Double Delight: HYVE's May & June recap

Double Delight: HYVE's May & June recap

It's been a while since our last monthly recap, but one thing is certain – there is a renewed sense ! With the First Era partially launched, we're diligently working to deliver it right on schedule. We're building the future of collaboration here at HYVE, creating a new freelancing experience, as our dev team is implementing new features tirelessly.

In this dynamic environment, we’re thrilled to share some of the latest developments and features we've been rolling out during the last couple of months, coupled with blockchain integrations and freelancing related blogs.

Stay tuned as we continue to innovate and improve, but first, let's do a rewind of what we achieved during the past couple of months.

Discover HYVE's new features!

As we previously mentioned through blogs and social media post, HYVE is undergoing a radical transformation. We've been working tirelessly to bring the First Era to life right on schedule. Prepare yourself for an engaging and profoundly collaborative platform that not only meets your current needs but also anticipates the challenges of freelancing beyond tomorrow!

Our first dev update for the First Era

We implemented several new features, starting with enhanced UX/UI components. Listing Analytics, one of the standout features, allows users to verify job applicants, see listing visibility, and track service purchases, providing valuable insights for freelancers, clients, and users.

In addition, we have merged Jobs and Tasks into a single category to streamline the listing process and introduced Public and Private Listings for better visibility control.

Regular updates, such as our new 'Request a Feature' page, empower the community to suggest and vote on new features, ensuring development is driven by user demand, creating an iterative experience.

We’ve also implemented various fixes, including improved mobile accessibility and enhanced user review accuracy, to ensure a smoother and more enjoyable user experience on HYVE.

If you want to read more on this topic, click the article link down below:

First Era: Dev Update v1
Our Updated Roadmap Series marks a significant phase in the platform’s evolution, one where foundational enhancements and innovative features are set to redefine the way. Our First Era is about creating a gamified, engaging, and profoundly collaborative platform that not only meets your needs but also anticipates the challenges of

The case for Instant Pledge

We introduced Instant Pledge, an extension of our escrow system that streamlines the process of sending funds without requiring you to create a listing on the platform. This new feature expands HYVE's utility beyond collaboration, facilitating payment processing on top of our already diverse infrastructure, which supports close to 15 blockchains and more than 200 tokens.

Instant Pledge eliminates the hassle of creating a listing, offering one of the safest ways to send and receive funds. By leveraging HYVE’s robust cross-chain infrastructure, both payers and payees can choose from a wide array of supported cryptocurrencies to settle their transactions, ensuring maximum flexibility and convenience.

By holding the client's funds upfront, escrow accounts reduce the risk of non-payment and ensure that funds are available once the work is completed satisfactorily, fostering trust between clients and freelancers but also providing a structured process for resolving any potential disputes.

Within the top page of the HYVE platform, you will now see the "Escrow Now" button, allowing you to create a secure escrow backed by a smart contract for settling external deeds and debts without needing to be fully onboarded into the platform.

Dive into the User Directory

User Directory is a new and significant feature of the HYVE platform, providing an essential tool for browsing potential clients and freelancers. Located in the Browsing drop-down menu, the new Users option takes you to a comprehensive database where you can view all active users on the platform, including clients, companies, and freelancers.

Each profile card displays brief information such as skills, known technologies, and hourly rates, and includes a small speech bubble button for direct messaging.

The Filters allow users to sort profiles based on specific criteria, such as skills, spoken languages, education, work experience, and certifications, adding an extra layer of detail when selecting a freelancer to hire.

Clients can explore past assignments and reviews of potential collaboration partners, ensuring they find the best match for their projects. Additionally, users can be sorted by their registration date on the platform, from oldest to most recent.

This comprehensive and user-friendly directory significantly enhances HYVE’s usability, making it easier for clients and freelancers to connect and collaborate.

Instant Pledge & User Directory
Welcome back, HYVERs! We are thrilled to kick off the week with an exciting new feature that will revolutionize the way you handle transactions. By implementing one of the most anticipated features from the First Era, we are proud to introduce Instant Pledge and User Directory! This game-changing addition, based

Meet XDC - our latest blockchain integration!

XDC Network, an enterprise-grade Layer 1 blockchain, is designed for efficiency, scalability, and security by utilizing the XinFin Delegated Proof of Stake (XDPoS) consensus mechanism. It offers high transaction speeds of over 2000 TPS, ultra-low transaction costs, and minimal energy consumption, making it more than just environmentally friendly.

Its EVM compatibility allows for easy deployment of smart contracts and cross-chain interoperability, facilitating diverse dApps and enhancing operational efficiency across various sectors.

New chain integration: XDC Network
What’s up dear HYVERs, it’s been a while since the last update. Worry not, we have been tirelessly working on delivering the main features of the First Era, where we’ll change the main aspects of the freelancing game. We’re helping you work smarter, not harder, and allowing you to easily

The XDC Network is particularly impactful in tradFI, aiming to transform the sector by enabling the tokenization of real-world assets and financial instruments, promoting decentralization and improving liquidity, and offering transparent and secure solutions that reduce operational costs for businesses.

XDC Network’s enterprise-focused features make it an ideal partner for HYVE. It supports a growing ecosystem of dApps and a robust community of developers and users, offering resources like the XDC Explorer, network status tools, and development forums.

Calling all blog readers!

And because we know how much you love to stay informed, these past two months have been packed with engaging and insightful blogs. In the freelancing world, staying updated and well-informed is crucial for success. Our blogs provide valuable insights, tips, and strategies to help you navigate the industry effectively.

From understanding how accreditations build trust and credibility in freelancing to mastering the art of standing out in crowded markets, our content covers a wide range of topics tailored to your needs.

How accreditations create trust in Freelancing

Building trust with potential clients is crucial and accreditations are a powerful tool for establishing credibility and reassuring clients of a freelancer’s professionalism and expertise. These credentials not only allow freelancers to command higher rates due to their verified skills and qualifications but also enhance their profile visibility and differentiation on freelancing platforms.

Accreditations validate a freelancer’s commitment to professional development and excellence, acting as a seal of approval from educational institutions, industry associations, or specialized training programs. They provide tangible proof of a freelancer's skills, reducing client uncertainty and fostering trust.

As the freelancing landscape grows, the value of accreditations cannot be overstated. Find out how accreditations play a vital role in creating a professional and verifiable seal of approval, ensuring clients know they are paying for quality work. Read it all here:

How accreditations create trust in Freelancing
In the dynamic world of freelancing, building trust with potential clients is crucial. Accreditations are a powerful tool to establish credibility and reassure clients of a freelancer’s professionalism and expertise. Moreover, freelancers who have acquired certain accreditations and certifications can charge higher rates, as they have further professional experience.

Economic headwinds - are freelancers a solution?

The global economy in 2024 presents significant challenges, from economic uncertainty to technological disruption. Amid these hurdles, freelancing is thriving, appealing to both companies and workers. With traditional employment losing its appeal, many are drawn to freelancing for better pay, diverse projects, and greater autonomy.

Discover how HYVE is revolutionizing this trend with transformative features like Instant Pledge, simplifying payments outside the platform, and the User Directory, connecting clients and freelancers effortlessly. Dive into our latest blog to explore how HYVE is shaping the future of work and why freelancing is becoming the preferred choice for professionals worldwide.

Economic headwinds - are freelancers a solution?
The global economy in 2024 continues to face significant challenges, including economic uncertainty, technological disruption, and shifting labor market dynamics. Businesses around the world are slowly recovering from the lingering effects of the global pandemic, while also grappling with soaring energy prices, inflation, the risk of recession, and a tech

What comes next?

HYVE doesn't stop building - we are currently working on finalizing the features of the First Era, meaning you will get more updates soon. As early as next week, you can expect some more implemented functionalities, as we are building the future of freelancing.

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