New Token Integration: $OPEN integrated on HYVE

New Token Integration: $OPEN integrated on HYVE

HYVE is pleased to announce that $OPEN from OpenWorld is now integrated on BSC, thus becoming part of the optimal methods for payment of tasks, jobs, and offers on the HYVE platform. HYVE’s constant integration of new tokens is required as it makes up a significant portion of the journey to complete diversification of our payment options, further adoption and creating a universal platform for freelancers.

What is $OPEN?

$OPEN is the primary utility token for OpenWorld, therefore it is also the native currency of the OpenWorld Metaverse. The token is used to complete the in-game transactions, and has the following utility within the OpenWorld Metaverse:

  • $OPEN enables the minting of avatars, meaning that players can use it to buy and activate NFT cards for avatars and professions.,
  • $OPEN enables the exchanges of variety of itmes  in OpenWorld,
  • $OPEN enables the trading of NFTs on internal and external marketplace.

OpenWorld avoids unsustainable models that are usually portrayed by GameFi and DeFi, and employs 3 aspects: Digital Experience, Social, and Finance. The $OPEN token generates real monetary flows, for a sound in-game circular economy in order to ensure that it remains balanced. Moreover, $OPEN can be used for many other use cases on different partner platforms. Check out their Linktree for more details:

Make sure you add the contract address in your MetaMask wallet:

BSC: 0x27a339d9b59b21390d7209b78a839868e319301b

About OpenWorld

OpenWorld regards itself as a blockchain-enabled open Metaverse that boasts a circular economy on the basis of the genuine monetary flow afore-mentiond. Their vision is to help users “connect, play, express themselves, and find happiness”.

It opens a new dimension, revolutionizing the digital experience for users by ensuring they are

entertained and that digital interactions are valued, moreover the art encountered on Openworld is a beautiful and distinct design, that plays to both visual and sound.

Openworld offers a casual and distinct game metaverse that is focused on mobile, enabling almost anyone to have access, as it is playable across platforms (PC/mobile) and multi-chains.

The road to further adoption…

HYVE stands out due to its incredibly low fees for freelancers which have yet to be beaten by any other freelancing platform. Our fees vary between 1% for tasks, jobs, and offers completed in $HYVE,  and upto 3.5% for payments performed in $ETH, $BTC, or $USDT and 9% for altcoins. However, even these small fees can be halved by simply paying in $HYVE.

Following HYVE 2.0 launch, we have been working on integrating something new and expanding the HYVE ecosystem. It is a topic of great relevance within the crypto space, but we cannot give out more information for now.

HYVE will continue to create a perfectly decentralized environment for freelancers and enterprises alike to collaborate without any intermediation and of course it will remain relentless in integrating increasingly more tokens to attract holders from diverse communities. Stay posted and be the first to find out about new additions!

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