New token integration: introducing $CX

New token integration: introducing $CX

Wow, can you believe it? 2024 has flown by in the blink of an eye, and here we are, already halfway through the year! As we reflect on the past six months, it's incredible to see how much we've accomplished. First and foremost, we kicked off the HYVE Eras of Development, marking a significant milestone in our progress.

For everyone wondering, we are halfway through with the First Era development progress, as we have implemented several major features!

This innovative initiative has set the stage for transformative changes and we're actively working to embrace and adopt its full potential.

And let's not forget the numerous partnerships and token integrations we've secured along the way. These collaborations have been instrumental in expanding our ecosystem, enhancing our services, and delivering greater value to our users.

Therefore, today, we are integrating a new token into HYVE's payment system - ChartAI. This groundbreaking AI-powered charting suite is transforming technical analysis and trading across cryptocurrencies, stocks, commodities, and foreign exchange (FX). Down below, you can find the contract address to add in your digital wallet:

ETH: 0xee3200F94a1A2345E6Cc486032a5Df1D50cb621c

The future of AI lies here

ChartAI is an AI-powered charting suite that revolutionizes technical analysis and trading in cryptocurrencies, stocks, commodities, and foreign exchange. It includes a Telegram bot for live charts and price predictions, a Twitter bot for analyzing chart images posted on Twitter, and browser extensions (ChartEye) for detailed technical analysis across various assets.

ChartAI's vision is to make its tools easily accessible to everyone, provide a personalized user experience, ensure data security and privacy, integrate its tools across various platforms, foster community-driven innovation, and educate users about technical analysis and trading. The ultimate goal is to see ChartAI's products used by millions of traders and beginners worldwide in the coming years.

The platform's transparency and traceability are enhanced by blockchain's public ledger, building trust among users. ChartAI is designed to integrate with other blockchain services and protocols, providing a seamless experience across different ecosystems.

ChartAI also implements a decentralized governance model, allowing token holders to participate in platform development and decision-making. Smart contracts could also automate certain technical analysis functions in ChartAI's tools, such as ChartEye and the Telegram bot.

How ChartAI enables a true innovation

ChartAI leverages blockchain technology to enhance its financial market analysis and trading services. It utilizes smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain for executing trades, staking, and managing its native token, $CX. Moreover, ChartAI decentralizes data handling and analysis, ensuring security, privacy, and impartiality.

Find out more on $CX

ChartAI's native token, $CX, is the centerpiece of its ecosystem, serving as a multifaceted tool that powers the platform's various functions and incentivizes user engagement. being designed to be an integral part of the ChartAI experience, providing a range of benefits and utilities to its holders.

One of the primary functions of $CX is to facilitate transactions within the ChartAI ecosystem. Whether users are accessing premium features, purchasing additional analysis tools, or engaging in trading activities, the $CX token serves as the medium of exchange. This tokenized approach streamlines the transactional process and ensures a seamless user experience across all aspects of the platform.

Beyond its transactional utility, the $CX token is crucial in rewarding and incentivizing user participation. ChartAI has implemented various mechanisms, such as staking and the RevShare program, which allow token holders to earn rewards based on their holdings and engagement with the platform. These reward systems not only provide a financial incentive for users to hold and utilize the token but also foster a sense of community and loyalty among ChartAI's user base.

What is RevShare?

ChartAI's RevShare program rewards $CX token holders with a portion of the platform's revenue. To be eligible, holders must have more than 500,000 CX tokens. Selling any CX tokens results in permanent disqualification from the RevShare. Payouts are distributed weekly, every Monday, in Ethereum (ETH) via airdrops to eligible token holders' wallets.

Unlike staking, RevShare does not require actively locking up tokens; simply holding the required amount of CX tokens in a wallet is sufficient to receive the rewards. The RevShare program encourages long-term participation in the ChartAI ecosystem by rewarding token holders.

What we've been building

We've moved quite well in terms of implemented features from the First Era. Instant Pledge is now live, meaning that you can now create a safe escrow account to settle payments or deeds outside the HYVE Platform.

In addition, you can now browse the User Directory, a comprehensive database containing all platform users, where you can sort them based on skills, education, time spent on the platform, fit for all your requirements.

Instant Pledge & User Directory
Welcome back, HYVERs! We are thrilled to kick off the week with an exciting new feature that will revolutionize the way you handle transactions. By implementing one of the most anticipated features from the First Era, we are proud to introduce Instant Pledge and User Directory! This game-changing addition, based

Moreover, we have already released the first Development Update, with other implemented features, as well as bug fixes and overall UX/UI improvements.

First Era: Dev Update v1
Our Updated Roadmap Series marks a significant phase in the platform’s evolution, one where foundational enhancements and innovative features are set to redefine the way. Our First Era is about creating a gamified, engaging, and profoundly collaborative platform that not only meets your needs but also anticipates the challenges of

Lastly, make sure to stay tuned for more announcements - follow our social channels for exclusive sneak peeks and progress updates, as a new development update is on its way. Join the chat and let us know which features you think we are introducing next.