Don't know how to showcase your artistic talents? NFT freelancing might be the answer.

Don't know how to showcase your artistic talents? NFT freelancing might be the answer.

If you haven’t been living under a rock this past year (get the pun?), you probably have a rough idea about what an NFT is. non-fungible tokens give ownership rights over digital pieces of art, effectively cutting out the middlemen (auction houses) when trading artworks.

For those living under an actual rock, it’s worth noting that a simple doodle of rock was sold for roughly $1.3 million, or 400ETH, in August. While it is true that in some cases many memes or mainstream images have become NFTs, the core idea is that NFTs allow any talented creative professional (graphic designer, up and coming artist, photographer, videographer for example) to have their work published and monetized, gaining them a level of exposure impossible to achieve through traditional means.

The art industry is currently one of the hardest to break into, mainly driven by intermediaries, dictating the artist's work. The rapid, sometimes astonishing increase in value of several digital artworks has made NFTs a hot topic, with many jumping on this “hype train”, hoping to get a piece of the pie. Besides the market for trading NFTs, various sub-markets have emerged, with digital professionals becoming the main commodity. Furthermore, NFTs have taken an increasingly important role in the metaverse, cementing the fact that NFTs are a lasting phenomenon and not just a fad.

In traditional terms, NFTs have created more than lucrative earning opportunities for those having something useful to offer.

NFTs and Freelancing

So what’s the link between NFTs and freelancing? Creative professionals are now heavily sought after, with many employing their services to create the perfect NFT set or collection. However, even if you don’t possess any creative skills, you can still enter the NFT business by providing or looking for technical skills that are just as important as artistic services.

Say you want to launch your own NFT marketplace or minting website but you aren’t good with coding. Or that you have already done that and need someone to build and manage your Discord community (if you know a thing or two about NFTs, you understand the importance of administering content in an organized manner on Discord). Lastly, maybe you’ve done everything that was mentioned earlier and now want to advise others on how to do it.

Even mainstream freelancing platforms now abound in tasks related to NFTs, with some having their dedicated section for NFTs, where services listed earlier and many more can be provided.

Working through a traditional freelancing platform kind of beats the purpose of NFTs and cryptocurrencies in general, since such centralized platforms act as middlemen by charging both the employer and the freelancer a usage fee.

To top that, if you are a freelancer, consider the additional hidden bank withdrawal fees coming your way, as well as the income tax you are required to pay, substantially lowering the income you generated. What if I told you there was a way to eliminate intermediary fees and effectively remove the middleman in a decentralized manner, allowing you to either find the right talent for a job or provide your services? (You should note that any income generated through cryptocurrencies is still taxed when you withdraw your coins for FIAT currencies)

Enter HYVE, a decentralized freelancing platform, built on the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain, but also offering support for Binance Smart Chain (BSC), with plans for Polygon (MATIC). HYVE’s mission is to democratize the labor market, in a similar manner DeFi did with finance and NFTs did with art.

By lowering fees or eliminating them, HYVE is creating an equal environment, where people are differentiated based on skill and merit and not by any other background factors.

$HYVE can be staked to generate more tokens and help the ecosystem further grow. By being based on game theory, HYVE ensures fair and equal distribution, creating a self-sustainable ecosystem. As the adoption of the project grows, volatility is reduced, allowing greater stability. Besides paying back the community, HYVE is community-governed and fully transparent, being built on constant community feedback, a unique feature compared to other platforms.

Furthermore, if there is a dispute between an employer and a freelancer, the resolution is done in a decentralized manner, allowing unbiased mediation and ensuring that freelancers will be paid for the work performed through the creation of an escrow in which the client deposits the funds before the task starts.

Made up your mind yet?

After reading this you might still wonder why you should pick HYVE over any other traditional freelancing platform. And to play devil’s advocate, you also don’t understand how HYVE will help you find or showcase NFT-related freelancing work.

Although HYVE is a generalist in terms of freelancing opportunities, it works to its advantage. Not becoming highly specialized means organic demand for tasks from any domain, thus showcasing the platform's huge potential for growth and immense capabilities.

In addition, by working through HYVE, not only do you contribute to the revolution of work, but also to the whole shake-up of various industries caused by blockchain, empowering regular people. Needless to say, you are more likely to find people that are knowledgeable of NFTs and all their subsequent, complex implications on a platform like HYVE, compared to a traditional freelancing platform, where such listings have few reviews, with people reluctant to pay loads of money for something that they do not fully understand and does not warrant taking the risk.

Therefore, HYVE facilitates NFT creation by making available a pool of artists or designers that understand the crypto and blockchain context in a more than sufficient manner. Even if the crypto world is still uncharted territory in terms of the trust, mainly due to the lack of regulation, HYVE has that covered! As mentioned earlier, HYVE has succeeded in automating trust and safety between parties within the system, thus creating a sound collaborative environment.

Some of you might have heard of anytask and know that they have a dedicated NFT subsection, and to play devil’s advocate again you might wonder how HYVE and anytask compare to one another. Deep down, any task just copies what Fiverr does, with very slim chances of ever overtaking it. In terms of crypto payments, it only allows payment in Electroneum.

HYVE represents a completely different alternative to traditional freelancing platforms, offering unique features and sub-features, as well as allowing payment in any coin. HYVE is closer to reaching the decentralization of work and employment, being fully community governed. Since NFT-related freelancing work is not even remotely close to our traditional idea of work, it just makes sense to try it out on HYVE!

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