Monthly Recap: March - April

Monthly Recap: March - April

The past couple of months have been quite eventful, with things evolving at a more accelerated pace than ever before. It is for good reason that we decided to post a bi-monthly recap instead of two separate articles since many of the things that have happened are interconnected. We know there were many updates, so if you missed any, buckle up and get ready for the recap!

A brand new look

Our website redesign has been the highlight of the last couple of months, finally live at the beginning of April, after several months of hard work, aiming to create a more user-friendly and intuitive experience. Freelancers and enterprises alike are now welcome on to provide their services and earn crypto directly, with our platform experiencing a similar redesign and expected to go live in the upcoming future. If you want to find out more details about how our website works, check out our earlier blog post from earlier last month, which also reveals our third product, namely HYVE Bazaar.

Development updates

Continuous development is one of our main priorities, with us introducing new features monthly while fixing any subsequent bugs and improving the performance of our existing infrastructure. All these have been documented in our third and fourth development updates. To offer you a glimpse of what we have worked on, we have enhanced our staking process by implementing the Claim before unstake and Autocompound features, which offer users a higher degree of flexibility, while maximizing potential earnings and minimizing gas fees.

The new version of the platform is right around the corner, yet we have been working to finalize some very cool features, backend implemented only. Some of the features include a new sign-in option, through social media, without requiring a decentralized wallet, making the freelancing experience a lot easier for crypto-newbies. Most notably, we have simplified the process for adding new tokens as payment options, getting us closer to our goal of becoming a universal platform, enabling freelancers total freedom of choice when receiving compensation.

Be flexible in payment!

Since we have implemented our new admin interface for introducing new payment options, we have added $RADAR, $UNIQ, and $ALPACA. However, we are constantly looking at adding new tokens, specifically if they are of great interest to our community. If you are a promising crypto project and want to become a payment option on HYVE, you could read more about it here, where you will be prompted to complete the following application form. Becoming a payment option provides numerous benefits, especially if you are looking for further adoption of the project and additional utility of your token. In addition, you will get exposure to a very loyal crowd of crypto-curious individuals, which is keen on discovering new projects.

Further chain integrations

If you have followed us closely during the past couple of months, you will have noticed that we have integrated the Polygon and Fantom blockchains. Users can now post tasks, jobs, and offers on these networks, benefitting from an increasing number of newly integrated tokens and reduced gas fees. Moreover, by deploying these blockchains, we open up our infrastructure to potential partnerships with projects built on Polygon and Fantom. We can later onboard these companies to utilize our platform for the provision of their services or for hiring freelancers for any of their needs. Staking will also be available on these two networks, allowing users to maximize their $HYVE holdings.

Blogs you might have missed

As you are probably familiar, we have been constantly posting to educate our community about freelancing tips and tricks, while also offering a blockchain-based perspective. We will list all of them down below, in case you might have missed one of them:



Women in Crypto

One of our most notable articles has been the Women in Crypto campaign, where we presented several success stories of some courageous ladies which have had a contribution to the blockchain space. We wanted to show how challenging it is to start a career in crypto, but the achievements and the satisfaction are enough of a reward to worth taking this risk. We hope that this will inspire other ladies who have been considering taking the step towards a career in blockchain.

Looking forward

We are nearing the release of the second version of the platform, which will create a more collaborative environment for freelancers, through an intuitive design, representing the perfect introduction for blockchain newbies into the crypto world. Some of the features have been described in our previous Development Updates.

In addition, to provide more information about the HYVE Bazaar, we will create an open marketplace for creative professionals and enterprises, where they could trade digital items and earn crypto. The launch is scheduled for later this year, but more details will follow soon so make sure you check for regular updates!

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