November @ HYVE - what's new

November @ HYVE - what's new

Well, hello again fellow freelancers, we are back yet again with another monthly recap! Our journey through November was quite the catch - being marked by dev updates, new token integrations, and of course, new blogs! Therefore, let's take a moment to look back at these exciting developments and celebrate the collective achievements that continue to drive HYVE forward in redefining the future of freelance work!

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Chain & token fusion - HYVE is prepping for X-mas!

As Christmas is approaching, our team is really giving out all they can to make November as special as December, so there you have it, HYVE has integrated various tokens, a new blockchain, and last but not least, a very important partnership!

Let's talk tokens!

This month HYVE has been going all out on facilitating the best user experience you can get, therefore we have integrated not 1, not 2, but 5 tokens! As we all know, token integrations offer a wide range of benefits from maximizing payment methods to cross-platform interoperability, all of which can contribute to the growth of us!

  • Fabwelt - Innovatively integrating blockchain technology into a diverse gaming ecosystem, this project is covering genres from FPS to Fantasy, while standing out as the use of in-game NFTs, enhancing gameplay by offering unique assets and collectibles. The Play-to-Earn-model and DeFi integration add real-world value and rewards, making the gaming experience both fun and potentially lucrative. Fabwelt is pioneering in merging high-quality gaming with blockchain benefits, appealing to a wide range of gamers.
  • Strike - Strike redefines decentralized finance as an autonomous money market, revolutionizing digital economy interactions. It serves as a dynamic platform for securely supplying and borrowing digital assets, employing variable rates based on over-collateralization. This approach enables users to access the liquidity of their digital assets without selling them, offering a smart and secure financial solution in the digital space.
  • VVS Finance - named the first Automated Market Maker on the Cronos blockchain, simplifies DeFi with a user-friendly approach. Launched in late 2021, it features easy-to-use products like Bling Swap and Crystal Farms, focusing on low fees and fast transactions. VVS Finance stands out for its intuitive platform, allowing users to easily provide liquidity and mine its native $VVS currency, all within a secure and efficient Cronos-based ecosystem.
  • Coin98 - Coin98 addresses DeFi's growing demands by offering an efficient alternative to platforms like Ethereum. It stands out with its cross-chain swaps, staking, and yield farming capabilities, providing users access to decentralized lending, borrowing, and ways to earn passive income with C98 tokens. Its core strength lies in interoperability, allowing seamless interaction across different blockchains and unified DeFi functionalities, positioning Coin98 as a versatile and innovative player in the DeFi space.
  • PayPal for crypto - The leader in digital payments, now ventured into cryptocurrency by introducing their own stablecoin, $PYUSD. Recognizing the potential of crypto for fast, borderless transactions but mindful of the volatility in coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum, PayPal's $PYUSD offers a more stable option, pegged to the US dollar. This strategic move broadens PayPal's services and provides users a safer, more familiar entry into the crypto world, blending the benefits of digital currencies with the stability users trust in traditional finance.
Meet PYUSD - Paypal's entrance into crypto

Lucky 7 (blockchains) - Aurora x HYVE

Did you know that the word or number "seven" has two key symbolic meanings: seven represents a complete world, and getting to seven is a linear journey from one to seven? Aurora is the 7th blockchain integrated on HYVE, so we are hoping this integration will bring unlimited payment options & a new gateway for projects and partnerships - or at least, this is heaven for crypto in our opinion! If you did not read the full article on it, let's get to know Aurora now together:

Aurora, operating as a smart contract on the NEAR Protocol, innovatively merges the familiar Ethereum 1.0 environment with layer-2-like performance. This Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) introduces advanced DeFi protocols, faster transactions, and transparent development pathways, all while leveraging NEAR's rapid transaction finalization, scalability, and eco-friendliness.

Aurora's core is its high-performance Engine, executing Ethereum-compatible applications efficiently. It fosters scalability, low fees, and features the Aurora Bridge for seamless asset transfers between Ethereum and Aurora, maintaining a consistent and familiar asset ecosystem.

From an ecological perspective, Aurora's dual consensus mechanisms are engineered for energy efficiency. Moving away from the energy-intensive Proof-of-Work (PoW) model of Ethereum 1.0, Aurora adopts a more eco-friendly approach, favoring stakes over mining. This shift significantly reduces the platform's energy consumption, aligning with growing environmental awareness and enhancing network efficiency.

The most awaited partnership - Bware Labs!

Blast, the innovative API provider platform by Bware Labs, is redefining blockchain infrastructure with its network of geographically distributed third-party nodes. Positioned at strategic locations worldwide, these nodes ensure enhanced reliability and reduced latency, while the platform is engineered to route user requests to the nearest node, ensuring faster response times and maximizing efficiency, thereby championing the decentralization of blockchain infrastructures.

The standout feature of Blast is its standardized Blockchain API service, crucial for consistent Web3 development. It supports a variety of blockchains, allowing users to create dedicated endpoints for accessing a wide range of RPC methods, vital for dApp development and intricate blockchain interactions.

A significant development for Blast and the Bware Labs ecosystem is the introduction of $INFRA, their native token. Soon to be integrated for payments on HYVE, $INFRA is set to transform Blast into a permissionless, decentralized platform, driving its growth and development. This integration will incentivize the operation of full nodes across the supported chains, enhance stability, enable resource reallocation to reduce Web3's energy footprint, lower infrastructure costs, and pave the way for broader blockchain adoption.

Blogs, blogs, blogs!

And now getting back to our good ol' blog section, where we dive deep into the secrets, joys, and news freelancing brings us, unraveling how they're reshaping the landscape of digital finance and decentralized technologies. With each update, we strive to not just meet but exceed the expectations of our users, ensuring that HYVE remains at the forefront of innovation in the freelancing and web3 spaces. The enhancements in user experience, functionality, and overall platform performance are reflective of our dedication to our community's needs.

In our latest blog post, "Beyond Traditional Platforms: How Freelancing is Taking Over" we delve into the transformative shift in the global workforce landscape. This piece explores the evolving realm of freelancing, a domain that's rapidly outgrowing its traditional boundaries while redefining work; in this blog, we examine how freelancing is not just an alternative to the 9-to-5 grind but a preferred mode of employment for an increasing number of professionals.

Next up, a very special place is dedicated to our latest development update titled "HYVE V2.7 DEV UPDATE - Let's Talk About Improvements," we're excited to share with you the strides we've made in enhancing the HYVE platform. At HYVE, quality is paramount, and our latest updates are a testament to our commitment to providing an exceptional user experience for our freelancing community.

HYVE Dev Update: is this V2.7?

In this update, we highlight the incremental improvements we've implemented, each thoughtfully designed to refine the UX/UI and simplify the freelancing journey. From the addition of a new wallet page for easier access and management by our users, to a newly integrated modal for withdrawing earnings complete with network fee estimations, these enhancements are geared towards making your HYVE experience more intuitive and user-friendly.

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What does the future hold?

First, thank you for being a part of the HYVE community. Your trust and support motivate us to keep pushing the boundaries and ensure that HYVE is not just a platform but a catalyst for the evolution of freelancing in the digital era. Here's to many more updates and a thriving journey ahead with HYVE! ๐Ÿฅ‚๐Ÿพ

New blogs are yet to come, and don't get us started on the partnerships as HYVE is striving to end the year extraordinarily! 2024 is coming in hot and the HYVE ecosystem will expand as large as the universe (got the pun?). Preach! ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿฝ