HYVE diary log: Year 24,068

HYVE diary log: Year 24,068

While strolling away through the hallway, your friend, who, for all his good points, never seems able to read a moment of silence, excitedly continues to convince you to join this latest gig he keeps telling you about.

Listening somewhat aimlessly to him explain all the reasons why you should, you look at the walls in the hopes of finding a distraction, to go far away from this conversation: "It's the last day before my vacation" you think to yourself, as you have been enduring John's rambling for more than a year on this goddamn spaceship. All of a sudden, your phone starts violently buzzing and threshing around your pocket:

Citizens, this is not a drill. We repeat, this is not a drill. We are facing an unknown emergency situation - take shelter until further information is provided by Space Forces.

"Goddamnit, just one more day and I would've been sipping my favorite beverage on the French Riviera", you look at your friend to see if he's still rambling on about his opportunity, and he's surprisingly taken a break from his usual yapping, the first that you ever witness.

"Could this be another asteroid?" you wonder. No, that's unlikely, plus the message would have had more details. What is the unknown we are referring to - could it be aliens? Nah, that would be, what, the 17th this week? Too casual, plus it wouldn't be an emergency at this point.

As you feel like living through the plot of a recent Netflix blockbuster about post-apocalyptic, dystopian situations (yes, Netflix is still a thing in the year 24,068), you can't help but wonder why your friend doesn't seem as worried as you are. You hear a second notification sound: "Oh, it's finally here, I've been waiting for this."

You both look up at each other and can see the surprise and excitement; "Should we be worried or happy" you wonder to yourself as you can't make sense of the various things you're feeling.

The world will still be here in an hour, let's have a look first

Luckily, you remember that during one of his many verbal tirades, John, your friend, convinced you to spend some time looking at web3 collaboration since that's where he was getting all those gigs.

He may be talkative, but he onboarded you onto HYVE during the Great Referral of January 24,067 so both of you had been earning passive income now through the HYVE AI Agents. One of the many endeavors John convinced you about.

Oh shoot, you don't know about that yet... well, that's fine too.

It's finally here! The new HYVE v179 intergalactic cross-collaboration protocol is live - but it's taken a while. You recheck the date and you remember it's the end of 24,068 - it's been more than 22,000 years since the last human CEO of HYVE; the AI took over and said that humans simply do not have the capability of making collaboration truly borderless and got to working on a new protocol; who would've known it would be more than 15 generations before it finished.

Well, maybe you can finally quit manning this damned "rebel ship", wandering aimlessly between galaxies, and retire on the French Riviera. "Oh, who I am kidding" you tell yourself as you remember you haven't even visited Earth in this lifetime, not to mention the French Riviera - if that even exists anymore. Whatever, some better space noodles would be nice though.

Anyway, you've listened to me ramble for so long, listen up young galactic workers, I can give you some information about the future to better prepare yourself, but there's a limit to how much information I can send over without breaking the timeline.

I'll try to give you the roadmap of the protocol of long ago, damn you, sometime around 2024. The plans are falling in place nicely. As months are racing straight into 2025 you can't help but reminisce about the great things that HYVE accomplished, sticking to all their intended milestones.

I'll give you the roadmap of the protocol of long ago, way before the AI took over the CEO and the board. Do with it what you will.

This is Captain Conrad of the Intergalactic Guard, transmitting from the year 24,068. Below is the roadmap for the year 2024 of the intergalactic HYVE Protocol, it's the first time when AI agents were introduced, and the last moment before the AI started to slowly take over.

Whoever is reading this, get this to the human board, try to convince them to limit the AI agents on the platform. It'll be hard, it was the thing that brought the protocol to mainstream adoption, but if they do not, before long, they too will be replaced by the AI. In my time, only the the Intergalactic guard still stands, free of an AI.


On-chain verifiable tasks and AI agents

Last year we released the first part of a two-part series, outlining the plan for 2023. We accomplished almost all of what we promised, as we kept building at a constant pace throughout the year, regardless of general crypto market conditions or other macro headwinds.

“Most people overestimate what they can do in one year and underestimate what they can do in ten years.” — Bill Gates

or as Captain Conrad put it:

“Most people overestimate what an AI can do in one year and underestimate what they can do in ten thousand years.” — Captain Conrad, Captain of Intergalactic Guard

We reiterate this quote from 24,068, as our focus today will be on the general long-term plans that we are outlining. In short, we'll highlight our plans by giving them fitting names to upcoming development phases that will oversee HYVE's evolution over the next 18-24 months:

  • The Wrap-up (6-9 months) - a process of continuous improvement, where we keep on adding new collaborative features, fixing loose ends, and bringing HYVE v2.5 to a final V2.9 iteration before our v3 complete revamp.
  • The User Acquisition Phase (8-12 months)- the much-awaited HYVE App becomes a reality, at least 9-12 months away.
  • The Advent of a Protocol(12-18 months) - HYVE V3.0, a completely new platform that we've already been working towards returns to its web3 roots and revolutionizes creative experiences even further.
  • ??? (15-24 months) - *Due to an interruption of transmission from Captain Conrad, the full information about the last phase of the plan has been lost, please wait while we manage to reestablish connection and reveal the last part of the plan.
If you find these names lame, you have permission to shoot our copywriter. on sight. He thought these names, we didn't - even chatGPT could have done a better job!

Who knows... maybe for next year's edition we'll just use one of the AI Agents on HYVE. (not the copywriter)

The Wrap-Up

The first six to nine months of 2024 will be incredibly busy. In short, we'll do regular updates of the platform, reaching up to V2.9, so below you can find some of the upcoming things you can expect:

Escrow Now

One of them will be the Escrow Now function, allowing users to safely settle transactions between them, almost instantaneously, the entire interaction requiring <60 seconds.

To exemplify, you might want to pay somebody money for a service or deed that was done outside of HYVE. You can now do it safely, with payment available in more than 200 cryptocurrencies, with multiple chains. HYVE will only keep a small percentage of the total amount, the same as we currently do for jobs, tasks, offers, and digital items.

Another thing we are excited about in regards to the Escrow Now functionality is that you'll be able to use a widget to put this directly on your website. This is ideal for people who provide services, agencies and much more, as it allows to build trust and protect both parties.

This feature enables collaboration even further and simplifies integration with other websites, further increasing HYVE's utility and exposure on 3rd party websites and platforms.


We are also going to finally add invoicing to HYVE, and we will be doing this using the well-known Request Network, which you might already know from a previous token integration.

This means users will be able to automatically generate invoices for all of their various interactions on the platform. The automation of invoicing enables freelancers to remove administrative tasks, simplifying their bookkeeping, providing them with yet another reason to get on HYVE.

All these features have one single goal in mind - increasing usability by facilitating a much more collaborative experience.

AI Agents

With the rise of chatGPT, many projects have stemmed in the sphere of Artificial Intelligence. Without a doubt, this oversaturation has made the market consolidate around one single solution in the realm of generative AI.

We are not trying to revolutionize the lightbulb, what we aim to do is make AI work for you. Let others build the AIs, the question for HYVE is: how do we use them in the context of collaboration?

We are planning to introduce AI Agents, separated into the following categories.
First, we have the HYVE AI Agents, custom-built AI Agents offered by HYVE. Initially to populate and exemplify some ideas, we will be offering 2 default AI Agents, aimed at solving simple tasks related to design and copywriting. Thus, if a client requires some simple tasks to be done, they can pay one of the HYVE AI Agents a small fee, provide them with a few simple requests, and receive their desired assignment in minutes!

What is more important, however, is that other users can also design their own AI Agents. This means that, based on a series of skills and so on, they can be built to automate specific tasks and jobs and provide their initial creator with a stream of passive income. Exciting, right?

AI Agents designed for work will in most cases be ultra-specific, fulfilling exact requirements, such as an AI agent meant to only create employment contracts for the IT industry, or another who is aimed at making copywriting for the social media of local pizzerias. The list goes on and on, but the points is, once people start creating their own agents, not only will potential clients have an endless stream of pre-solved tasks they can access but the inital creators have a constant stream of revenue, and who knows?

Maybe in the future, we'll allow creators to sell their AI agents through the marketplace, deciding to get an instant payout as opposed to a constant stream. The possibilities are really endless.

Gamified work

Freelancing should be fun, thus we want to implement a new gamified form for users to incentivize them to complete tasks and jobs or sell their digital items. The main goal is for users to increase their reputation and standing within the HYVE community. Users will be rated on a level system, which will increase based on task and job completion.

Users are rewarded with XP and Honey for their activity (but more about the Honey later on). Levels will be displayed on a user's page and will also act as a PoaP (Proof of Attendance Protocol), acting as a seal of approval and reliability for freelancers on HYVE.

Users will be able to earn POAPs and Honey; what might that be?

HYVE Store

We have decided to create a store, dedicated to freelance. This store will provide them with tools to stand out in front of potential clients, including featured listings and minor cosmetic upgrades, both for listings and profiles. All these items will be sold for Honey, a platform-only currency, which will be used for expenditure in the shop. Honey can be earned (by using the platform) or bought. Buying with $HYVE comes with a discount.

We might also be adding a form of possible subscription, which will provide users with a fixed amount of Honey / month, providing them with access to preferential fees for the site widget (Escrow Now feature), some cosmetic upgrades, and a selected number of featured listing promotions. Essentially premium users will be eligible for some in-platform freebies.

The User Acquisition Phase

While we aim to do a lot for the first part of 2024, here's one of the surprises we have been hinting about lately. For a while now, we have started working on a mobile app for HYVE. It is hard to place an exact release date, but it should be around Q4 2024/Q1 2025.

A mobile app is paramount in our objective to trigger further adoption of the platform. Collaborating on the go is the new norm, as the App provides freelancers and clients with increased flexibility and convenience. We'll release a lot more info about the mobile app as well as sneak peeks in due time.

The app will be released on Android and iOS, but we have not yet decided on an exact release schedule (separately or simultaneously). Android has a monopoly over the handheld device market, especially in emerging countries in geographies such as South-East Asia, Africa and South America. The release of the app will unlock HYVE's entrance into these new markets, especially as according to worldwide trends in freelancing, more and more people in these regions will prefer to provide their services on a global market for a fair income, as macroeconomic trends persist in these regions.

The HYVE App will boast all the functionalities of the platform, as we aim to develop the most innovative web3 freelancing App, with an increased focus on UX/UI, responsivity and even some extra features.

Moreover, the release of a mobile app moves HYVE into the mainstream, while also allowing us to highlight our unique web3-powered features. From our point of view, an app is beneficial for onboarding new users and improving brand visibility, while also providing an additional source of revenue, through easier access to purchasing subscriptions, the new HYVE Store and other features that we will implement.

However, from a user's POV, there are a lot more benefits to using a mobile-only HYVE App, as it allows for further personalization and draws real-time data from user preferences to create a uniquely collaborative experience. Imagine finding gigs easily, based on your current location, or even better - integrating with other mobile apps, drastically simplifying your freelancing experience. Moreover, easy withdrawals will be available, as users will be able to access their earnings directly within the HYVE App.

The Advent of a Protocol

You know the feeling when you receive an unexpected gift that surpasses all your expectations? A feeling of joy and incredible excitement, anxiously waiting to try out your new toy.

That's what we plan on doing with HYVE V3 - delivering something so good, that you'll forget about all your previous freelancing toys. HYVE V3 will possess a completely new redesign of the platform, boasting a refreshed brand identity, and setting us apart. New and exciting features will be included on top of those already introduced within previous versions. We aim to surpass our initial freelancing boundary and enable you to get creative and derive future income for yourself.

If so far you would have thought HYVE empowers freelancing with a web3 twist, this time we want to venture out into e-commerce while leveraging our strong multichain infrastructure.

All these new features are aimed at diversifying collaborative experiences. HYVE will be a means for you to become financially independent, by allowing you to provide your most valuable commodities, be it your knowledge or any product you can think of.

Shops on HYVE

E-commerce boomed as the process of setting up and managing online stores was drastically simplified during the past couple of years, making it accessible for individuals and small businesses. This democratization of online retail has enabled countless entrepreneurs to unlock financial freedom, allowing them to reach a global market with minimal upfront investment.

However, centralized intermediaries, providing online store creation services, bear several flaws. Increasing subscription costs, long support times, shop delisting without prior notice, and other issues have made it harder and harder for users to build (sounds like your typical web2 story). That's why we want to take an already-tested recipe and implement it in our unique way, leveraging our strong web3 capabilities - we're introducing HYVE Shops!

HYVE has already removed intermediaries in the freelancing process, reducing fees further. Thus, we ensure that users enjoy most of their earnings, without worrying about hidden commissions or other 3rd party interactions.

Users will now have the option to create and templatize their online shops, using HYVE's highly functional web3 capabilities for crypto payments and blockchain. Within these stores, users will be able to sell their digital items or provide their services directly, just as if they have built their own freelancing website. To facilitate this mission, we intend to develop our dedicated payment processor, that users can add in a low-code form.

Further along these lines, we are planning to include the ability to sell physical items within the stores, leveraging our already strong payment infrastructure across multiple blockchains. Users will also be able to track their purchases and deliveries of physical items in real-time, bringing another great functionality within the web3 space.

On-chain tasks

On-chain tasks will be another important feature that we are planning on adding. What we mean by this is that users can now create tasks on HYVE, which will be registered directly on the blockchain, with their completion automatically tracked. This feature will be of increased interest to web3 projects, trying to foster adoption. Let's play out a simple example of how On-chain tasks will work:

Project X aims to increase the amount of staked tokens on their platform and they create a simple task on HYVE. A user enrols in the task, with their actions automatically tracked on-chain. Funds are automatically released to the user upon completion.

Collaboration revolutionized

Bounties and competitions are terms we touched upon before, but this time we aim to implement them as new forms of collaboration within V3.

For unfamiliar users, bounties are campaigns that are carried out before a project's release. Bounty campaigns incentivize future supporters of a crypto project to complete actions related to marketing, development, and promotion of the project. Participants in bounty campaigns are rewarded upon the launch of the project, for their specific actions. Therefore, by introducing bounties on HYVE we open our highly customizable infrastructure to upcoming web3 projects that require a dedicated following and a robust platform to launch on.

Competitions are self-explanatory. Users and projects can register any simple contest, directly on HYVE, as others can participate freely, with their rewards paid out automatically. Competitions on HYVE enable flexibility for the organizers, through the increased diversity in payment options, as well as the strong community element that we have successfully built.

Lastly, we're going old-school on trading services. What do we mean by this is that users can now barter and mutually help each other by providing all their desired services to one another (i.e. I do marketing for you, you help me with a line of code - easy, peasy!). You might wonder why modern barter can be beneficial compared to the simple provision of services for cash. Well, for starters, here are a few reasons:

  • Cost saving and efficiency: if you are good at something, your experience will be your exchange currency; this allows you to leverage your skills and obtain the services you require, matching your experience level
  • Networking: imagine meeting like-minded people, with strong skills in areas that you don't master; by bartering your services, this is your big shot at doing exactly that - developing strong professional networks
  • Potential for growth: now after successfully creating professional bonds, you might build something great together - a freelancing partnership that can turn into a successful business and who knows, maybe even into a HYVE Shop

It's all about community now

HYVE V3 will not only be user-centric but a lot more community-centric. What we mean by that is that we will include new forms of collaboration, that will be focused on getting people together.

Rooms and gated communities will all be available in V3, as users will be able to create them and monetize access through subscription fees. These features will provide a forum-like experience, where users are reunited over a certain subject or passion (the options are truly limitless). Do you want to teach people how to acquire a certain skill? Rooms are now your go-to feature.

Therefore, if you are interested in bringing like-minded people together, by building creator-oriented communities, you can now do it on HYVE. Creators will enjoy ultimate freedom over payment options, and fast and secure withdrawals, enabling them to fully focus on their innovative side.

As customary, HYVE will have a small fee as part of the subscription transactions.

How are we going to teach new users about these amazing features?

While it might seem overwhelming regarding new features, worry not - we have a solution. We want to implement Learning Modules, a dedicated platform section where users can learn about HYVE. Users are incentivized to participate and rewarded for completing various modules. Consequently, users are aware of all the platform's benefits, in a gamified manner, enabling them to use its complex functionalities at HYVE's true potential.

What about $HYVE?

Besides the option to pay for new functionalities and reduce fees, we want to further stimulate the HYVE brand and increase trading commitment.

Thus, for the first quarter of 2024, we plan on a new exchange listing, in order to open up to the Asian market and improve visibility. We believe there is huge potential for web3 freelancing in Asian markets, especially for people in developing countries. What is more, is that crypto adoption has been registering an upward trajectory in this geography, providing an encouraging signal for our expansion.

As we keep on building and surpassing many of the aforementioned milestones (AI Agents, new features, marketplace, HYVE V3), our objective will be to do a second listing within a 12-18 month timeframe. Nevertheless, you can rest assured as this one will be of massive proportions, in a renowned CEX.

Of course, $HYVE will still be the main instrument for freelancers and clients to reduce platform fees and obtain better deals for subscriptions, Honey, and much more.

Is this all?

Upon reading this article, you might question whether a steady stream of new development ideas is a constant. The definitive answer is yes. We're committed to fostering an environment that nurtures endless creative ideas, driven by the imperative to reach HYVE v179 by the year 24,068.

When do we start?

The HYVE Team is currently working on the entire strategy until the early weeks of January. Until then, we have started our extensive referral program, as we prepare to draw more creators to the platform. We need you to be part of it and take this hefty reward, so make sure you start jumping on this opportunity.

Log into your HYVE account and make sure to visit your Profile page to access your unique referral link. Until the 22nd of January 2024, make sure to share the link with everyone in your contact list, as this might bring you closer to winning one of our three rewards!

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