New HYVE Roadmap: Third Era

New HYVE Roadmap: Third Era

As we look forward to these exciting developments, it is clear that HYVE is not just adapting to the future of work; it is shaping it, creating a vibrant, equitable, and sustainable ecosystem for freelancers and companies alike. HYVE is poised to introduce its Third Era, spanning from December 2024 to March 2025, marked by features that promise to redefine interactions for companies and employers within our platform.

This time we are focused on revolutionizing the way freelance work is approached, measured, and transacted, all this while facilitating simple interactions between companies and freelancers & ensuring quality and reliability through innovative accreditation and staking mechanisms.

Through features like Liquid Talent Pools, Company Directories, User Accreditations, Personal User Shops, and innovative staking mechanisms, HYVE aims to create a more dynamic, fair, and engaging platform.

These enhancements promise to establish new standards for transparency, efficiency, and community-driven growth within the freelance and Web3 ecosystems, cementing HYVE’s role as a leader in the future of decentralized collaborative engagements.

Let's explore each of these features in detail, and then, we'd love to hear your feedback on X!

Liquid Talent Pools: A new market for work

One of the standout innovations in HYVE's Third Era is the introduction of Liquid Talent Pools (LTPs). These decentralized pools are designed to cater specifically to various industries, initially focusing on fields such as software development with pools like React - $USDT and Python - $USDT. The concept behind LTPs is to allow freelancers to sell blocks of their time, such as hours of coding, directly to companies or individuals who require immediate service.

In order to participate in Liquid Talent Pools, freelancers have to prove their skill level (but more on that in the accreditation section). This setup not only accelerates the process of hiring and delivering work but also establishes a dynamic market for freelance services, ensuring fair compensation based on real-time demand. Therefore, instead of negotiating with a freelancer, you can engage in a Liquid Talent Pool and instantly hire for your needs.

LTPs represent a significant leap towards fluidity in freelance transactions, making the buying and selling of professional services as easy and immediate as exchanging crypto.

Enhancing connections: Company Directory & Company Pages

To streamline the interaction between freelancers and organizations, HYVE will introduce a Company Directory complete with Company Pages, building up on the new browsing modes. This feature will provide a comprehensive listing of companies and organizations that engage with the HYVE platform, offering freelancers detailed insights into potential employers.

Embedded within these pages will be customized features designed to enhance interaction, such as direct messaging and project postings, thereby making it easier for freelancers to connect with companies, understand their needs, and engage in meaningful work relationships. You can be up to date with the latest news, not only limited to web3 companies, as HYVE also becomes an aggregator of external jobs and positions.

Elevating Standards: User Accreditations and Reviewers

A significant advancement in the Third Era is the introduction of User Accreditations. To access Liquid Talent Pools or to have a recognized hourly rate on HYVE, freelancers will need to obtain specific accreditations related to their skills and levels of expertise.

This enhances trust and transparency, meaning that you know what skill level to expect when you are hiring. Users have to spend a certain time in their respective skill level before progressing, as level improvements require seniority and further experience.

The process involves undergoing assessments by accredited Reviewers —experienced platforms users who, for a fee, verify the qualifications of applicants. Reviewers come from a wide variety sectors, who are already accredited in the skill they are assessing. Think of this process as an exam, where you obtain further professional validation and recognition.

This peer-review system ensures that only qualified freelancers can offer their services in specific domains, thereby maintaining high standards of quality and trust across the platform.

Personal User Shop: Empowering entrepreneurship

E-commerce boomed as the process of setting up and managing online stores was drastically simplified during the past couple of years, making it accessible for individuals and small businesses. This democratization of online retail has enabled countless entrepreneurs to unlock financial freedom, allowing them to reach a global market with minimal upfront investment.

However, the issue of centralization also occurred, as services that offer e-commerce store building charge high subscription fees. As you already know, we aim to disrupt intermediaries and remove centralized authorities, empowering users on their entrepreneurial journey.

HYVE’s Personal User Shop feature allows freelancers to create their own branded online stores within the HYVE ecosystem. Users can customize their shops to sell services or products, leveraging HYVE’s cross-chain infrastructure for payment and development. You can templatize your own virtual store, where users will be able to sell their digital and physical items (or even in-game items if they so desire) or provide their services directly through their own designed website.

This feature empowers freelancers to build their personal brand and business directly on HYVE, aiming to be a key pillar in developing alternative sources of income.

Staking Mechanisms: Incentivizing Transparency

We will also roll out new staking mechanisms related to accreditation and arbitration. By staking our native tokens, users can gain roles as either arbitrators or reviewers, engaging in crucial platform functions.

Arbitrators will deliberate on disputes within their field of expertise, earning rewards for fair and accurate resolutions. This removes the main issue of subjectivism, as a centralized mediator, working on behalf of the platform, will no longer solve disputes between users. Arbitrators are rewarded for their fairness and correctitude, as they aim to create a level playing field between clients and freelancers. Imagine arbitrators like the jurors in a trial, as they place the verdict.

Reviewers, on the other hand, will assess new users applying for accreditation, ensuring that only competent professionals join the platform. Thus, not only do we incentivize maintaining high standards on the platform but also provide active users with opportunities to earn additional rewards and ensure optimal competition between freelancers, as only a tested skill level will be allowed to participate in Liquid Talent Pools.

Within the second era we talked about making the freelancing experience more gamified. A focus of the third era will be to introduce the quality aspect within the gamification, therefore we created these new staking roles to further increase the platform's self-sustainability in ensuring the participation of legitimate users.

Recap of the first two Eras

The Third Era will strongly build up on the developments of the previous ones, ensuring no loose ends are left and increasing the quality. The first two eras will focus on disruption, as we will embark on a complete overhaul of the project, consisting of a rebranding process and improvement of UX/UI to match the needs of our users.

Moreover, we will include new browsing modes and simplifying the web3 experience, as we want to improve adoption of our platform. Have a read down below and get up to date with what is yet to come!

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Time for your feedback

As we have accustomed you already, we're hosting an AMA at 6PM UTC. We'll discuss all the aspects of the Third Era and how we see the new features come into play. Get your questions ready!