partnership with Fuse to integrate the Fuse Network in the near future, in order to provise freelancers with a seamless experience, improving flexibility and reducing gas-fees.

In addition, we have launched the web3 job alliance, an initiative to help disgruntled freelancers in the wake of the FTX scandal. We hope professionals can stay within the industry and build something amazing together because we believe crypto is the future! Let’s unite even in those tough times!


The information provided does not constitute investment advice, financial advice, trading advice, or any other sort of advice, HYVE does not recommend that any cryptocurrency should be bought, sold, or held by you. When deciding how to invest in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, please do your own risk assessment. HYVE is not liable for investment gains or losses.

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