What you need to know about decentralized platforms

What you need to know about decentralized platforms

Independence, autonomy, flexibility, and unlimited financial potential are embedded features of freelancing. The freelance market is getting bigger and hungrier for new ways to connect.

Why should you choose a blockchain-based platform as a freelancer

The most common issue with freelancing websites is that they are centralized, and their fees are substantially high.

DApps are more flexible, transparent, distributed, resilient, and have a better-incentivized structure than current software models. Also, they offer equitable access to financial services.

Every participant in the DeFi system gains his portion of financial sovereignty and democratic control. You know how the system works, and you know that nothing can interfere with the process.

Global access through blockchain

Freelancing gives you the fantastic opportunity to make a comfortable living on your terms.
Freelancing is also a form of entrepreneurship, which means freelancer has total control of their earning potential. Once you have a clear understanding of the opportunities available, you`re ready to kick-start your freelancing career.
What types of freelance jobs are the most popular? Freelance jobs can take all forms, from call center jobs to graphic designing, software development, or copywriting.

The success of the most popular centralized platforms for freelancers is due to their use of technology, making them available on a global scale. But available does not mean being accessible because these platforms have issues that inevitably push the majority of their potential users outside of the ecosystem.

Decentralized encrypted storage

Cryptocurrencies are becoming popular as a means of payment and investment — or speculation, depending on your point of view.
Blockchain technology is broader than finance. It can be used in any multi-step transaction that requires visibility and traceability.

Decentralized networks are replacing the highly centralized hierarchies of the past. Also known as dApps, decentralized applications run without the control of a central authority (like a software company or government).
Several job roles would no longer exist, from designing & hand drafting to editing or book-keeping. Soon AI and robots will take over these jobs, and other new jobs will be created for more cost and time-effective outcomes.

HYVE - a decentralized freelancing platform

The rise of blockchain and the crypto industry has created a gig economy perfectly suited to the freelancing industry.

Therefore, HYVE is a trustless and borderless system governed by meritocracy and peer-to-peer interactions. As a global task directory, HYVE proposes a new model of collaboration based on meritocracy. Individuals work in a peer-to-peer fashion from all corners of the world. Our goal is to offer people everywhere in the world the necessary tools and opportunities to earn money through their skills.

What can you do on HYVE?

HYVE Client is the ecosystem where users will post tasks or solve them, but it also will allow HYVE users to receive referrals and earn rewards in crypto if they invite their friends to join HYVE. For example, whether you want to hire someone long-term or intend to pay one or more individuals to help you with one specific project, the final decision is yours; the platform will only help you find the best help possible.

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