New token integration: welcoming $NUM

New token integration: welcoming $NUM

Ooof, we have integrated so many tokens in the last few weeks that it is so hard to keep track! After all, HYVE is doing this all for you, HYVERS, and your freelancing experience!

Today, we are integrating Numbers Protocol, an asset-driven protocol that intends to make digital media traceable and verifiable through its innovative process. This project can help you unshackle from the chains of big tech and echo chambers.

Regain your trust in media!

Let’s face it, in the social media world, nobody is safe as we are all surrounded by manipulated, edited, and censored within inauthentic lives. As Gandhi said, we should be the change we want to see in the world. It is time to create and own your future in a ground-up and decentralized community.

Numbers Protocol builds this future, with a new decentralized photo network for Web 3.0. With trust in digital media at an all-time low, it aims to bring integrity and authenticity to the digital content space by creating a decentralized photo network where assets are both traceable and verifiable through its innovative Capture App, Numbers Search Engine, Seal API, and Numbers Blockchain. By making digital media traceable and verifiable, we can address critical issues in the digital media space, namely misinformation, copyright, and royalty distribution.

Since they are the only project in the Web3.0 space developing a decentralized digital asset network with added emphasis on authenticity, Numbers has no competitors yet. They envision their photo network as the Web3.0 versions of Instagram and Pinterest, emphasizing community and decentralization. Numbers Protocol is a true proponent of a free internet, creating a unique solution for users.

Curious about $NUM?

$NUM, is the native protocol token of Numbers Protocol. It is primarily a utility token designed to incentivize users to create, archive, and verify content with good integrity. The vision of Numbers Protocol is to create an ecosystem where photos (encompassing both images and videos) matter by leveraging proofs, integrity records, and data provenance to increase the credibility and legitimacy of registered pictures in the network.

Participants, such as verifiers and other network operators can get rewards by providing services to improve the credibility and legitimacy of registered photos. NUM tokens can also be used to pay for services running in the decentralized photo network.

If Numbers Protocol caught your glance and you would like to give social media a fresh chance, copy the contract address down below and add it to your wallets:

ETH: 0x3496b523e5c00a4b4150d6721320cddb234c3079
BSC: 0xeceb87cf00dcbf2d4e2880223743ff087a995ad9

What lies ahead for HYVE…

We are working tirelessly on new platform upgrades, mostly backend fixes and improvements. However, we do not want to let that go undocumented, which means that you should expect a future blog, highlighting the V2.1 of the HYVE Platform. In addition, we are excited to restart our informative blog series. You might have noticed some sneak peeks in our weekly newsletters, but we are finally bringing that to fruition! There are so many updates to catch on - you just need to keep an eye out!


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