HYVE 2023 Recap: We keep building!

HYVE 2023 Recap: We keep building!

As the calendar pages turned, 2023 unfurled a saga of unprecedented events in the crypto world. It was a stark reminder of the volatility and unpredictability inherent in the world of cryptocurrency. Yet, amidst the upheaval, HYVE carved out its own steadfast path, undeterred by the market's ebbs and flows!

While the crypto community grappled with the reverberations of high-profile meltdowns, we stood up! For us, 2023 was not just about weathering storms but about advancing with audacious strides. Let's face it - this year was indeed a rollercoaster of emotions for anyone with a stake in crypto. Highs and lows punctuated the landscape, each twist and turn more unpredictable than the last. But through this all, HYVE not only persisted—we thrived.

In defiance of the bear market's growl, HYVE's ecosystem blossomed with innovation and steadfast growth as we unveiled lots of partnerships, more and more blockchain integrations, and don't even get us started on the tokens! In addition, our platform underwent transformative enhancements, introducing sleek, user-friendly interfaces and robust features that cemented our position as a leading Web3 freelancing platform!

The biggest achievement: HYVE V2.5

As we look back on 2023, it's thrilling to see how HYVE V2.5 has transformed our community's freelancing experience. This update wasn't just a step forward - it was a giant leap in redefining the way we, as freelancers and clients, engage and succeed in the Web3 universe, as every updated feature, each line of code, and every design enhancement was a part of this journey towards empowering our passionate community! Let's remember what our team has done:

Introducing HYVE V2.5: The Future of Freelancing and Web3 Collaboration
The wait is finally over...we are thrilled to announce the long-awaited release of HYVE V2.5, a milestone that marks a new era both in freelancing and Web3, as this latest iteration is not only set to captivate crypto enthusiasts but also welcomes excited freelancing newbies that are eager

Personalized onboarding experience

The introduction of HYVE V2.5 marked a personal milestone for many of us: the platform's faster loading times significantly eased our entry into the world of freelancing, removing the barriers of lengthy waits. This change was particularly meaningful for those new to Web3, as HYVE opened its doors wider with social media logins - it felt like a warm welcome to newcomers, ensuring that anyone could join our decentralized freelance revolution with ease.

A user interface that feels like home

Navigating through HYVE V2.5 throughout the year was a delightful experience. The platform's redesigned UX/UI didn't just look good; it felt good. It catered to our need for an intuitive and visually appealing space. This focus on aesthetics and functionality was a clear sign of HYVE's commitment to us, the users as they kept our familiar sign-in options, like Facebook, Reddit, and Google accounts, making the transition seamless and comforting.

Communication for freelancers

The addition of direct chats in V2.5 brought us closer together - it allowed us to communicate our needs, clarify project details, and share our aspirations with clients and freelancers alike. These real-time conversations not only made collaboration more efficient but also built stronger, more personal relationships within our community.

Unleash your creativity with our Digital Items feature!

2023 also marked a transformative year for artists and creators in our HYVE community, with the introduction of the Digital Items feature. This innovative tool not only redefined the boundaries of artistic expression but also provided a new way to monetize their passions in the digital world. Think of it - no longer confined to traditional mediums like physical galleries or local art shows, our platform opened up a universe where digital artistry could flourish and be financially rewarding!

This feature brought about a paradigm shift in how artists interacted with the marketplace and their audience:

  • Artists gained access to a global audience, breaking through geographical barriers and expanding their potential customer base.
  • Transactions were streamlined for speed and security, eliminating the complexities of currency conversions and banking fees.
  • With minimal commission fees, artists found themselves retaining a larger portion of their earnings, especially for those at the beginning of their careers.
  • The platform served as a launchpad for personal branding, helping both new and established artists increase their visibility and reputation.

In 2023, this feature redefined the digital art space, proving to be a game-changer for artists and creators within our community. Read more on this topic by clicking the link down below!

Empowering HYVERS with Digital Items monetization!
Calling all visionary creators and ingenious artists! This is not a freelancer-only platform anymore! Are you ready to hop on a groundbreaking journey that will take your artistic ventures to soaring heights? Look no further than HYVE V2.5, our revolutionary crypto freelancing platform is set to redefine once again

Chats and Reviews are now live!

And let's not forget about the introduction of two pivotal features: Chats and Freelancer Reviews; these features not only enhanced the way clients and freelancers interact but also redefined the dynamics of online collaboration and reputation building in the freelancing world!

HYVE’s new features - improving freelancer experience
What’s up dear HYVERs, it’s been a while since a development-related blog. Some of them might get a bit too techy for our readers, but this time we have an important milestone to celebrate - we have two new features that will improve the experience of freelancers and clients alike!

Chat Your Way to Success with HYVE

The new Chat feature transformed communication between clients and freelancers. For clients, it was like having a virtual coffee with their freelancer – a direct line for any question or clarification, fostering a relaxed yet productive environment. This feature brought visions closer to reality by ensuring clear and constant communication but it also played a crucial role in building friendly, trusting relationships between clients and freelancers.

Freelancers experienced a significant boost in their day-to-day interactions, thanks to this feature. With the ability to quickly respond to clients' questions and align on project details, the Chat feature became an invaluable tool for showcasing their responsiveness, understanding, and commitment. It also helped in building rapport with clients, leading to stronger, more meaningful professional relationships.

Freelancer Reviews: A New Era of Trust and Transparency

The introduction of Freelancer Reviews, a feature already a few months old by the end of 2023, continued to be a highlight. For clients and companies, these reviews acted as a personal guide to finding the perfect freelancer - they offered a sneak peek into the freelancers' professional world, displaying past achievements and client satisfaction.

For freelancers, each positive review was akin to a virtual high-five, showcasing their skills and dedication. It wasn't just about attracting new clients; it was a powerful way to build their personal brand and story. Constructive feedback received through reviews also became a valuable tool for growth, helping freelancers to stand out and continuously improve in the dynamic Web3 world.

Two dev updates to improve your experience

New blockchains are here

This year, we've reached an incredible milestone at HYVE by integrating three new blockchains: Aurora, Cronos, and Avalanche. These additions aren't just about expanding our technical capabilities; the addition of Aurora, Cronos, and Avalanche has been more than just a technical update; it's a strategic move towards a more inclusive, efficient, and innovative freelancing ecosystem.


Firstly, the integration of Aurora is a testament to our commitment to innovation. Aurora, operating as a smart contract on the NEAR Protocol, brings together the familiar Ethereum 1.0 development environment with the advanced performance of layer-2 solutions. This integration means faster transaction finalization, next-generation DeFi protocols, and a more transparent developmental pathway for our community.

Aurora is not just a blockchain; it's a gateway to a more efficient and scalable Ethereum-compatible ecosystem. For developers, the transition to Aurora is seamless, allowing them to use their preferred tools like MetaMask, Truffle, Hardhat, and Remix without interruption. This integration is particularly significant for its energy-efficient governance structure and the promise of lower transaction costs, aligning with our ecological consciousness and commitment to providing a superior user experience.

New chain integration alert: Aurora x HYVE
Aurora is an Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) that operates as a smart contract on the NEAR Protocol, essentially bridging the familiar Ethereum 1.0 development environment with advanced performance akin to layer-2 solutions. Providing a breath of fresh air into the crypto world, Aurora introduced next-generation DeFi protocols, faster transaction


The inclusion of Cronos in our platform is another leap forward. As a decentralized, open-source blockchain, Cronos is known for its rapid processing capabilities and minimal transaction fees, as it’s tailored to support the burgeoning creator economy, encompassing sectors like DeFi and GameFi, and is set to become a cornerstone of an inclusive metaverse.

The standout feature of Cronos is its Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatibility, allowing for easy portability of apps and smart contracts from Ethereum and other EVM-compatible chains. This means our users can now bring cryptocurrencies from various landscapes into Cronos, harnessing the power of innovative smart contract-based protocols.

New chain integration: CRONOS x HYVE!
It’s never a dull moment when it comes to the continuous evolution of our cross-chain infrastructure at HYVE. As some of our long-standing HYVERs might recall, we ushered in last year with the successful integration of notable blockchains like Avalanche, Polygon, and Fantom. This move notably paved the way for


Finally, the integration of Avalanche marks a significant development in our platform's evolution. Known for its balance of scalability, security, and speed, Avalanche is particularly favored by enterprises seeking a future-proof blockchain infrastructure. Its ability to handle a high volume of transactions with ultra-low gas fees makes it an ideal alternative to Ethereum, especially for dApp developers.

Avalanche opens up a world of possibilities for developers, from beginner-friendly, low-code options to more advanced choices. Its strong community focus aligns perfectly with our ethos at HYVE, emphasizing collaboration and the adoption of Web3 technologies. By joining the AVAX ecosystem, we’re not just integrating a blockchain; we’re becoming part of a vibrant, united community focused on innovation and growth.

New chain integration: welcome Avalanche
It’s been a while since we did something like this, meaning our cross-chain infrastructure was due for an upgrade. Last year we successfully introduced not one, but two new blockchains, namely Polygon, as well as Fantom, which further unlocked possibilities for further token integrations and reduced gas fees for payments

New milestone: over 200 integrated tokens

In 2023, our platform achieved a new milestone by integrating over 200 tokens, a significant step that underscores the importance of diverse token integrations for our system. This diversity enriches our ecosystem, catering to a wide range of preferences and needs, thus enhancing the flexibility and accessibility of our platform for users worldwide.

While the number of integrated tokens has been immense, we wanted to highlight five of the hits of the last year. Buckle up, and let's head into the recap.

DinoLFG - reviving the Dinosaur Era in Crypto

First in our lineup is DinoLFG, whose token, $DINO, aims to establish itself as a mainstream means of payment, transcending the traditional cryptocurrency space. The project's vision is to foster global cryptocurrency adoption, enabling users to use $DINO for purchases on shopping platforms and much more. This ambition is coupled with practical applications, as seen in their partnership with HYVE, where $DINO is now an accepted form of payment for services. Additionally, token holders can utilize their $DINO on the Shopping.io platform to purchase real-life items, showcasing the token's real-world utility.

Payments galore: $DINO is our latest guest
This seems strange, doesn’t it - this doesn’t sound like your typical token integration article. That’s right, we’re doing it differently this time - every project we have integrated is unique and deserves its own dedicated presentation, as each provides advantages and innovative utilities to their users. Did you know?

DinoLFG's roadmap is ambitious, with a plan to evolve beyond the confines of a memecoin. This four-phase strategy emphasizes their commitment to becoming a key player in the crypto payment gateway ecosystem.

SpoolDAO - reshaping DeFi participation

Next is SpoolDAO, with the Spool Protocol serving as a groundbreaking DeFi middleware. This protocol enables users to engage in various yield-generating activities while managing risk and optimizing returns. It acts as a bridge between end users and DeFi primitives, unlocking dormant capital and allowing earnings on personalized terms.

Spool's uniqueness lies in its fully automated infrastructure, which dynamically rebalances portfolios according to predefined parameters. It offers a permissionless and non-custodial setup, ensuring users' funds remain secure in smart contracts. Moreover, creators of Spool Smart Vaults can earn fees, contributing to a customizable and scalable DeFi ecosystem.

SPOOLing around on HYVE!
Welcome back to our token integration series where we are working tirelessly to provide you with the ultimate platform that has multiple payment options! No, but seriously, reaching 150 tokens integrated ain’t easy for nobody, baby! We are striving to integrate only the best projects for our best HYVERS, and

ChainGPT - AI-Powered Blockchain Innovation

Another pivotal integration is ChainGPT, a multifaceted AI platform offering diverse functionalities, including text-to-speech, text-to-image, smart contract generation, and auditing. ChainGPT's integration with HYVE is not just a partnership; it's an initiative to foster informed decision-making and collaborative learning within the blockchain community.

ChainGPT's array of features includes an AI function capable of answering crypto-related queries, a smart-contract generator that simplifies the creation of contracts for various purposes, and a Smart Contract Auditor for evaluating and improving existing contracts. Moreover, its text-to-image function opens up new horizons in the NFT space, allowing users to create unique artworks.

AI revolutionizes crypto with ChainGPT!
Hello, fellow freelancers! We are back yet again with another one of our token integration series, and this time we are integrating ChainGPT’s token, $CGPT. In the ever-evolving landscape of technology and innovation, two revolutionary forces have captivated the world: AIs and blockchain. What if these two dynamic domains could

VVS Finance - Shine as bright as this project!

Finally, we introduce VVS Finance to our crypto-enthusiasts — a shining star in the decentralized finance world and the first Automated Market Maker (AMM) on the Cronos blockchain. Since its inception at the end of 2021, VVS Finance, standing for "very-very-simple", has been on a mission to make cryptocurrency and blockchain technology as user-friendly and ubiquitous as mainstream technology.

Built on the efficient Cronos blockchain, known for minimal fees and high-speed transactions, VVS Finance leverages tried and tested protocols for a secure and effective DeFi environment. The ecosystem revolves around its native cryptocurrency, $VVS, and offers a range of incentives:

  • Liquidity providers (LPs) - they enjoy a generous share of swap fees and can earn additional VVS rewards by staking eligible tokens in the Crystal Farm.
  • xVVS/VVS Stakers - staking in the Glitter Mine allows users to earn rewards in VVS or partner tokens.
  • Active traders - VVS Finance rewards active trading on its platform, with details of reward programs anticipated in future announcements.
New token integration: Shine bright like a $VVS!
Having a significant number of tokens on our means not only diversifying our payment methods but also helping you discover your gateway to more crypto projects, whether you are a crypto newbie or a seasoned veteran! HYVE is almost approaching 200 tokens, therefore we think we did a good job,

HYVE's other highlights

As we aim to increase adoption of our platform, it is paramount that we build a strong network of partners and spread the word about HYVE's utility. For this reason, HYVE has been present at various conferences and events, to meet like-minded people, promote our platform and facilitate collaboration.

The main event of the year has been Web3 Berlin, one of the leading crypto and web conferences in the world. The HYVE team took it as an adventure, as we embarked on a road trip to reach Berlin.


Roadtrip with HYVE team #crypto #blockchain #web3 #web3berlin #roadtrip #doggo

♬ Pieces (Solo Piano Version) - Danilo Stankovic

For the two days of the conference, we participated in various events, with Tudor having a key-note speech and providing a sneak peek into V2.5 prior to our launch. Moreover, we touched upon the future of collaboration and how web3 can further disrupt traditional methods.


Day 2 and we have big plans ahead! Stay tuned for new announcements and for day 3😁 #announcement #web3crypto #newplatform #HYVE #blockchain

♬ original sound - HYVE

Click on the link below to find out how our adventure at Berlin Web3 went!

HYVE proudly participates at Web3 Berlin
Well well well, if it isn’t your favorite web3 collaborative ecosystem back again with a summary of our latest activity! As you might have seen on our social media channels, we were present at one of the biggest web3 conferences in Europe, namely Web3 Berlin. We have teased you long

2024 will be a blast!

While 2023 was massive in terms of achievements, 2024 will be even stronger. Within the coming days, we'll present our detailed plans, for the short to long-term future, including potential release dates for future versions, new HYVE products and even more surprises.

Keep an eye out on X, an emergency broadcast will be sent shortly.