New Token Integration: $LTO is now part of our payment system!

New Token Integration: $LTO is now part of our payment system!

Greetings, fellow HYVERS! It would not be a good week without one of our new token integrations that makes us become an all-inclusive platform that helps you, our freelancers from all over the world, gain ultimate freedom over your methods of payment! Today, let’s hear it out for LTO Network, a project that aims to deliver the solution of anonymity being a double-dealing issue in the crypto market, acting both as a blessing and a drawback.

Live to own with LTO Network!

LTO Network is an award-winning layer-1 hybrid blockchain platform that focuses on the web3.0 pillars of Identity, privacy and ownership. With their mainnet launched in January 2019, and a firm B2B foundation, LTO Network’s current layer-1 approach offers a vast open ecosystem that so far has been utilized by organizations like the Dutch Government and the United Nations.

Let’s face it: anonymity on the blockchain is a double-edged sword as it protects the identity of the user, but it also hinders business adoption. With the help of decentralized identifiers (DIDs) and verifiable credentials, LTO has the objective to replace anonymity with privacy, by connecting blockchain addresses to real-world identities. This puts the user in control of when and how to share personal information. The aim of on-chain identity solutions should be to improve upon existing identification methods. This allows LTO to present a permissionless solution that doesn’t rely on network appointed trusted parties.

For inter-organizational cooperation, modeling is not done merely to improve communication, therefore, the parties involved must specify the process to serve as binding agreement, named as a live contract the LTO platform. Thus, LTO Network creates an ad hoc private blockchain for each Live Contract.

And part of LTO Network’s beauty lies in those ad-hoc private miniature blockchains. It allows projects to build privacy-sensitive decentralized apps and offers users/organizations a way to utilize blockchain solutions within the ever increasing privacy laws that are popping up around the world like the EU’s GDPR.

The private layer also plays an important role in LTO Network’s next big functionality update (codename TITANIUM), which introduces ‘Ownables’ to the world. Ownables can do what NFTs can do… and a lot more! Being digital asset packages that are under full control of the user (including where it is stored), the private layer enables dynamic, consumable and/or unlockable digital content through the built-in COSMOS smart contract support.

Packages can hold various formats of files (video/audio/etc.) and various forms of such files (2D/3D, high/low polygon, pixelart or sample picture), assisting developments in the metaverse that focus on sharing digital content between verses and creating new possibilities for content creators that wish to expand on the capabilities of NFTs.

The private layer ensures all parties involved in the process have an up-to-date countersigned history of events and shared states. The LTO Network Global blockchain is a permissionless public blockchain, purposely built for verifying information. It exists to support Live/Smart Contracts, as well as the private event chains like those of Ownables.

In addition the public layer features things like basic anchoring and digital identities that are interoperable across event chains, blockchains, and applications.

Interested in $LTO?

While LTO Network has its own mainnet, wrapped $LTO tokens, based on Ethereum’s ERC-20 standard, provide liquidity and serve as a bridge for $LTO Network customers. $LTO serves three main purposes:

  • It can be used as placement on the network for leasing/staking to receive rewards
  • Pay for transactions
  • Retain for speculative purposes

LTO’s mainnet wallet has ledger integration and a brand new mobile wallet is being developed. You can find the $LTO token on a series of major exchanges, including KuCoin, Binance and Uniswap! If you got caught up in reading about LTO Network, might as well add the digital address to your wallet:

ETH: 0xd01409314acb3b245cea9500ece3f6fd4d70ea30
BNB: 0x857b222fc79e1cbbf8ca5f78cb133d1b7cf34bbd

What comes next for HYVE…

Since fall is coming to an end, so are the days when HYVE was just a newly emerging and promising project… Do not get scared, we are just getting started by marking 1 year of HYVE in October! We need to remind you of HYVE's incredibly low fees, varying between 0.9% and 7.9%! Remember, you can halve some of the fees by paying them in $HYVE tokens.

Hope you are as excited as we are! We are preparing new things as we speak, besides the usual token integrations - so do make sure to keep an eye out for more!

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