Why freelancers can empower your startup...

Why freelancers can empower your startup...

Should you choose the safe option and opt for working at a big corporation or get risky and lean for a start-up? This question lives rent-free in the head of many graduates after they have to leave that campus life. Well, we're here to tell you there's no correct answer - it all depends on your personality, appetite for risk, and how firmly your desire is to leave a mark behind and be fully independents

You’ve likely heard that working on a startup is like building a plane while flying it. If you think you've got what it takes, meaning your dedication, drive, and enthusiasm, you'll most likely succeed wherever you wish for.

Startups would do well to leverage the emerging freelancing scenario, providing a tailored solution to the aforementioned problems and enabling budding entrepreneurs to hire the best of talent without incurring astronomical costs. If you are an entrepreneur, a nascent startup, or even someone with just an idea, freelancing is your go-to solution to experience your dreams in reality.

Freelancing has also been one of those trends that has been steadily picking up over the last few years. Another trend that is now well-permeated in the developing countries that choose freelancing is that the startup ecosystem maturing. These two trends are poised to feed off each others’ growth story — here’s why you should choose freelancers for your startup.

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Freelancers lower your startup costs...

From the start of the outsourcing search until the end of your contract, hiring the services of a freelancer is considered very efficient. First, overhead costs are significantly reduced. Second, there is little to no training required for freelancers, as most of them are already very skilled. Since they are also independent contractors, you aren’t bound to process or handle their taxes and other benefits like what a regular employee has to do.

You check their work, pay them at your agreed rate, and that’s it! And since we’re speaking of salaries, we'll let you know that you could find highly skilled individuals that are more than willing to accept your project at a lower price than their office-based counterparts!

Freelancing is a global trend - not only focused on the Anglo-Saxon world. If you’re a startup from Australia or USA, if you’re trying to get the most out of your money, you may look for options overseas like in Asia, as we have people that joined HYVE from all over the world, and as you may know, labor costs vary considerably.

HYVE currently has over 11 Telegram channels, each addressing different languages and regions. There is a freelancer for any of your needs! 

Freelancers are highly experienced and skilled

Even if the freelance industry skyrocketed in the past years, the competition is tough. Freelancers are working consistently and continuously to empower their skills and knowledge by researching and practicing. And since they work from contract to contract, they acquire much information from various businesses. With the proper instructions and guidance, in no time they’ll be helping you develop your startup!

When your business scales up, freelancers are also beneficial to ensure you can keep up with market demands. For instance, bookkeeping tasks for small businesses are better left outsourced than handled by an in-house employee. You could assign the freelancers tasks to do on the weekend and not have to worry that they will not get done by Monday. Don’t be afraid to hire freelancers; if you do all the work by yourself, you may get burnt out!

Flexible schedules all the way!

Another benefit of freelance working is working anytime you want, wherever you find it more convenient. This translates to freelancers adjusting happily to your time zone, being on-call almost whenever you need them. Whether it's long-term or short-term, freelancers are ready and available to help you!

As we have already mentioned, freelancers come from all over the world, most of them working from the comfort of their own homes, not loving that fixed schedule and lifestyle. Why does it benefit startups? In short, your overhead costs are significantly reduced when compared to hiring an in-house employee.

Let your business in the hands of capable people. You’ll find that running a successful startup business is easier when you’re with dedicated and like-minded freelancers.

As reported by Freelancers Union, 54 million Americans are now freelancing. Jobs range from online jobs such as web developers, programmers, graphic designers and writers to bookkeepers, paralegals, nursing and business consultants.

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