New token integration: $COR is live on HYVE

New token integration: $COR is live on HYVE

HYVE is quickly becoming a universal platform for freelancers, allowing payment in an increasing number of cryptocurrencies, and giving users the ultimate freedom.  In the past couple of months, we have been heavily diversifying payment options. As freelancing becomes increasingly popular, the need for a platform that can facilitate relationships between employers and freelancers is growing every day. The latest token integration is $COR, the native token of Coreto, which will be available to pay and accept payments for tasks, jobs, and offers on HYVE.

$COR’s integration is unique since it will go live on ETH, BSC, and Polygon, marking the first token to benefit from HYVE’s cross-chain infrastructure. Nevertheless, there should be more tokens to be integrated into our latest supported blockchains, expanding payment options for freelancers.

Everything you need to know about the $COR token

$COR is the utility token that powers the Coreto ecosystem and ensures its optimal functioning. It is the single token that embodies the role of a devoted currency that is utilized for all of the platform’s services and interactions.

The use cases for $COR are being continuously developed by the team and new features are constantly added in order to benefit the blockchain community. The current primary use case of the token is to create or participate in Staking of Opinion Pools (SOOP), a tool for traders to make price predictions on crypto assets, and earn $COR in the process. Users can create predictions, pledge to the opinions of others, or challenge those that consider they may be wrong or too conservative.

$COR facilitates on-chain transactions, content monetization, and staking, just to name a few. $COR tokens are also assigned when using the referral program based on the user's spot on the leaderboard and the user's activity.

As Coreto’s reputation-based research platform develops, new token features will be enabled: gamification rewards, rumor validations, content boosting, subscription-based content, the payment method for businesses when claiming their official page, and more.

The efficient utilization of the $COR token in the ecosystem is facilitated by an integrated decentralized finance solution. Make sure you add the contract addresses in your MetaMask wallet:

Ethereum: 0x9C2dc0c3CC2BADdE84B0025Cf4df1c5aF288D835
Binance Smart Chain: 0xA4b6573c9AE09d81e4D1360e6402B81F52557098
Polygon: 0x4fdCE518fE527439Fe76883e6b51A1c522B61b7

What is Coreto? is a reputation-based crypto research platform; the first platform that is developing and testing the Decentralized Reputation System, with the goal to become the benchmark of trust and performance for the crypto industry ( for projects, exchanges, marketing agencies, traders, influencers, and retail investors).

It addresses the longstanding issue of insufficient knowledge and trust in the cryptocurrency industry by providing a safe environment for users to share and verify information, thus, helping non-crypto-natives to make better-informed decisions.

The mission of Coreto is to develop a disruptive ethical global ecosystem, simple to use, that enables financial growth opportunities for any user, no matter his experience.

The project is developing tools and features for crypto projects as well, to use in their growth strategies, build and nurture their communities, discover collaborations and potential partners with the same interest and mission, and proving the needed support to market themselves; simple to use tools for content creators and influencers to monetize and own their content and data; a simple filtering system based on tags and interests for simple users that want to educate themselves or research. is community orientated, so their gamification system will reward users based on their contribution, achievements, and recurring activities.

The platform utilizes technologies such as Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to give users experience when making trading decisions as efficiently as possible; they work by identifying market trends and optimal investor interests, ultimately generating practical metrics.

What we have in store…

HYVE has been keeping busy with the V2, token and chain integrations and job posts from our partners and will remain dedicated to integrating increasingly more tokens in order to attract holders from diverse communities. Coming up next we will have more of the same and new surprises as well, so keep an eye out as we prepare a listing on an exchange and something else that is very exciting soon!

In order to excel on all fronts, other than our incredibly low fees for freelancers starting at 1%, which have yet to be beaten by any other freelancing platform, HYVE also plans to succeed in obtaining the complete diversification of our payment options, in order for our users to access the most optimal payment methods.

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