New token integration: introducing $PRIME

New token integration: introducing $PRIME

Gamers unite! A new token integration just landed on our page, and it's a groundbreaking innovation for the crypto market, using a unique staking mechanism that allows traders to earn tokens funded by their assets within the ecosystem. So, let's give a shoutout to Echelon Prime, and let's find together how fun gaming & crypto can be as a combination! 🚀

Keep an eye on our X account for more updates, new token integrations, and new blogs coming almost everyday! Our goal to become a platform with universal payment methods is getting closer to us everyday, and we can definitely say, this was our year!

Here's the contract address for $PRIME, so that you can pay for jobs, tasks, and offers on HYVE!

ETH: 0xb23d80f5fefcddaa212212f028021b41ded428cf

Redefine gaming with Echelon Prime!

Echelon Prime represents a cutting-edge decentralized play-to-earn game constructed on the Ethereum blockchain, supercharged by Parallel TCG and more, and employs its intrinsic token, $PRIME. It generously offers players the prospect of earning $PRIME tokens by actively engaging in ranked matches and various other gaming activities. These tokens hold significant utility, including the purchasing of in-game items, partaking in events, and staking for valuable rewards.

Echelon Prime emerges as a sophisticated Web3 ecosystem, pioneering the subsequent generation of blockchain gaming. It is dedicated to generating and dispersing tools to spur innovation and bolster the expansion of unique gaming models and economies.

Parallel, a sci-fi trading card game, is the inaugural game to adopt and employ $PRIME, energized by Parallel TCG and more with its native token, $PRIME. Enthusiasts of sci-fi trading card games will undoubtedly find Parallel TCG compelling. With the BETA launch scheduled for July 2023, it assures an immersive and avant-garde gaming adventure.

Within the engaging gameplay of Parallel TCG, players have the golden opportunity to earn $PRIME by taking part in ranked matches. A critical determinant of $PRIME earnings per victory is the skill-based matchmaking rating, known as Ladder Rank.

Besides, specific "Keys" such as Galaxy and Overclock can substantially amplify your $PRIME earnings by increasing its emissions randomly or for win streaks, respectively. Players can also earn $PRIME by triumphing in ranked games, with the PRIME earned per win dependent on the player’s rank and the opponent's difficulty level. An alternative method to acquire $PRIME is by staking them.

The Influence of NFTs and Additional Features

Your deck's NFTs significantly impact your token's earnings, with an increase in NFT cards correlating with more $PRIME. A higher win streak can also culminate in augmented PRIME earnings. Nevertheless, a daily cap on $PRIME emissions exists, set roughly at five wins. Players can optimize "The Core," a limited supply item, to earn an extra $PRIME-winning game per day, among other benefits.

Utilizing PRIME Within the Game

In the Echelon Prime Game ecosystem, players can utilize their amassed $PRIME to access token-gated products, services, and experiences, referred to as "Sinks." Examples include Terminals, allowing communication between various systems and outposts in each Parallel. Players can also employ $PRIME to convert Shard Fragments into Batteries, and activate Terminals to unveil exclusive in-game rewards.

Exploring AntiGraphs and Other Features

AntiGraphs, a Live Sink, presents unique digital signatures for Parallel cards, adding an additional thrill to the game. These limited-number digitally signed cards exhibit their signature upon entering the game field.

Become your $PRIME!

Echelon's distinct ecosystem emphasizes the significant role of its token, named $PRIME, engineered to construct a groundbreaking platform for gaming and collecting that strongly advocates for Play-to-Earn (P2E) mechanisms. The token stands central to Echelon’s technological structure, token economy, and ecosystem governance models, all aiming to contribute value to three essential stakeholder groups:

  1. Players and Collectors: $PRIME plays a crucial role here, with 30% of its initial supply (and more through sink redistribution) being earnable through a P2E, skill-based emission model. This substantial pool actively backs P2E gaming projects within the Echelon smart contract ecosystem, utilizing the PRIME token. PRIME holders are given access to an array of ecosystem features, such as governance rights and priority access to NFT sales, highlighting the token's importance in offering exclusive benefits.
  2. Content Producers: Those creating within the Echelon environment have comprehensive access to the ecosystem’s smart contracts, largely facilitated by the PRIME token. The integration and interchange of assets and intellectual property within the ecosystem are encouraged, reinforcing $PRIME's centrality in supporting and unifying diverse projects within the ecosystem.
  3. Ecosystem Managers: The management and allocation of community treasury, system smart contract auditing, and the election of foundation members underscore the administrative utility of the $PRIME token. Holders of $PRIME are key decision-makers, ensuring the Echelon Prime Foundation operates effectively and responsibly.

In essence, beyond just a token, $PRIME represents the heart of the Echelon ecosystem, as it is not merely a component but a driving force, promoting integration, cooperation, and growth within and beyond specific projects, aiming for a widespread, decentralized gaming, and collecting community. The evolution and priorities of Echelon will be continually shaped by its community, with the $PRIME being a pivotal element in this progressive journey.

What comes next for our token & our platform...

By the looks of it, we are right on track to surpass 200+ tokens by the end of the year, however, this is not our only target. We have started integrating various blockchains and by the end of 2023, we want to be close to 10 supported networks for the HYVE platform. Not only will this further increase our payment options, but it will also improve our partnership potential as we are on track to becoming the universal freelancing platform! We are documenting our journey on Twitter on an almost daily basis, so make sure to stay up to date with all the latest details!