HYVE Summer Wrap-Up

HYVE Summer Wrap-Up

Summer, everyone's favorite season of the year. The heat, the sun, the freelancing, and of course, crypto! It is also quite sadly a time that's almost come to an end; let’s reminisce on what’s happened at HYVE this summer, especially since it's been a while since our last bi-monthly recap came out.

HYVE’s summer has been nothing if not exciting, it's been very productive as we’ve welcomed 22 token integrations, five informative blogs for you to read and think about, and three new exciting partnerships!

HYVE’s mission has always been crystal clear: to empower our freelancers and clients by bestowing them with full control over their payment methods, thus reaching the complete diversification of payment options and attracting users from diverse communities. HYVE will ultimately reach further adoption and become a universal platform for freelancers.

Offering payment flexibility

Working towards our mission, in the past two months, HYVE has integrated a further 22 tokens from a myriad of exceptional projects, which we are glad to have available for payment of tasks, jobs, and offers on the HYVE platform. We believe that the projects whose tokens we have integrated can be potential partners in the future with whom we will be planning collaborations or joint activities. Below you can find a complete list of the integrated tokens:

  • $COR - the first token to benefit from HYVE’s cross-chain infrastructure. $COR facilitates on-chain transactions, content monetization, and staking, just to name a few.
  • $OPEN - the primary utility token for OpenWorld, used for in-game transactions and with multiple utilities within the OpenWorld Metaverse.
  • $YFI - the core native cryptocurrency of a high-performance DeFi aggregator, it is the central piece of its automated system.
  • $LQDR - the token where holders are incentivized to lock their tokens and earn yields farmed by their TVL.
  • $ALCX, $alUSD, $alETH and $gALCX - the tokens where we said, ‘Why have one when we can have five?’.
  • $RADIO, $SHACK, $BUILD, $USDS and $iUSDS - bringing the competitive advantage of more efficient swaps, rational and structured liquidity pools, massively improved TVL-utilization, instant and deep liquidity service.
  • $TRYB - the token that acts as a gateway for Turkish citizens to convert their FIAT currency into crypto and provides increased security.
  • $POLC - the native token of PolkaCity’s platform, used to pay for goods and services such as the range of unique HYVE branded assets (billboards, buildings, and the famous HYVE branded supercar). Not to mention the HYVE-themed building where people could freelance in the Metaverse!
  • $SPELL & $MIM - Abracadabra’s native governance token and a USD-pegged stablecoin backed by interest-bearing tokens.
  • $JELLY - the token at the center of the rewards ecosystem.
  • $ERG - the primary token of Ergo’s DeFiplatform, which can be mined, bought, or stored.
  • $XIDR & $XSGD - two stablecoins linked to major currencies in South-East Asia.
  • $T - the native token of the Threshold ecosystem

More than just Partnerships…

Over the course of the summer, we have established three partnerships with quite some diverse projects. As you know, we value our partners highly we believe that they can help us fulfill our ultimate goal: further adoption of the platform. Below, we’ll provide you with a brief description of every partnership and what they bring to the table:

Crypto.com - $HYVE RSS feed integrated on the Crypto.com HYVE price page, but also on HYVE’s mobile homepage, offering live data regarding $HYVE’s price, market cap, trading volume, and live charts. This served as a seal of approval for $HYVE, highlighting the project’s immense potential and recognition. By gaining exposure to a community of dedicated crypto traders as well as newbies, HYVE is propelled to the next level.

SKChain - consisting of a team of global experts with vast experience within the blockchain space, HYVE will benefit from SKChain’s ability to facilitate strategic partnerships with real-life institutions, which will trigger mainstream usage of HYVE’s infrastructure, enabling further adoption. Let's not forget that they also posted three job opportunities on HYVE!

RadioShack - besides the integration of five of their tokens, $HYVE is also listed on the RadioShack Swap, meaning that holders can now exchange $SHACK for $HYVE in their pool.

Companies hiring through HYVE

With our platform launch, you might have noticed a plethora of jobs being posted on the platform, all coming from many our partner projects. Below we have compiled a list of the jobs posted in the platform, which you definitely need to give a shot if you want to have a career in blockchain:

  • BiLira - 3 unique open positions
  • SKChain - 3 positions are open on HYVE
  • PundiX and Function X - currently, 10 jobs and 3 tasks are open on HYVE at one of the most exciting payment companies Web3
  • ReSource - 3 jobs are available on HYVE, at one of the most exciting blockchain protocols backed by trade and real-life assets
  • Ferrum - one software engineer job on HYVE for the project aiming to bring Interoperability 2.0
  • NFTrade - one job live on HYVE at one of the projects finding new applicability for NFTs
  • YourJustice - 2 positions are open on HYVE at a Web3 project ready to bring the legal field to Web3

Blogs you might have missed:

We have resumed our informative blog series about freelancing and blockchain. So far we have posted five new pieces, which are definitely worth giving a read:

Other achievements

Some other key achievements have been that HYVE is one of the top gainers on Kucoin and on the Fantom EcosystemChat. Moreover, HYVE is trending on ProductHunt, a great tool to gain visibility and increase the adoption of the project.

In terms of looking after our users, we’ve added a new feature for users applying to jobs, tasks, and offers which is the ‘Chat’ option. This new feature makes it easier for HYVERs to connect and collaborate with fellow users. On top of this, we aimed to increase customer satisfaction and better understand our visitor’s behavior on the platform with a new ‘Support’ feature on the platform.

What to expect from HYVE…

As summer comes to a close, we look forward to bringing you more of the same and making good on our mission. We will continue to deliver our informative content about freelancing and establishing more strategic partnerships for you to benefit from. Moreover, we are currently working on our fifth blockchain integration - we can’t give out an exact date, but we assure you our dev team is working tirelessly.

We hope to improve constantly and give you the best possible experience on our platform. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us on any of our social media or directly on the platform. The new HYVE Advisory Board will set strategic objectives for HYVE to achieve with the help of professionals with immense blockchain experience.

As always, we encourage everyone to follow us on our social media to stay up-to-date on all the latest news and announcements. Thank you for your continued support!

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