Goodbye summer - August in a nutshell

Goodbye summer - August in a nutshell

The summer of freelancing comes to an end - we had some glorious highlights ongoing, such as the launch of HYVE V2.5, which empowered freelancers further with new features, improved UX/UI, and let's not forget, Digital Items! That's right, we are now also opening our gates to Creative Professionals, as now everyone can monetize their ideas and creations, be it through artworks, musical creations and even project management and presentation templates!

However, most of these things happened during July, and as we are a diligent team, our focus was still on improving the platform, developing new partnerships that would create immense value for our freelancers. Oh boy - and did we deliver on the partnership front so well!

So what are we waiting for - let's dive into the main events of August!

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Enter ChainGPT

AI has taken the world by storm We had one flagship partnership established this month, namely ChainGPT!

If you haven't had time to read our full article, here's the lowdown: ChainGPT is your go-to AI for everything Blockchain and Crypto. With this powerhouse, you can access a laundry list of features like no-code smart contracts, code debugging, and live blockchain data. It's a one-stop-shop for individual users, devs, and businesses alike. And don't worry about access—everything runs on our $CGPT token, making it super easy to use all these amazing tools. Plus, our SDK & API make integrating ChainGPT into your existing apps a breeze. In short, if you're in the Blockchain game, ChainGPT is the tool you didn't know you needed.

ChainGPT's native token $CGPT is a utility that offers users access to a range of AI and blockchain tools like no-code smart contracts and analytics. Profits and fees are reinvested to sustain growth and keep the platform at the edge of innovation. $CGPT also cultivates an engaged community, aligning user interests with platform goals. As the blockchain and AI sectors evolve, $CGPT aims to democratize access to advanced technology.

The ChainGPT AI Bot has also been integrated into the HYVE Telegram group, elevating our community management efforts. This is an extension of our fruitful partnership with Ferrum, which we are truly proud of, initiated during the Crypto Summer event, and it's aiding in accelerating the adoption rate of cryptocurrencies.

AI is a concept that has been around, formally, since the 1950s (honestly, we do not feel old anymore), when it was defined as a machine's ability to perform a task that would've previously required human intelligence. 

Let's talk tokens

August had some notable new additions to our payment system, as we had already lost count of the number of integrated tokens (we know it's close to 150!). Here's what we integrated this month:

Mars Dao ($MDAO)

With a massive community of 150k users, Mars Dao is making waves in crypto. It's not just big—it's smart. We're talking transparent profits, real-time market interaction, and anti-inflation magic via $MDAO's deflationary scheme. The coolest part? You get a say in everything. Yup, you vote on governance issues, new projects, and even how to burn rates on

Feeling lucky? Mars Dao has got you covered with a no-lose lottery, powered by Chainlink. Drop a small amount of $MDAO and you're in for a win-win draw. So if you're looking to get more from your crypto, Mars Dao is your ticket in. Literally.

Shiba Predator ($QOM)

If you haven't kept up with the dog-eat-dog world of meme coins, here's the scoop: Shiba Inu ($SHIB) dethroned Dogecoin ($DOGE), and now everyone's buzzing about Shiba Predator. Its mission? To flip $SHIB and rewrite the rules of the meme coin game. In plain English, that means they're out to take $SHIB's top spot, and folks, they're gaining ground.

Here's how you can join the hunt: Swap your $SHIB for $QOM. They've already done it to $DOGE; now it's $SHIB's turn to be the prey. The community's big and everywhere—Twitter, Reddit, Telegram, Medium. Join the predator pack, discuss tactics, and get in on the action. Because in this jungle, it's flip or be flipped.

Bridge Oracle ($BRG)

Listen up: his isn't just another BNB Chain project. We're talking about a game-changer that's making smart contracts smarter with real-world data, and it's got something for everyone.

First off, you've got Synthetics and dApps. Bridge Oracle keeps them stable and reliable, which is gold in this market. Into NFTs or gaming? They're spicing things up with some randomness to keep you on your toes.

But wait, there's more. They've got a staking community that's not just growing—it's thriving and rewarding its members. Their Token Bridge platform? Mind-blowing! It's making cross-chain swaps a breeze, connecting big names like Ethereum and BNB Chain.

And for the cherry on top, they've rolled out a GPT+ Telegram bot that's helping crypto newbies get the 411 on the project. In short, Bridge Oracle isn't just doing one thing right; it's nailing the whole shebang.

Klima Dao ($KLIMA)

If you're not up to speed on KlimaDAO, here's why you should be: Imagine a carbon market that's not just efficient but also fair and transparent. Inspired by Olympus DAO, KlimaDAO is rocking the boat with its KLIMA token, tackling all the usual carbon market headaches like illiquidity, opacity, and inefficiency.

How do they do it? For starters, project devs can sell carbon credits like hotcakes, no delays. And if you want to buy those credits? Easy-peasy with Web3 tools. Oh, and say goodbye to middlemen when you're claiming environmental benefits—KlimaDAO's got that sorted.

The real kicker? If you hold $KLIMA, you're not just a bystander; you're a decision-maker. The system's all on a public blockchain, so it's a level playing field with room for innovation and low-cost transactions.

In short, KlimaDAO isn't just doing carbon credits better; it's setting the standard for how transparent and accessible markets should be. A true role model for the eco-conscious future we all want.

Some more blogs for you, freelancing enthusiasts!

Think before you speak, read before you think - that's what all the smart people do! So if you want to be the peak of the freelancing minds, we got your back! Here's what we had in mind for this month, some articles that you can read while you are indulging in the last days of this summer heat while also trying to hit the tan lines!

Combine work and vacations seamlessly with our latest how-to guide

Hey, summer aficionados! Get those flip-flops and shades ready because it's vacation season, baby! But wait—before you tune out of work and tune into beach vibes, let's chat about keeping that side hustle game strong, even when you're sipping margaritas.

Who says you can't blend summer fun with your entrepreneurial spirit? We're busting that myth wide open. You can totally have your sun-soaked cake and eat it too (with a side of business calls, maybe). It's all about planning smart, delegating tasks, and remembering that self-care isn't just face masks—it's also knocking off work early to catch that sunset.

And get this: If you're lucky enough to work remotely, your side hustle can be your travel buddy. No need to choose between the daily grind and the beach kind of life—you can actually have both!

So let's pack those laptops alongside the sunscreen because this summer, you're not just vacationing; you're "work-ationing." Trust us; it's the best way to get that golden tan and those green bills. Cheers to a summer that promises the best of both worlds!

Gone are the days where a killer portfolio and a strong network were your only tools. Say hello to your new best friend—Artificial Intelligence. No, it's not just for Silicon Valley whiz kids anymore; it's for you too, whether you're designing, writing, or crunching numbers.

Think AI is a far-off future thing? Nah, it's already reshaping every industry, including the buzzing world of freelancing in the web3 universe. This isn't some sci-fi tale, folks; it's the reality, and it's disrupting our work in the coolest ways possible.

So, what's cooking in the AI kitchen for freelancers like us? Trust us, there are tools and trends out there that'll make your work life not just easier but also way more exciting. We're talking smarter work, not harder work, thanks to the AI magic wand.

Ready to ride the AI wave? Keep reading, because we've got the ultimate guide on how to take your freelancing gig to the next level with AI's latest tricks. Stay tuned; this is gonna be a game-changer!

Digital art isn't just some techie side gig anymore; it's a full-blown explosion and it's taking off like a SpaceX rocket. With new features like Digital Items popping up, if you're still sketching on napkins, you're missing out big time!

But hold on—digital art isn't just about a flashier color palette. Nah, it's about getting inside the heads of your audience while flexing your tech muscles. Unlike the old-school paint and canvas which cost you time, effort, and a hole in your wallet, digital art’s got the speed, practicality, and swag.

So you've been playing it safe, doodling away in the margins? Time to ride the 2023 digital art wave. And hey, if you haven’t jumped into the HYVE yet, what are you waiting for? We’re talking the freshest, most bangin' digital art trends. Don’t sleep on this, people; it's time to level up your art game!

Till next time...

And there you have it, folks—the complete lowdown on everything that's shaking up our world this month. From mastering the summer hustle without missing a sunset, to freelance hacks powered by the latest AI trends, and all the way to the digital art renaissance we're living in—this month's been a roller coaster of innovation and awesomeness.

If you've been keeping up, pat yourself on the back; you're on the frontline of the future. And if you're just tuning in, don't sweat it. There’s always a next wave to ride or a trend to jump on. Just remember, whether you’re a side-hustler, a techie, or an artist, there’s room for everyone to level up.

Catch you next month for another whirlwind recap. Until then, keep pushing boundaries and turning those dreams into reality!

And we almost forgot, happy HYVE-ing!