Featured Notifications are now live

Featured Notifications are now live

This year we resolved to tie all loose ends and improve what was already built in 2023, as we are currently in the Wrap-Up Phase for HYVE V2.5. For those of you who are new to this, well in our latest roadmap, we decided to focus on incrementally improving HYVE V2.5, by introducing new features and functionalities aimed at simplifying the collaborative experience for freelancers.

Today we are excited to announce that we have successfully introduced featured notifications, as freelancers and clients can now verify the status of an application, listing, or any general change during their time freelancing on HYVE. Let’s do a quick deep dive into the provided benefits of featured notifications.

While notifications are finally here....

You need to understand that this feature has been in the making for quite some time. Rigorous testing was performed and numerous iterations were developed before setting on the final prototype and implementing it.

Introducing Notifications

Imagine this: you have applied for a job on HYVE. In order to see whether your solution gets accepted, or you get selected as the desired professional to fulfill that assignment, normally you would diligently head over to the listing page and regularly check if something has changed within the listing page. That will now be a thing of the past, as Featured Notifications eliminate this hurdle.

Notice that cool new icon, in the top right corner? That will be your new best friend! Every time something happens and requires your attention, you will be notified through a distinctive bubble. By hovering your mouse over the icon, a drop-down menu will appear, highlighting all the topics where your presence has been called for.

As a client, freelancer, or creative professional, you now have real-time information about your listings, applications, and digital items. From now on you will be informed if your application has been successful, or whether one of your digital items has been sold, but also for less positive outcomes, such as a rejection or a listing cancellation. You will know when clients have released or escrowed funds, drastically reducing the constant back-and-forth required between a listing page and the internal solution menu.

Notifications are also paramount for clients, as now they will know how many professionals have applied for their listings without having to go back to the initial listing page. Moreover, it will enable easy navigation, as you can now click directly on what interests you, allowing you to find out more about your applicants, the status of a task or job, as well as when your funds have been escrowed before releasing the payment to a client.

In addition, you can check changes in profile information by scrolling down through the hovering menu of the featured notifications.

What feature comes next?

If you remember in Q4 2023, we introduced two other collaborative features, namely Chats and Reviews. Clients and freelancers finally had a direct line of communication, through the in-platform messaging service. Reviews allowed for feedback to be provided to freelancers for their work, acting as a stamp of approval. We are considering even potential for cross-integration between our newly introduced features, but this will be implemented at a later date.

HYVE’s new features - improving freelancer experience
What’s up dear HYVERs, it’s been a while since a development-related blog. Some of them might get a bit too techy for our readers, but this time we have an important milestone to celebrate - we have two new features that will improve the experience of freelancers and clients alike!

Ensuring a constant stream of development sets HYVE apart and enables us to focus on enhancing the usability and adoption of the platform. All our work is geared towards improving freelancer activity while ensuring a streamlined collaborative experience.

As we mentioned earlier this month, we will now be focusing on developing the features noted in our comprehensive roadmap, such as the Escrow Now, AI Agents and Level System. We will provide a highlight for each feature, directly on X, to showcase their use cases as well as prepare you for what is yet to come.